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Wmsbg Documentary Project

by: Travon Ritchie

Wmsbg Documentary Project AMST 410

Travon Ritchie

GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Travon Ritchie on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMST 410 at College of William and Mary taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/231155/amst-410-college-of-william-and-mary in American Studies at College of William and Mary.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Narrator Beth Hoffeditz Interviewertranscriber Mary Coker Assistant Interviewerindexer Melissa Somosky Interview Date 31805 Interview Time 1100am 7 1200pm Equipment Sony ICDST25 Digital Voice Recorder SP Setting 2 RadioShack lapel condenser microphones 7016000 hz frequency response I interviewed Beth Hoffeditz in one of lounges on the first oor of Brown Hall located on the comer of North Boundary Street and Prince George Street in Williamsburg Virginia on March 18m 2005 It was a fairly sunny morning at about 1115 when we actually started The weather outside was nice and somewhat warmer that it had been It was quiet inside Brown Hall and we completed our interview without any interruptions or outside distractions Beth was happy to answer my questions as she is also in the course AMST 410 We talked for a little over 30 minutes about her background experiences with Yorktown and Williamsburg VA student life at William amp Mary and college and town relations Mary Coker April 4 2005 Mary Coker MC Please introduce yourself Beth Hoffeditz BH My name is Beth Hoffeditz Do you want me to introduce yourself MC Yes tell us a little about yourself BH Lets see I m 20 years old I m from Yorktown Va My Dad was in the Air Force so we moved around to a couple places But he retired when I was 12 I haven t lived around that much only four different places which isn t a lot for an Air Force Child My mom is a dental hygienist I have a brother he s 14 almost 15 and he s a freshman in high school and we get along a lot better now that I m not living at home MC How long have you lived in Yorktown BH We moved there when I was 8 so 12 years MC What are you studying here at WM BH I m an English major and an LCST film track major MC Are you involved in any clubs or groups on campus BH Yes I m in UCAB which is the main student run programming board on campus I m on the films committee for that This weekend we are showing Monty Python you should come I m also in Nu Kappa Epsilon which is the music sorority and I m Vice President in that MC How far is Yorktown from Williamsburg BH You can actually get to Yorktown in about 5 minutes from here cause the county lines are crazy and they are interweaved but where I live in Yorktown is about 12 hour to 45 minutes away MC Did you ever visit Williamsburg as you were growing up BH Yes MC What do you remember about those visits BH I think my earliest remembrances of those visits were on class eld trips And we used to come to Jamestown and Williamsburg once a year so I would get pretty sick of it because I was seeing the same thing over and over But I also remember coming with my parents and Ithink that was probably a little more fun because you have a little bit more freedom that way when you re not in a huge group MC What are some of your favorite memories or places you visited in Williamsburg BH I think that I always liked the Governor s Palace because it is really impressive it was the Govemor s Palace and also we have this little etching of the windmill in our house that used to be my grandma s so I always think of that when Ithink of Williamsburg MC What else do you think of when you think of Williamsburg BH I guess my thinking about Williamsburg is pretty much limited to the historic area if I m talking about my childhood at lease I remember going to he magazine and thinking that was cool because it has eight sides or something like that And now I remember going to the capital building and I don t think I ve actually ever been inside there but I remember standing out in front of it and hearing about how awesome it was MC Now that you re a student at William amp Mary and living in Williamsburg would you say that your iea about the city has changed at all BH Yes I mean living here I ve realized that its not just the historic area There is a lot more to Williamsburg Actually I guess I knew that a little bit when I was in high school because sometimes we used to come up here to do different things like we d go bowling up here not because we don t have a bowling alley in Yorktown but it was something different which is nice unintelligible and also we used to go to Pirate Golf sometimes and also Ben and Jerry s because we don t have a Ben and Jerry s in Yorktown and that s crucial so we used to come up and do that a lot MC What would you say are some of the big differences between living in Williamsburg versus living in Yorktown BH There pretty similar Ithink actually I would say the tourists in Williamsburg are probably the big difference There is some tourism in Yorktown because of the battle elds but that s not where I live and also its elds so its not laughter there are some houses and stuff but it s not like here MC Would you say that you re memories from Williamsburg made you want to come to William amp Mary BH I actually didn t want to come to William amp Mary MC Really BH I applied early decision to Swarthmore college which is in Pennsylvania but I did not get in and I was heartbroken I had planned on getting in I hadn t really thought about where else I wanted to apply so I didn t have I hadn t planned on applying any place else so I didn t have much time to get my apps in so I applied to William amp Mary being reasonably sure that I could get in I applied to a couple of