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by: Michele Herzog
Michele Herzog
GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michele Herzog on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 601 at University of San Francisco taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/231247/cs-601-university-of-san-francisco in ComputerScienence at University of San Francisco.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
NITPfr IAN McFARLAND PRINCIPAL PIVOTAL COMPUTER SYSTEMS COPYRIGHT 2006 HQ ARE we An agiie development consultancy Java Ruby on Rails AJAXWeb 20 ii COdeveiopment and Coaching 13 Fishing and teaching to fish WHO ARE YOU AGELE EVELQPMENT A family of development methodologiesquote with common goals E Short iterations Changefriendly Aligned with real customer needs Scrum XP Crystal ContextDriven Testing Lean Development RUP or anything else that fits the principles of agile Adi LE WANH Agile valued Individuals and interactions over processes and tools 6 Working software over comprehensive documentation 0 Customer collaboration over contract negotiation 0 Responding to Change over following a plan I httpwwwagilemanifestoorg EXTREME PRQGRAMMHNG 2 One of the if not 95 leading Agile methodologies A disciplined methodology with an unfortunate name A collection of industry best practices turned up a few notches and integrated into a single development methodology Not analogous to extreme sports KP WHAT IS HT CIear customer visibIe stories S TestDriven Development Continuous Integration ii Short Iterations 13 Pair Programming Extensive Customer Involvement CUSTQMERVESEELE STQRKES The focus on customerVisible stories keeps development concrete and fights over architecture 15 It reminds us why we39re doing the work in the rst place 4 It forces us to justify our design choices grounding them in the real customer need TH E PLANNENG GAM E AND TH E PSI NT SYSTEM 3 Stories are estimated each week during a meeting traditionally called T 95 Planning Game Stories are broken down into units of 1 2 or 5 points 15 Points measure complexity not duration Larger stories are broken down into smaller stories that are 5 points39 worth or smaller 3 The customer prioritizes the work informed by the complexity estimates l l ESTT M 8 People are better at estimating complexity than duration a Tasks have fractal complexity Small tasks are more predictable than large ones 3 Exposing the cost of features and giving control to the customer creates alignment between the developer and the customer can do it in half a day 49 One point Iknow exactly how to do this and will be some work i Two points I know exactly how to do this but it featurequot Three points quotSomehow we will implement this Three points almost always turns into more and is a big red flag that the story needs to be broken down into smaller stories WELQCHTV T A focused team gets about as much done each week as it did the week before The number of points completed in one week is an excellent predictor of the number of points completed in the next 5 Predictable results build trust between developer and customer TESTDREVEN DEVELGPM EMT You write the tests before you write the code 9 Separates requirements From implementation Produces an executable specification and documentation that stays in sync with the code No code without a test 3 101 test coverage well at least at the start WHY DO WE CARE SO MUCH ABOUT TESTS SThe obvious reasons but they re secondary WHY WE CARE SO MUCH ABQUT TESTS The obvious reasons but they re secondary The real reasons 3 Separating requirements from implementation frees you from the tyranny ofpreoptimization Driving from tests forces modular usable design 33 Complete test coverage lets you refactor with impunity REDQE EEENEREFACTQR Write a test that expresses what your code is supposed to do and that fails and often you39ll write several layers of failing test before you write a line of code Write code that makes the tests pass iiDRefactor the code to improve design reduce duplication improve code clarity Make sure the tests still pass when you39re done Check in CQNTl N UQUS lNTEGRATEQN SI Everyone runs the entire test suite before submitting The continuous build checks out the trunk builds it and runs all tests if Problems are caught early when they39re easy to x The entire application is kept in a deployable state from the first week 3 One week iterations make for easier course corrections and shorten the feedback cycle Requirements change as the customer has a chance to validate the design through play testing SE Complete test coverage and alignment between customer and developer make course corrections painless instead of arduous cheap instead of eXpensive PAquot R3 13939 i iag M I Probably the most controversial part of XP 3 How can it be faster for two developers to work on the same problem Surely it39s faster if they work on two separate problems in parallel Yes we actually work this way with two developers working on a single machine Di THEE NATURALLY 4 Developers will instinctively 39pair program39 when one introduces another to a new code base Developers will instinctively work together to solve hard design problems But Developers don t always want to be so closely scrutinized HQ N PAERENG WVQRKS 4 Pairing accelerates knowledge transfer aiiPairing makes deep problems shallow Your 8020 rule overlaps favorably with your partner39s 8020 rule if Pairing keeps you focused i Pairing keeps you honest D0 YQU WRMTE CQDE Ask yourself what percentage ofyour development time you spend t stuck on some difficult problem 1 stuck on some trivial problem trying to choose between two implementation choices reading email or news or blog posts LUSTQ EM E R HNVQLVEM ENT 93 The customer owns the priorities the developer owns the cost estimates SEA feature isn39t done until its deployed to the demo server an approved by the customer T 95 Invalid 1 Features are really done when they39re marked done The customer and developer are aligned in reaching their common goal THE AGELE RHYTHM if The Planning Game 3 The daily standup i RedGreenRefactor syncgreensubmit DeployInent to demo and customer approval


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