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by: Ryleigh Witting


Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > History > HIST 1312 > HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES
Ryleigh Witting
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Cynthia Clark

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About this Document

Cynthia Clark
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ryleigh Witting on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1312 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Cynthia Clark in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/231255/hist-1312-university-of-texas-at-arlington in History at University of Texas at Arlington.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
History 1312 Test Review 1 Settling the West and On Lincoln 10 Plan have 10 ofeectorate in orderto political participate in 1860s election which allows people who didn t have powerto have power however Lincoln died and Andrew JohnsonDemocrat of Tennessee attempts to do the 10 plan but fails Reconstruction 13th amendment abolished slavery rati ed by 8 out of 11 states by 1865 14th amendment addressed citizenship of former saves equal rights to natural born and naturalized 15th amendment prohibits black codes cannot restrict voting due to creed race or former servitude Congressional Reconstruction eXconfederate states remain out ofthe govt 80 became republican in order to readmit they must repeal black codes and guarantee civil rights to blacks BlackRadical Reconstruction 18681877 South fell into a coalition of three groups blacks carpetbaggers and scaawags Carpetbagger Yankee adventurers who came descending from the South to carry away oot Scalawags lowest breed of men men who opposed secession and were ready to return with blacks as theirjunior partners Freedman Bureau of 1864 Provided temporary food shelter and help nd love ones to reconnect families and ensure former saves make minimum wage was paid set up schools to provide education Election of 1876 Rutherford B Hayes became president by 1 electoral vote and created the KKK to intimidate blacks from voting 40 acres and a mule enough for family of four ofthe free slaves Homestead Act 1862 go west live for 5 yrs build a 10 by 12 structure to claim 160 acres Timber Culture Act 1873 160 acres and you had to plant 13 trees for protection of the soil Timber Stone Act 1878 160 acres175225 uses money to pay for dams water reclamation projects and irrigation system Tenure of Office Act your position is set for life you can never be red Posse Comitias you can use your military against citizens Mississippi Plan carpetbaggers and scalawags were harassed for voting or befriending blacks Crime of 1873 money issues Silver is demonetized so gold must be used 5 7 w quot wi was made in 1969 and with that the U them to protect movmg settlers forthe ind they fight two wars WM Buffalo Hunters hunted buffalos to trade to Russia which destroyed Indians cultures making Indians have to settle at reservations Miners mined cooper due to electricity and chemistry synthetic Ranchers not enough wood to protect property or show boundary lines so they used in Rise ofthe City lmmigrants the Chinese to work Irish for potatoes mounds and Germans to avoid religious prosecution lives in tenements which is a big house however Germans get out of tenures and move west 0 510 people in a 10by12 room to split payments so they had sleeping shifts 0 Jacob Riis How the Other Half Lives each chapter talking about a different race and their living conditions and job occupations Jane Adams Hull House made to learn English and contracts for housings and find other immigrants Sanitations streets were paved sewer systems waste ushed by the river where people got water so everyone had to boil water Crime rst police department Fire rst re department Transportation 0 Suspension Bridge Brooklyn Overhead Rail Chicago 0 Subway Boston Cable Car San Francisco Books Book clubs were established to occupy woman they included howto s and etiquette novels International Copyright Right Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work including the right to copy distribute and adapt the work Copyright does not protect ideas only their expression or xation Religion church attendance was high during the civil war and then it decreased after that when the idea of evolution and social Darwinism came about Biblical Criticism arguing over if DanNin s theory should be taught but Christians don t want traditional religion to be threatened Sports 1876 First Baseball League 0 189394 1St organized basketball game Art large painting of nature scenes impressions and portraits 1st Exclusion Act Dennis Kearney pushed legislature to not allow any more Chinese Immigrants because they are competing with the Irish forjobs so in 1888 Chinese Immigration was stopped for ten years Panic of 1893 collapse of Reading Rainbow railroad that was never built with govt money farmers and ranchers hit due to weather so govt stopped funding minersAffecting them as well IVI39IIHI I39lxatgi Pullman Strike a company producing sleeping cars goes on strike w union but were a v which outlaws monopolies due to the US shot on July 4th boarding a train and died September 19th due to lead poison Pendleton Civil Service Act requires govt employees to take a merit based exam to qualify for a job Election of 1884 Blaine v Cleveland Blaine accused of being gay while Cleveland was accused of fathering an illegitimate child Mquups republicans go to democrats and tell them to nominate a reformminded person so they can vote for him Grant Army of Republican ask congress to give a pension of 10 dollars to Northern Veterans however Cleveland vetoes it after Congress passes it Land Reforms take back land from all the acts Homestead Timber and timber and stone act if they didn t do what they were supposed to or went around it Tariff of 1888 RAISED tariff instead of doing tax cuts like Cleveland wants allowing Big Businesses to win McKinney Tariff tariff goes up again Sherman Antitrust Act works against labor monopolies Sherman Silver Purchase Act doesn t allow silver coin purchases ji39wli mmi 7 7 under Benjamin s term National Park puts land away for history Election of 1892 Cleveland s 2nd Term Coins Financial School discussing gold in treasury surplus of 1890 The Populist Party nothing was enacted till Progressive Era Free unlimited coinage 161 ratio SILVER Banks controlled by the government FEDERAL RESERVE ACTS Innovate a curriculum by 50 per person FEDERAL RESERVE ACTS Graduated person income tax 16 AMENDMENT Subtreasury in each produce vouchers WAREHOUSE ACT Postalsaving bank Government Control of Railroad TelephoneTelegraph WORLD WAR NathhWNA 8 Prohibition of alien land ownership IMMIGRATION ACTS 9 Secret Ballot STATE ACTS 10 Initiative and Referendum STATE ACTS 11 Prohibitions of labor spies STATE ACTS 128 hr working days WAGE AN HOUR 13lmmigration Restriction IMMIGRATION ACTS 146yr Presidential Terms 22quotd AMENDMENT 15Direct Elections for Senators 17TH AMENDMENT William Randolph Hearst creates newspaper with comics Sunday news personals and BIG headline Libre Cuba free Cuba controversy headline YELLOW JOURNALISM McKinley sends the battleship USS Maine to Havana Harbor causing the idea of worship Spain blows up the battle making headlines Joseph Pulitzer creates competing newspaper called The World Theodore Roosevelt Asst Sec of Navy sends orders to Commodore Dewey to take the PhilippinesRoosevelt resigns and creates the li mlm mm and recruits rangers Indian Scouts Sharpshooters etc Fighting two wars San Juan Hill El Caney Heights Teddy Roosevelt because war hero due to modern war equipment and steam power Teller Amendment According to the clause the US could not annex Cuba but only leave quotcontrol of the island to its peoplequot Treaty of Paris 1898 Spanish American war ended leaving the US with Puerto Rico Guam Philippines and Guantanamo Bay US compensates Spain with 20 million dollars for land US BECOMES WORLD POWER REVIEW Who is Carnegie founded Steel Company owner Rockefeller founded Standard Oil Company Morgan created the rst bank Molly Maguire Irish minors who went on strike due to labor conditions


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