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Freshman Comp II

by: Anastacio Waelchi II

Freshman Comp II ENC 1102

Anastacio Waelchi II
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anastacio Waelchi II on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENC 1102 at Valencia College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/231200/enc-1102-valencia-college in ENGLISH (ENG) at Valencia College.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
ENC 1102Literdry Terms to Know Point of view the dngle or perspective from which 0 story is reported and interpreted McMohdn Ddy ond Funk 1134 Ndrrotor person or chorocter telling the story First person ndrroto mdin chordcter telling the story ds heshe experienced it the pronoun I is used Mchhdn Ddy ond Funk 1135 First person norrdtors like Sommy in AampP con tell us dbout themselves and their bdckgrounds experiences feelings etc and comment on the other chordcters ds well Third person norrdtor gives the redder informdtion dbout whdt the chordcters isdre doing dction and thinking whdt they look like ore dressed like whdt their bockground is etc They may even offer their own opinions or moke judgments about 0 chordcter Chordcter o fictiondl representation of 0 person usudlly but not necessdrily d psychologicolly redlistic depiction Kirszner ampMondell 109 ChordcferiZdtion the woy writers develop chorocters ond reveol those chordcters troits to redders Kirszner ampMondell 1975 Protdgonist mdin chordcter hero heroine Antdgonist d chordcter or 0 force in d fictiondl work who opposes the protdgonist Foil usudlly 0 minor chorocter who emphdsizes the quolities of another one through implied controst Mchhdn Ddy ond Funk 1131 stereotypicol or shdllow chordcter M literdry device or situotion thdt depends on the existence of of ledst two sepordte ond controsting levels of medning or experience Kirszner ampMondell 1979 Connototion the ossocidtions or implied mednings of words thdt dffect their literol mednings Denotdtion the literdl medning of 0 word Diction word choice Symbol something thdt suggests or stdnds for on ided quolity or concept lorger thon itself Mchhdn Ddy ond Funk 1136 Setting time and pldce in which 0 work of fiction tokes pldce Genre cldssificotioncotegorizotion of literoture drdmd novel short story poem Theme the mdin ided presented by on outhor in 0 work Tone the ottitude the outhor tokes toword the subject chordcters or the redder Mood emotional content of 0 scene or setting ie somber gloomy joyful expectont Mchhdn Doy ond Funk 1 133 Foreshadowing early clues about what will happen later in a narrative or play McMahan Day and Funllt1131 Ambiguity something that can be interpreted in more than one way or has a double meaning Allusion an indirect reference to some character or event in literature history or mythology that enriches the meaning of the passage McMahan Day Funllt 1128 Epiphany a moment of illumination in which something hidden or not understood becomes immediately clear a character in a short story often experiences this ex Sammy in AampP and the boy in Araby Rite of Passage a significant act or experience that causes the transition of a character to pass from one stage of life to another M series of related events Freytag s Pyramid Five parts of classic dramatic plots Exposition baclltground building Complication the introduction of the elements that will lead to conflict and ultimately crisis 3 Climax 4 Catastrophe 5 Resolution M Freytag suggests that this pattern resemble a pyramid with rising action leading to the climax and giving way to falling action Kirszner ampMandell 1978 Rising Action stage in a play s plot during which the action builds in intensity 1984 Climax point of greatest tension or importance where the decisive action of a play or story takes place Kirszner ampMandell 1975 Falling Action stage in a play s plot during which the intensity of the climax subsides Kirszner ampMandell 1977 Resolution allta denouement final stage in the plot of a drama or a work of fiction Here the action comes to an end and remaining loose ends are tied up Kirszner ampMandell 1983 Definitions taken from Kirszner ampMandell s Literature 4 ed and McMahan Day and Funllt s Literature and the Writing Process 61 ed


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