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Quantum Physics Res App

by: Hayley Jenkins

Quantum Physics Res App PHYS 404

Marketplace > College of William and Mary > Physics 2 > PHYS 404 > Quantum Physics Res App
Hayley Jenkins

GPA 3.66

Jan Chaloupka

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About this Document

Jan Chaloupka
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hayley Jenkins on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 404 at College of William and Mary taught by Jan Chaloupka in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/231182/phys-404-college-of-william-and-mary in Physics 2 at College of William and Mary.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Laser Physics and Technology Prof Jan Cha ij upka College of William amp Mary 9 Williamsburg VA 221 392 a 39 unwed VSTGTe39s Par rircle 5 AcceleraTor Sc hdol Cornell University June 2024 2005 2005 marks The 100 rh anniversary of Eins rein39s mm5 mmblis Brownian Motion Pho39l39oelecfr39ic Effect Special ReloTiviTy WWWphySiCSZOOS39O g Before 1905 The deba re over The par ricle or wave na rure of ligh r raged bu r The wavelike behavior was clear Light as wi rh all waves can reflect beech uo and diffracf 2J2J24UpUD39quot Eins rein39s 1905 description of The pho foelecfr ic effec f i lus rr39a39red The quanfum nature of light PM excesa energy to e ectron l K hv 0 Work runcnon hv pnoton energy T pp er Modem Pnysrcs Key features of the photoelectric effect contradict the wave nature of light Low frequency light could not release an electron regardless of intensity There was no time delay between turning on the incident light and the release of electrons The energy of the liberated electrons did not change with an increase in the light intensity only the number Bu r light has a waveparticle duality shown elegantly by Feynman MOVABLE DETECTG 1 PI PI 2 7 E BACKSTOP Bu r light has a waveparticle duali ry shown elegan rly by Feynman P w 0 I I I I2 W6E SOURCE a 2 12 WAL ABSORBER Ih2 Ilalhh2 12 quot 2 I Bu r light has a waveparticle duali ry shown elegan rly by Feynman a W BACKSTOP pm M 52 Feynman considered This To be The only mysteryquot of quan rum mechanics click click click click click click OK so wha r do we need To make a LASER work Ligh39r Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation In 1916 Ei ns rei n described The process of s rimulo red emission see Ml39ffelungen o er PhyskaI39schen ese scmff zone7 N0 18 1976 or39 Sources of QuonTum Mechanics B L Van Der39 Woer39den 1967 o gt o Ehhqklspon roneousemissionl s rimulo red emission Clearly you need stimulated emission but what else to make a working loser excitable medium capable of inversion R100 Rlt100 optical cavity to provide for gain along pump source a particular direction to drive inversion With leaky mlrror The Three componenTs are clearly seen wiThin a TiS oscillaTor39 opTi cal caviTy lasing medium power39 source The MASER was The first To Take advan39rage of stimulated emission erur mnuv m1an rum Molecular Microwave psememr and New 1 Hyper ne Structuxe m are Microwave Spectrum of mm 5 12254 Na perm 11 Golan x prpavxmmnw c Ilene ed my rncussER xermw more kvaLw vow an rum warm 5 ms The Maser New Type of Microwave Ampli er Frequency Standard and Spectrometelquot 1 p comm H 1 7mm m c H Tuwvs mum v y m m m m Ruthad Mey A 1055 a 7 kCse rm been aduevzd Operated rr m m a he nxdu of e scum MoTher NoTure has ocTuoIIy been mosing for years surely you re joking MASER MODEL FOR mTERsTELLAR OH MICROWAVE EMESION M M Litvak A L McWhorter M L Masks and H J Zeiger Lincoln Tmbommry Massachusetts institute of Technology Lexington Massachusetts measured 4 August was Recent observations quot oi laacm 0ll emission tram the direction of certain ii 11 regions have t n a number ul workersH to suggest that maser ampli cation is involved We will present a maser ampli er model based an ultraviolet E 3 is tinn We nd that sufficient gain is obtained n uy taanlt ol the uv radiation as it penetrates into the on cloud a process 5 the major antiinverting uv transitions 0m quota Mass men s hams th magma strongest and the 1512 and Him MHZ weakest Each transition exhibits several narrow Dop 39 1 kHz wide with some separated by 4412 min are irons bright centers 39 39 39 The antenna temlt peratures of most of the features are many times Hi m n tlnuum source and the brightness temperature an em 1M ma mamas swan a in Mutant A maser formed Through The inTeracTion beTween high energy sTar ghT and a nearby region rich in molecules The firsT was discovered in 1965 The condl Ions needed To produce an inTersTeIIar maser Tend To be found especially wiTh sTar forming regions and wiTh IaTe Type sTars ThaT are losing mass In 1958 Townes and Shawlow described The extension of The maser To op39rical wavelengths The Nobel Prize in Physics 1964 Aleklandr Nicolaal mummy ahemhergen Pruka Charla um may Tawnel liennadlvevlcll 5a m mm m Len um pun Len h xm bl a m when m We devd pmem seaw Vur mndamema vmrk mhe mmarlmv dedmmm men has Wed m We nsuHamrs and mum based an we memes a2 mgmesmmmn mm memmsmw H 300 3959 moltoouon 8 g nmo1 n urn Wu 6 a The wellknown fea rures of laser ligh r make if indispensable for some applica rions ille 1 have a single color monochroma ric or a r leas r has a much narrower spec rral wid rh rhan ligh r from conven rional sources Laser liqh r rends To 2 no r diverge be wellcollima red or a r leas r spreads much less rhan ordinary ligh r 3 be spa rially and remporally coheren r wha r does This mean and when does it ma r rer 4 may come in a pulse of very shor r remporal wid rh oops see 1 how can This be A coheren r collima red shor r pulse can be Tigh rly focused To genem re ex rreme in rensi ries Electric Field 11 Amplitude 5X10 Vm Intensity 35x1016 Wcm2 0


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