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Global Trends

by: Gwendolyn Mraz

Global Trends MBA 670

Gwendolyn Mraz
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gwendolyn Mraz on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MBA 670 at University of San Francisco taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/231226/mba-670-university-of-san-francisco in Business Administration at University of San Francisco.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Bibliography in class order USF MBA 670 Global trends Spring 2002 Environment level Factors Strategy 1 Ghemawat Pankaj 1st Edition STRATEGY AND THE BUSINESS LANDSCAPE 2 Porter Michael E March 2001 Strategy and the Internet Harvard Business Review 3 Hammonds Keith H Michael Porter s Big Ideas International Law 1 Delmas Magali and Heiman Bruce Nov 9m 2000 Government Credible Commitment to the French and American Nuclear Power Industries Journal of Policy Analysis and Management Volume 20 No 3 433 7 456 2001 International Security 1 Oct 27 2001 How it has and hasn t changed 7 How it has and hasn t changed The world since September 11th The Economist US 2 Dec 22 2001 In the biggest terrorist attack the world has seen hijackers on September 11111 seized control of four American internal ights The Economist US 3 Proctor Cathy Dec 21 2001 Attacks shake foundation of air travel Denver Business Journal v53 i21 p1A2 4 Dec 2001 Working toward a secure Tomorrow Getting Started Security Management V45 i12 p942 5 Waggoner Darren J Nov 2001 ID Theft Terrorism raises stakes Fraud and identity theft played a role in the September 11Lh acts of terrorism Will the new attention kick companies developing biometric identification products into high gear Collections amp Credit Risk V6 i11 p43 Globalization 1 Wit Bob de amp Meyer Ron 2quotd Edition 2000 STRATEGY PROCESS CONTENT CONTEXT ITPThomson London Firm level Factors Entrepreneurship 1 Noon High Jun 12m 2000 Startups have reached the end of easy street Now the showdown begins The Industry Standard Magazine Consultancy 1 Mann Charles Project Overview CAER 2 Project List Url httpwww hiid harvard edn caerquot 39 proioverhtm 2 Canning David Dec 1999 CAER Internet Use and Telecommunication Infrastructure 3 Ransdell Eric The Consultant The Magazine FC issue 26 page 152 Business Intelligence 1 Cook Curtis and Cook Michelle 2000 Setting up a Competitive Intelligence Infrastructure 2 Johnson Arik R On Predicting the Future Competitive Intelligence as a Knowledge Management Discipline Url Httpwwwaurorawdccomkmwor1d1htm 3 Frappaolo Carl What your knowledge IO Intelligent KM Url Httpwww 39 quot39 quot m mm feature 08 feat shtml Hybrid gmulti level Factors Local Action Ethics Environment 1 Weiss Stuart B Dec 1999 Cars Cows and Checkerspot Butter ies Nitrogen Deposition and Management of Nutrient 7 poor grassland for a threatened species Conservation Biology Volume 13 no 6 2 Brochure for Audobon Society 2000 GIS Geographical Information Systems 1 Gittings Bruce Edinburgh Geographical Information System 2 Nov 1 2000 Global Imaging Solutions amp Lura Tech Partner to Deliver Digital Imaging Services Over the Internet Canadian Corporate News 3 ESRI Jun 1998 Geography Matters 4 Godschalk David R Nov 7 Dec 1996 Human factor in adoption of geographic information system a local government case study volume 56 n6 p55414 5 Nov 2001 Webbased GIS alters the evolution of geographic information GeoMedia webbased products go mainstream GEO Europe volume 10 ill pS 14 Biotechnology 1 Cohen Jon Oct 2001 The Proteomics Payoff Technology Review 2 Cohen Jon Oct 2001 Consulting Biotech s Oracle Technology Review


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