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Introduction to GIS

by: Miller Berge

Introduction to GIS GEOL 4385

Miller Berge
GPA 3.84

Bridget Konter

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About this Document

Bridget Konter
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miller Berge on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 4385 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Bridget Konter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/231278/geol-4385-university-of-texas-at-el-paso in Geology at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
4 300w Earth I Jan 2001 Keyhole founded L 27 Oct 2004 Acquired by Google 28 June 2005 Google Earth released v3 PC only 10 Jan 2006 Mac version released 12 Jun 2006 Google Earth v4 released KML 21 13 Sep 2006 v4 update timeline capability added 21 Aug 2007 Google Earth v42 released KML 22 14 Apr 2008 KML rati ed as OGC standard 28 May 2008 Google Earth plugin Ll 39 DEM SRTM 30m USA 90m World Mountains quotupgradequot High Resolution in Switzerland m39s Canary Islands W USA 10m Imagery Earthsat Global 15 m DigiGlobe Spot Image High resolution 50 urban areas now at high res m s Highest resolution lt1m over the Googleplex Cambridge MA Glendale CA Google Earth Free Google Earth Plus 20 yr Google Earth Pro 400 yr Google Earth Enterprise If you have to ask httpllearthgooglecomlproductshtml v r Google Earth Pro In this class we will be using Google Earth m Help amp Assigned Reading httpdigitaexporercouktraininggoogIeearthtraining requmr damned um nf may nun u mu mvuv m mmmgmcmm an mmcnogk mm ruwg 9w vc evenmc amphs as w as mammw map rm m u used m the nu Advaumd a m Raw mmpmm somw nurtured mummy F51ch mm m mm mm m Enagmphnv Fathers rm mum aquot a mums was su the RM39 m mmquotg numde arsu mums p ubn nm Today s Lab Search tool to identify both general and specific locations Navigation tools Change preferences 9 decimal degrees oAdding Placemarks Changing altitude Description balloons Formatting text Adding url s oAdding images Adding video Creating a small personal database of GE placemarks Saving placemarks to a kml file Keyhole Markup Language KML What is KML KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language Used for managing threedimensional geospatial data in Google Earth and Google Maps It is also supported to varying degrees by other virtual Globe programs eg NASA World Wind ESRI ArcGIS Explorer Examples and documentation on KML can be found on the official Google Earth webpages httpearthgooglecomuserguidev4tutorials httpearthimagesaIaskaedugeog493classhtml KML vs KMZ KMZ is a zipped version of KM L o If you author KML that uses images icons or data sets that are stored on your local drive in order to share them with other users they must be combined into a KMZ archive Authoring KML You can open a KML file with any text editor such as Microsoft Word or Notepad on using nedit on a Unix system When creating your own KML file it must start with standard headeanes ltxm version 10 encoding UTF8quotgt xmns httpearthgooglecomkm22 gt and end by with a closing kml tag o If you copy and paste the sample KML code below into a text editor and save the file with a kml extension and with UTF8 encoding then you will create a KML file httpearthimagesaIaskaedugeog493classhtml KML Elements Between the KML designation tags are placed one or more elements that relate to various features and functionality that can be created Element names contained within ltgt are case sensitive 1B encadwa UIFB eax39th anglecom iltml22quotgt naming kw lq namegt m mnmewesunmlnn PUquot pDHlJ H lll DATAHello Eurt I m pinymg umg pana ngpong 4hre gtgt ltl1 stnyl mngt aescrmtmn 1p 4mg httnirenwlklpedlamrgMIL ltLoukAtgt ltlnng1tu egt151 EZSLQ lunQItudegt ltiamuuey33sauawswawedlemma lt1Litirdegt34nltltudegt ltfnngegt1 DDDBBBBBlEJAdxangegt ltLItgt ltltiltgt maturinger598277348731758ev1Edhendl gs ltLavatgt stvleUrlmsmylwrpushpmdstyleurb 45mm xtxudegt1dextr 12 ml tmmenoae em weTocxouniwa m tudeiioaegt c rmnntes i2 23133 91557399 n99188gcuurdmutesgt 4n nu ltP manor dDDcumentgt 4m igt KML Balloon Descriptions c2091 5mm an Pygmy l 4 Examplejm ms rs my axde mm m ms Vs mymmmc mm mm Mm Him ucsd m D mm To m From new Name Examme tu Lalixude 2256514539 Longimde 7117153316 mew Alumna Desaipxion39 ltIgt Thvs 395 my example Rahcs 2x ltgt mv example bold a xltbgt 1 Thus 5 Web hup Ismusdedu lthre gt


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