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Principles Methods Statistics

by: Bruce Bashirian IV

Principles Methods Statistics ECON 307

Marketplace > College of William and Mary > Economcs > ECON 307 > Principles Methods Statistics
Bruce Bashirian IV

GPA 3.52


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bruce Bashirian IV on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 307 at College of William and Mary taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/231190/econ-307-college-of-william-and-mary in Economcs at College of William and Mary.


Reviews for Principles Methods Statistics


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Examples of actions documented in followup reports YEAR RECOMMENDED ACTION ACTION TAKEN Art Art History Anthropology Biology 20012002 Increase number of seniors invoived in Principies of Bioiogy 101 expanded research projects to 2 semesters Integrate VIMS scientists as mentors in Courses divided into2 major undergrad research categories Moiecuies Ceiis amp Make serious research part of teaching Deveiopment of Organisms OR Organisms Ecoiogy amp Evoiution Redirect students and facuityfrom Increases offerings for non course iabs move toward productive concentrators iabsfieid research experience Generai Ecoiogy amp Ceii Bioiogy were Substitute singie fiexibie iab course for both divided into two courses iab courses above intro ievei Laboratories were consoiidated Hire one or more nontenure track ZOOievei instructors for ZOOievei iabs 3 teaching iabs converted tofacuity Facuity shouid be more baianced dept research ia s needs more representation in New upper ievei courses moiecuiar ceii and deveiopmentai deveiopedchanged some courses bioiogy terminated o Pubiish timetabie for bioiogy majors Fuiitime tenured or tenuretrack advising facuity increase from 20 to 4 0 Sponsor forums on Careers in Bioiogy Moiecuiar bioiogy deficit addressed and Appiying to Graduate Schoois with new hires o Assign advisors for aii students New instructor to heip supervise intro 0 More ciasses and better equipment teaching iabs new moiecuiar bioiogy Obtain software for iab experiments WONGi8 New equipment added with externai funding 0 Buiiding renovation approved 0 Advising handbook avaiiabie for under rads 0 Computer iiteracy program instituted Business dministration Chemistry 19961997 o Biochemicai component of undergrad amp Facuity has taken advantage of grad curricuium shouid be strengthened opportunities offered by Appiied Admin shouid increase supportfor Science Program summer undergrad research Improved advising of majors opportunities Chemistry Ciub has meetings devoted o Appiied Chemistry Seminar Program to careers and graduate study in shouid be maintained Chemistry 0 Chemistry Facuity shouid strengthen Chemistry facuity offer workshops to high schooi reiations heip student prepare for GRE and o Facuity shouid take advantage of MCAT opportunities offered by Appiied Increased research iab space Science Program Enhanced undergrad research w o Facuity shouid deveiop and present summer research program written 5yr pian for hiring to Biochemistry strengthened HHMI Administration rant amp MerckAAAS nt used to 0 Administration shouid remodei vacant heip bioiogychemistry interface dept space for Gottwaid Prof and Appiied certified by American Chemicai Science gram ocie 0 Administration shouid initiate pianning Facuity invoived in Science Education and iegisiative authority for new buiiding Foundation of WJJCC Pubiic Schoois forAppiied Science Classical Studies 2001 2002 39 Consider drafting an advising nandbook Suggestion to request videodisc player from tne Aca emic Support Fund Space and staffing issues need to be addressed dept needs proper academic nousing and fulltime secretary IBYCUS computer snould be moved back to Swem Library Furtner study and action snould be taken to address low exit exam scores New position should be available in ancient nistory New course on mytn in ancient art snould be created witn FFE grant ne Dept snould purcnase and distribute Positions for Classicists to aid in advising De tsnould encourage concentrators to take intro literature courses earlier Dept snould place arcnaeological slides on computer discs Concentration advisors urged to exercise more care in advising Videodisc player requested but not unded more uptodate projection system for digitized library purcnased Progress made w respect to space and staffing FT secretary position created and space provided on 3rd floor of Morton Hall PERSEUS system replaced IBYCUS Department examined test questions and decided tnat CWR papers and alum surveys were better indicators of student outcomes Tenuretrack nire in Ancient History and 2 additional tenuretrack nires for fall 01 Course on mytn in ancient art created in 1993 Newest edition of Positionsfor Classicists was acquired Faculty advisors nave stressed concentrators to take intro courses earlier Digitizing older 2x2 transparencies is almost complete in tne futu e new materials will be requested in digital format and if needed will be converted Computer Science 1997 Economics Increase number of seminar offerings require seminar for all students Drop 1credit CWR course amp replace witn seminar Rationalize course numbering tnat distinguisnes 300 amp 400 level courses Improve fresnman advising amp advising for students not planning for grad ool Recruit more students for Departmental Honors Do not institute BS in economics pro osal Drop Econ 103 Consider calculus as a requirement Develop fresnman seminars in Econ Consider fulfilling Computer Literacy