other places too I had wanted to go to wake forest but it s a private school also out of state well is its private I guess it s not hat big of a deal but it was def price was a big factor and so I came here MC Why did you not want to come to William amp Mary BH Because it was so close to where I lived Ithought that you know I needed to go out and have a college experience without necessarily being so close to home But I will say that Ithink actually being close to home has been a good thing because my parents and I have an understandingithey don t just randomly show up at my door or anything like that and if I mist hem they can come take them out to dinner and if I forget stuff at home over spring break like I did I had to go back this weekend and get some stuff I forgot it works out its not like a huge deal so MC How would you describe Williamsburg as a college town BH Laughter I wouldn t describe as a college town I really don t think that they care about the students at all I mean other than the campus I don t and I mean the Dellys but I don t think MC What sorts of things make you have that impression or characterization of the city BH There s nothing that I really feel caters to the student population I feel like we re constantly being told that we need to stay on campus and not encroach anything else in the community MC Is there anything specific that you can think of that sends that message BH Umm you know various things that have happened in the past year like the noise ordinance thing they just made up about you can t have more than 10 people in your house or whatever at a time which is ridiculous that even hurts members of the Williamsburg communityiif you re having a party for your 10 year old and you have parents and stuff there that s more than 10 people Also the three to a house rule Ithink is you know past its prime and unrealistic and also the voting thing really bothers me I mean if you live in a place 23 of the year and you work there and you re really invested in it and then they turn around and tell you you can t have a voice in it at all that really ticks me off MC What sorts of things do you do for fun here in Williamsburg BH Wa Wa Wa Wa is a big favorite good for middle of the night trips I like Sno to Go Pretty much fun in Williamsburg involves eating to me I don t know what that says but MC Do you ever go to the movies BH Actually I don t go to the movies that often when I m at school I do go to the Kimball sometimes but that s normally when they are having something that is connected with the film department I just went I was there all weekend the weekend before spring break for the filming women s history festival And I ve seen various people who make documentaries that they ve brought inithose have been really interesting And I ve only been to the Carmike once and I was not very happy so I don t really feel like I need to get there again soon MC How do you thinkithey re building a new movie theater how do you think that will affect the landscape of Williamsburg if at all BH I think it will be good I mean otherwise people have to go down to Hampton which is the movie theater I go to anyway so its not like really a big treat for me cause I m used to it But Ithink it will be good and I really I don t think it will compete with the Kimball that much just because Ithink it will be fairly different programming and can t really say I ll be sad if it puts the Carmike out of business because I think its just really crappy MC Do you think you ll 1 go to the mew movie theater more often or see more movies BH Maybe I don t know I really don t MC Do you think the town should offer more to the college students in the way of entertainment BH Yes but I don t necessarily know what they should do so maybe I mjust complaining without providing a solution MC What would you how would you describe the relationship between the college and the community BH I think its not so hot right nowijust the things Italked about before have caused a lot of tension I think when I was a freshman I didn t really thinking it was that bad but just the stuff that happened last year when I was a sophomore I haven t really heard anything this year I don t think that has led me to believe that it is especially horrible but Ithink the effects of last year are still present MC Do you think it will change BH Yeah I mean I think that it goes through good periods and bad periods So hopefully it will get better I don t know if it necessarily will while I m here but we ll see MC What do you feel is the effect of the student presence on the overall character of the town BH I don t know It s not like we re a new college and we just sprang up so I don t feel that people are necessarily justified when they complain about the college students because we ve been here for 300 years you know And Ithink that the college itself can be a draw for the town augmenting the stuff that they have in the colonial area but I don t know how the students necessarily fit in there I mean we re a workforce and our parents bring in money MC How would you describe the population of Williamsburg BH I think that the population that they want to the image they want to convey is white upper middle class but when you think about who lives in Williamsburg you think about people live in Kingsmill Fords Colony the shipyard which is down in Newport News a lot of the vice president and stuff like that who make tons of money have started moving up here so Ithink that s kind of pushing the image of the town to be even more upper class but Ithink I know that there are other people who live hereiminorities and such And not just African Americans I have a friend who is Indian but actually Indian not Native American who has a whole bunch of family who lives up