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by: Katlyn Balistreri

HONAcadWritingandReading ENG101

Marketplace > Wright State University > Foreign Language > ENG101 > HONAcadWritingandReading
Katlyn Balistreri
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katlyn Balistreri on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG101 at Wright State University taught by DavidWilson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/231134/eng101-wright-state-university in Foreign Language at Wright State University.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Using Library Databases for Research Foryour own ease I recommend prinTing This documenT so ThaT you can use iT as you access The library daTabases BenefiTs of Using library DaTabasesz l The sources you find will be reliable 2 You are able To quickly and easily access scholarly arTicles 3 Academic FirsT CompleTe will provide The MLA ciTaTion for you Finding Anicles l STarT aT The WSU Library Homepage wwwlibrarieswrighTedu 2 Click DaTabases on The righT side under Quick links 3 You ll be Taken To a lisT of daTabases Click The firsT daTabase on The lisT Academic Search CompleTe quot 39 nrlAl Illl3939 l numgnn uu a a 4 Nuwrnmmurmammummybut n IncaDuuuxdu anr lIu39liIIA Nununm vL39t an 14 MM in min LhdnIhAu air aria 4 a 1 Hr rum 0 suviru Alpnmaa ycll LIEt or all Databains alibi2 Lint mi Damianu guum E V Eniullxin rum hue1min urnum EH1 quotcu fl nm In pinrdlm EarthZonalquot C39quotI39 51 11 Uzbnl 39UIH ILI HI NW ll INN Llu39l 1L J munnum I Ir rum f l 39 dn L runmmm manI nlzl amer Harm nu1l 13x ru um ammrahu r39rlnn39rnin my 4 Mr liki n mrmm39wlm 3955 mug4 quoturinary rum mw nu a mum um m You will Then be asked To log in if you re using your home compuTer wiTh your UID number 4 5 Once you39ve logged in you39ll be Taken To The Academic Search CompleTe homepage 6 You can enTer your search Terms in The firsT box Make sure ThaT before you hiT Search ThaT you check The Full TexT box a Emu m SE E E E E52 33 3 E932 zm uax a s S a E E SEE 33555 g E 5335 E39 aquot g E 32m Ems Ema i E 3 3 3552 5335 E1 E iE1 3 9 353 a 31334333 mam g S a E a a mi 3 a gaoSE E E was mma 5amp3 a 2532 13 2 5 Easing E gum Eu 2 a 2 a 1255 is 255 Eggs m 5 i 12 m 55 E E m is gum Hawmza a was 5 Egg 2 x 32351532 s SEE 5 215 a 1 E z 2249 mm H a E 5513 i E n32 E E sins ESE 2 1 9 E Es when 2 x E E gang Ema E 231239 39 a 05 I E y 59 2 E 3 E aiming g name 2 a 12 2 3 E 2 in 3 3 USE 3 21 32523 Wha you m We WWWquot w my documa remmev m VEFIEDE We Kmqu Name CM and Sm nmawmny Mquot We mnmmme mmm Wsu lake mm many cam om


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