eq witn lab section of Statistics Econ 307 Examine developments in computer aided instruction Distinguisning 300 amp 400 level rses 400 level nas intermediate tneory course prereq Concentrators must take 9 nours of 400 level minors must take 3 nours More seminars offered including fresnmen seminars Seminar neld to recruit potential nonors students Dept decided not to pursue BS in Econom39cs Econ 103 course dropped Handbook for Economics Concentrators developed Regular meeting neld for junior concentrators to talk about careers and graduate stu CWR fulfilled by completing a designated writing intensive course Matnematically oriented courses implemented Blackboard used otner computer aided instruction considered Smaller class sizes English Geology Government 20012002 39 Initiate a prolonged and tnorougn curriculum review GOV 323 snould be a 200 level course Dept terminated tne MA in Government to devote graduate resources to Tn om as Jefferson Free resources to increase upper IeveI courses by decreasing sections of smaII intro courses Consider team teaching intro course w smaII disc sections Consider adding metnodoIogy quantitative anaIysis courses Address Iack of courses deaIing w women amp minorities Increase of detaiIed specific courses otner tnan seminars Review cu rricqum of intro courses as a department different sections of same course w IittIe overIap Consider pursuing student research assistants for acuIt Need smaII appropriater equipped SociaI Science researc ab Need appropriate audiovisuaI support s stem Reduce Ioad for advisors too many students assigned to fac Dept snouId bear Iess costfor Int I Paintinn 39 Sev cu rri Program in Puinc PoIic Dept conducted extensive review and major revision of undergrad curricqum raI new features introduced witn new cqum New courses offered tnat satisfy GERs Econ dropped as a requirement for concentrators Researcn metnods course added 400IeveI seminar upgraded to a 4 credit course History KinesioIogy Appoint one facuIty position in anatomy and exercise pnysioIogy immediater FacuIty position in pedagogy and introductory IeveI sociaI science courses snouId be a priority AIIocate resources to systematicaIIy improve the Iibrary noIdings Make Motor Learning a required course Study curricqum to determine IogicaI sequences and progressions Consider issue of atnIetic training s Activity program needs adequate fun in Dept snouId setfortn a desirabIe profiIe of scnoIarIy productivity for an academic ear Create a mechanism for yearIy assessment UtiIize current programs and projects as a research base for the de t Document facuIty productivity in aII areas Estainsn skiIIperformance criteria in tne service pnysicaI education program for both concentrators and non concentrators EvaIuate staffing needs divert resources from adjunct to fuIItime facuIty to ensure quaIity supervision Estainsn a cIear system of advisement Consider reevaIuating course Ioads Consider designating BIO 307308 as part of IiberaI arts core versus 39 core Teacning assistants added to teach Iab sections of concentration courses Motor Learning Course added Four Sr Seminar courses added Improved organization of beginning tn rougn advanced courses Advising manuaI avaiiabIe since 96 Measures nave been taken to inform concentrators of career a ade ic opportunities via Iisterv notice boards and dept web page AtnIetic training courses better interfaced w concentration Curricqum reorganized in 99 requirements for majorminor cnanged Pnysicai Education changed to KinesioIogy Course offering increase from 27 to 37 Ennanced interaction witn ScnooI of Ed Ed providesfinanciaI support for courses required for teacher certification ReIationsnip deveIoped w AtnIetic Training Ed program Atnietic Training Ed Program seeking accreditation in order for graduates to obtain training certification Mathematics Music 2001 2002 Offer fewer sections of 211212 courses and aIIow separate courses for Action taken not addressed in 01 02 bound report concentrators amp nonconcentrators Offer survey appreciation course for nonconcentrators Offer History sequence course or seminar for concentrators Allow 1216 credit range in areas of history amp theorycomp Offer 2 separate tracks to the concentrators Retain Theory title for composition courses Consider outside evaluation for assessing senior projects Advisor should meet w student 1 timeyr with concentrator amp applied teacher1 time r Historian hire should be a generalist Ethnomusicology hire may be too specialized Directors of Performance Programs should have regular faculty status Chair selection should rotate evenly bt historian amp theorist Increase informal interaction extracurricular discussion bt faculty amp students Administration should decide to encourage either active scholarship or dedicated teaching and posture accordingly Dept should be more involved with Admissions Office amp recruitin Dept should further publicize activities Establish music colloquium Consider opening orchestra to highly qualified community and high school members Reorganize music library Equipment needs should be assessed Philosophy Physics Psychology Philosophy Religion Sociology 2001 2002 Create Sociology undergrad handbook Consider creating prebusiness amp pre professional tracks for concentrators Relabel courses to enhance appeal Develop new courses Develop largeenrollment service courses Reorganize lntro Sociology into one semester course reor 2 semester intro into alternative interdisciplinary Provide explicit incentives for teaching andcurricu 39 39 amp


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