thereiso they are part of the community too b ut I think that they get overlooked MC So do you think that Williamsburg is divided by race or class at all BH I think that it probably is but I don t think that there have been any outward battles about it Ithink that it is kind of kept under wraps MC Why do you think that is BH The people with the money just kind of hold them down I guess that sounds so like ght the man but I don t even know if it makes sense MC What part of the town would you say is strongest in raising objections about the students in the cityilike how you were talking about the noise ordinance and complaining about the students in that way BH I don t live off campus so I don t really have a good idea of where that would be locatediit s just the things that I ve read like in the paper I m really bad at location and space and distance perception so I don t really know MC Do you think that there is a strong sense of community in Williamsburg BH No Ithink that there are people that we ve been talking to a little bit before spring break you know Williamsburg natives Ithink that they probably have a sense of community within themselves you know because they ve lived here forever but I don t think that necessarily transcends through the rest of the people who live here MC Do you think there is a strong sense of community on campus BH Yah I would say that there is You know things that hold us together like our traditions and everything but that s you know they always really push And eve if you are someone like me who is generally too lazy to participate in the traditions its kind of a pervasive sense that binds us together I think MC Do you work here in Williamsburg BH I work for the college I am a student worker in the office of student activities which is in charge of things like UCAB Greek Life volunteer services Its actually been a really good place to leain about what is going on and I feel like in the know about a whole bunch of things cause I nd out you know when they happen pretty much as the deal is signing or the contract is singed or whatever MC Would you say that has changed your view about William amp Mary or Williamsburg at all BH I don t think it s necessarily changed my idea because I ve been working there since I was a freshman so it s kind of been something that has been part of my college experience MC Do you think you d feel differently about the campus and community having not worked there BH Probably like I said I d probably feel more out of the loop and not really know what is going on as much MC So what do you like about Williamsburg BH Laughter I don t know I think the historic area is good and horrible at the same time so I can t give it a ringing endorsement but other than that the town is too much of an extension of my town which I nd not a very pleasant or exciting place to live so I don t know what I like about it MC What makes it not pleasant and not exciting BH Well there is nothing that really caters to a younger population even in Yorktown it s like we don t exist I also think it s a very conservative area which is not that Ithink everyone needs to think the same way but I feel like maybe a less conservative viewpoint is a tact very often and the two different sides don t get along very well and its not really an environment that I like to be in MC Do you see that in Williamsburg as a whole or in the historic area BH Oh I was really talking about more of my hometown I m sorry I can t really get a sense for the political makeup of Williamsburg I ve heard that it s fairly liberal that could be due to most ofthe professors but at the same time I ve also witnessed a conservative presence so I can t really get a feel MC Would you say that conservative presence is on campus or off campus BH I d say off campus but I used to think that we were a really liberal campus but during the past election I noticed there was a lot more support for Bush that I had thought there would be and that really surprised me I guess we re not as liberal as Ithought MC Why did it surprise you BH Well just having grown up in the area my best friend who is conservative she goes to UVA in high school we always had this conception of William amp Mary being really liberal and UVA being really conservative and she always used to joke that I was going to get a VW Bug and bust out my Birkenstocks and never shower and everything because I was coming to William amp Mary So that was a perception that I had all the way back in high school MC Is that how you think outsiders perceive the campus in general BH I don t know Ithink that some northemers tend to even people who live in northern Virginia tend to think of us being southern and therefore conservative but I think you ll find this isn t really a southern area besides the people who are natives But most of the people who have moved in to work and know the historic area and various service industry I don t really think of us being southern like that MC When you say us do you mean the campus or the community of Williamsburg BH I mean the general area all of the peninsula MC What do you think about the campus or community sends that message BH What do you mean MC Creates this perception about Williamsburg being southern or not being southern BH I don t know that s it s necessarily does anything to create it I just think its purely our location being in the lower part of Virginia MC So what is your favorite area in Williamsburg BH I actually love to ride the ferry and I don t know if that necessarily counts as an area But I love to just drive all the way down to Jamestown road get on the ferry go over to Surry and just come right back I like that a lot MC How would you describe the borders of Williamsburg like the city limits BH Like I said I m