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by: Sanford Mante

ManagementandOrganizationalBehavior MGT304

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Sanford Mante
GPA 3.7


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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sanford Mante on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT304 at Wright State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/231130/mgt304-wright-state-university in Business, management at Wright State University.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGMENT MANAGEMENT 321 TuesdayThursday l220PM200PM Spring 2005 Section 02 144 Rike Hall Instructor Mrs Lisa Crawford Office 254 N Rike Email lisacrawfordwrightedu Office Hours Tuesday 930AM 7 1015AM Thursday 930AM71015AM I will make myself available other times by appointment Phone 937 7754954 Text Human Resource Management 9Lh edition Dessler Gary 2003 Englewood Cliffs NJ Prentice Hall Prerequisite MGT 304 COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course students will be familiar with the role of the human resource management function and key HR activities including recruitment selection performance appraisal compensation and labor relations CLASS FORMAT This course will be lecturediscussion format My teaching approach is to introduce and deliver a building block approach to learning and concepts of human resources management in organizations This will be accomplished via lectures course reserves case studies and exercises etc Course topics include equal employment opportunity human resource planning recruiting selection orientation compensation and training Assigned readings are to be read before class Students will be accountable for all reading assignments for lecture materials and for any change in reading assignments or due dates that may be announced in class Responsibility for missed lectures resides with the student ATTENDANCE Good classroom performance and successful examinations requires class attendance PARTICIPATION Regular participation in class discussion is required The amount and quality of a student s participation in class discussion will be taken into consideration in assigning a course grade ASSIGNMENTS There will be four exams and one presentation EXAMS Exams will consist of multiple choice and truefalse questions MAKEUP EXAM POLICY Makeup exams will be kept to a minimum It is most equitable when ALL students take the examinations on the scheduled date and time If for any reason a student cannot take an exam when scheduled as per the instructor a makeup examination will be given by the instructor consisting of 20 essay questions with a onehour time limit But this is based on student noti cation and approval by the professor prior to the exam No early exams will be given INTERVIEW PRESENTATION Students will interview a professional who conducts selection interviews as a pa1t of their job Describe and critique the process in terms of chapter concepts Suggest three speci c ways the person could improve the interview process they currently use The best approach is to assume you are a consultant hired to investigate the process used Students will present an interesting and professional 5 minute presentation on the interview Students will give the name of the interviewer the process used critique and three speci c improvements Students will hand in the list of questions asked Just as in your career you will be evaluated for content and professional expression GRADING STRUCTURE A point system will be used to determine nal course grades Students can earn up to 250 total points Points will be distributed as follows Exams 4 200 pts 50 pts each Project 1 50 pts Final grades will be based on the following scale 225250 A 200224 B 175199 C 150174 D lt149 F STATEMENT OF ACADEMIC DISHONESTY This instructor speci cally reserves the right to discipline all students for academic dishonesty in conformity with the general rules and regulation of the University Such action may include lowering of grades assigning a failing grade on the affected exam or failing the course as a whole Date 329 331 45 47 412 414 419 421 CLASS SCHEDULE Top39c Introduction Strategic Role of Human Resources Job Analysis Flaming and Recruiting Flaming and Recruiting EXAM 1 Chapters 1 4 Testing and Selection Interviewing Reading Chapter 1 Course Reserves Informational Interviewing Presentation Topics to be Covered Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Course Reserves Job Analysis Questionnaire Chapter 4 Course Reserves When Good Employees Retire Not Hiring Time to Prepare Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Course Reserves New Report Aims to Help Checklist for the Selection Are Resumes Misleading Testing Applicants on the Web Chapter 6 Course Reserves How to Decide on Resume Length RX for a Retro Resume The Art of Negotiating Questions to Ask Employers Interview Questions Script More Interview Questions Evaluating an Offer of Employment 426 428 53 55 510 512 517 519 Orientation and Training EXAM 2 Chapters 5 7 Appraising Performance Managing Careers Establishing Pay Plans EXAM 3 Chapters 9 11 Pay for Performance Bene ts Chapter 7 Course Reserves Building a Better Orientation Prgm Managing Training amp Development How to Cut the Cost of Job Chapter 9 Course Reserves A Performance Appraisal Chklst Chapter 10 Course Reserves Ten Reasons to Invest in Choosing the Right Path Leaders Developing Leaders Chapter 11 Course Reserves Compensation Men 3X What are employees worth Pay and Employee Commitment Chapter 12 Course Reserves Compensation amp Benefits Chapter 13 Course Reserves A New Model for Controlling 524 526 531 62 67 Labor Relations amp Collective Bargaining Employee Safety ampHealth Presentations Presentations 100 PM 7 300 PM Chapter 14 Chapter 15 FINAL EXAM Chapters 12 15


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