really bad with space so I don t really know MC Do you think of Williamsburg as a small town BH It s not like a dreary small rural town or anything like that but its certainly not a big town I d say its fairly average MC What do you plan to do after graduation BH I want to get a job in either production or post production I had thought about going to lm school but then I decided that that would be a lot of money that I probably couldn t afford and if I eventually decide that I want to go it would probably be better to have a little more experience under my belt So I m going to try and move to New York and get a job and my mom is not really happy about that MC Would you ever consider staying in Williamsburg BH No MC Why not BH Ijust don t like living here I don t know if it s even very tangible It s just not a place I feel that I d want to spend the rest of my life MC Do you think that feeling would change if you were a different age or at a different point in your life BH Maybe if I hadn t grown up around here I wouldn t have such negative associations and think that it s all very charming But for the time being maybe when I m 40 I ll be like oh I miss Williamsburg so much and I ll want to come back n n I 1 I Jr MC When you would you say your negative of w g 1 BH I guess probably when I started going to school here I dint really think about it so much when I was younger And its not to say that I don t lie going to William amp Mary I do like William amp Mary a lot I just don t really like Williamsburg MC Is your idea of William amp Mary and Williamsburg separate When you think of Williamsburg do you think of Williamsburg or when you think of William amp Mary do you not think of Williamsburg BH I would say when Ithink of Williamsburg I mainly think of the historic area but also William amp Mary like sort of thrown in there as a side thing But when Ithink of William amp Mary I think of the campus MC So it separate from your view of Williamsburg BH Yeah I try to keep it separate MC Do you think Williamsburg is a good place to raise children or for families to live BH Yeah I mean it s a safe place to live compared to some of the other towns around here and if you want to get your children interested in learning and things like that and inundate them with information MC You said that you probably would not stay in Williamsburg or not consider to stay here but being a student on campus do you think that is the general feeling among students or do you think that is not that some students want to stay BH I would say most people don t really want to stay here just because there doesn t seem to be tons of exciting things that would make you want to stay unless you were a history major and all about colonial history that might be different but otherwise why live here when you could live some place like DC New York MC Do you know any students that like Williamsburg BH I don t know I don t think that I ve really discussed it with any of my friends My roommate last yearil think she really enjoys the historic area but I don t know if that would necessarily be enough to make her want to live here MC How would you describe the relationships between students and the campus like the administrators and professors BH I think we have a good relationship I know most people really like Sam Sadler most people really like Timmy J I love most of the professors that I ve had and I think that because we are relatively small school we are able to have those sorts of relationships I ve never ever gotten the perception that is like students against administration maybe like parking services but that a whole other story MC Do you think things might change or could change how do you feel about the new president BH Certainly it could change like I said there are cycles of good and bad periods I don t know with this new president I mean I never say him speak but from what I ve heard he was ridiculously enthusiastic and exciting And Ithin that sort of enthusiasm is catching so hopefully it won t such a rough transition MC Is there anything about the campus that you would like to see change BH I don t know I don t know how I feel about them building on Barksdale I can see both sides of the argument It s such a nice space but at the same time we do need the housing but maybe they should have considered the other option but they said there weren t really other option I don t know I guess that s probably the big controversy right now but since its moving forward I guess you can t really do anything about it Oh also the one part that I really hate about the campus is you know in the campus woods behind the UC what we affectionately refer to as the shit hole living in DuPont my freshman year I understand the need for drainage but put some bushes or something around it because it s seriously the grossest thing to have to walk by every morning MC Is there anything else that you d like to see the new president address on campus BH I think there is a little bit of tension with diversity you know when the sons of liberty started doing their bake salesI think that s kind of had some lasting effects Once again nothing that I could necessarily put my finger on So it will be interesting to see how he handles that issue MC Is there anything else you d like to share about your experience in Williamsburg BH Doing this class has definitely made me think about Williamsburg beyond the campus and beyond the historic area and even though I don t have a real concrete sense of what it is its probably good to think about it being out there more MC Do you think most people don t or most students don t BH Maybe if you live off campus you do have but for people who live on campus it s pretty isolated I think


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