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Selected Topics in Geol Scienc

by: Miller Berge

Selected Topics in Geol Scienc GEOL 5215

Marketplace > University of Texas at El Paso > Geology > GEOL 5215 > Selected Topics in Geol Scienc
Miller Berge
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miller Berge on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 5215 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/231281/geol-5215-university-of-texas-at-el-paso in Geology at University of Texas at El Paso.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Abby Woody November 29 2008 GEOL 52 15 Inkscape User Manual m 1 Outline Pg 1 11 Introduction Pg 2 III Inkscape s Skills Pg 2 A Dropdown menus B Data Functions and processing C Tool and Function Bars Pg 34 IV Making a Poster Tutorial Pg 412 A Setup Pg 5 B Plan Pg 6 C Poster Construction Pg 712 1 Text 2 Immages and Charts 3 Poster Graphics 4 Final Touches 5 Export Bitmap V Conclusion Pg 13 V Appendix A Quick Commands Pg l4l7 VI Appendix B North Arrow Tutorial Pg 1826 Abby Woody GEOL 5215 November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Introduction The objective of this user manual will be to help the reader explore and successfully utilize functions in Inkscape in order to create eyecatching scienti c posters This software program is particularly well suited for creating display posters and unlike similar programs it is a free download with universal access that works on both Macs and PC s One warning about using Inkscape is that it is sometimes unstable so save your work early and often To download Inkscape 047 go to wwwinkscapeorg and then click on the green download arrow This website also has numerous tutorials available an example of this is shown in the Appendix At UTEP this program has been installed on all of the computers in the fourth oor Geological Sciences Building Lab At the end of this manual are three appendixes Appendix A is a list of Inkscape quick commands Posted in appendix B is one of the Inkscape created tutorials that lead you to create different images Appendix B shows you how to make an artistic functional and intricate North Arrow Inkscape s skills Inkscape like many programs has many powerful processing functions tools and effects Here is a general overview a road map to where these skills can be found in your Inkscape window For a list of quick commands see Appendix A Drop down Menus All of the tools can be accessed through the drop down menus even though quick commands are much more efficient Here is a list of available menus notice where they are located for future access Abby Woody GEOL 5215 November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Drop down Menus Continued Text amp Font Effect Put on Remove Generate Path T Generate Frame from Convert to Text Remove New Manual version Kems Memory Data Functions and Processing One valuable component to Inkscape is the complete set of precision commands that help to develop very intricate functional and well designed images or scientificprofessional posters These commands page grid and snap properties should be set at the beginning of a project and can be found under the Document Properties Window 0r shift ctr D Two other helpful parameters are Import Window ctrl I and Export Bitmap Window shft crtl E Inscape s ability to process images from and into Bitmap images is extremely helpful To save your image as a Bitmap at any time just press Alt B The Layers functions are also very powerful This set of commands that gives Inkscape a drafting scientific application not seen in other lowcostfree programs 3 Abby Woody GEOL 5215 November 29 2003 Inkscape User Manual Tool 8 Function Bars ViewaShowHide Tool and function bars are very helpful because they allow the commands to be easily reached To show or hide you want open are checked Here are images of some of the available tool bars A Commands B ar ibLTaliL i 39 Hl St 2mm QQIQ H E l 5E PTEU E K111 B Tools Control Bar amt is i Ii 7 i c Toolbox Vertical xLQO EI 3 c 37 D Ruler cmR l Y39v l E Scrollbars CtrlB F Palette G Statusbar g m ayeri v mm x 7725 W11397 Ma g a Poster Tutorial This short tutorial is designedto help you prepare a ucuuuL Ul I r I I I I I I The goal uut Inulcl 39 39 39 ui i 39v y 39 looking for First we will set up a poster then look at how to plan construct text images 84 charts poster graphics backgrounds and then tips on re ning a professional poster Abby W oody November 29 2008 Setup First go to FileDocument Properties or press ShiftCtrlD Here you can set up your page format size 39 age tab pick a d that Will be very helpful in develop ly pl sing object placement and 39 39 ts lines and curves A good grid spacing f 39 r ect is 5 and originating from F0y0 Set majo grid line every two lines ap to allow snapping to nodes object f you desire Setting a snap distance of elpful ecause it is still handy yet does not randomly t L5215 lnkscape User Manual mm mm AELXJ quot a E El Warsaw 5 Snanap Wm Eveahan Rmngrm 31 New penned gm mm Rectangular m l7 Enabled I7 mug 5mm m 3 W ma j mng WEI j same in rm j my manna 1 nd We my Malmgndhnecalm W Mam gm W W yZ m F gm m mm a line Bemwe it A 2 a mg a a pm 2 a m w a NEW 39 a Text 5 9 11 lama E Elva2W 4 H l m g Abby Woody GEOL 5215 November 29 2008 lnkscape User Manual 7f w a We a a pm 5 a m a a hackgvaund 35 a we il jild l7 gnawed 72nd made Nmmal 3 l7 Emhle End linegalm Mam gm hne calm Maw gm line may 2 The next step is to set up ayers Go to the la er dr pdown to hide a layer click on the open ey icon and the icon will turn into a closed eye The unlocke symbol means that the layer can be modified Plan Take a look at the grid this will help you determine the amount of s ace ou have to work with Spacial analysis will help decide object size spacing and overall layout of your poster A few good questions to ask before planning a design are What do I want to present and who is my audience How many sections will I have what is their objective Abby Woody GEOL 5215 November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Where can I place my objects so that the process ows well and is easily followed and makes sense Poster Construction Once you have established your basic set up and have taken a little bit of time planning the next thing to do is to start your poster construction Text You can add text by clicking on the t t icon Or you can go to the drop down menu for more optio Effegts Ijelp T ext and Font ShiftCtrlT 3 Remove From Path EutonPath m Elam AltW 3T QI39IHCIW Shift1ltl f r gorwert to Text Tx39 Remove Manual Earns As you can see Inkscape has the capability to do y impressive textual functions much like word art in Microsoft Word exc t ou can design the path for the curvature of text This is done using the P on Path command but I haven t gured it out yet Abby Woody GEOL 5215 November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Images amp Charts Insert any charts photos graphs and icons that you may need To insert go le gtIm port or press ctrl I In order to import your images and charts must be saved in Bitmap format This can simply be done in most programs prior to importing into Inkscape by selecting the chart click save as then under the type of le selected click bitmap Be sure that active layer highlighted when importing is the layer you want your photo on Your images will be ordered the same as they layers that are on how my gravity chart is above the Colorado Picture is because chart layer is ordered on top of my photo s layer JW g cm 3 Naah eclsselecled Eli2kShillmhckmvmayamundah eclsmselecl Abby Woody L 5215 November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual When importing or working with any check under the Object dropdown mum Em and Snake gaup hp Mask Katie Lower Raise in run Rotate an w Rotate 9y w Flip gamma vansfavm align and Dismhute Poster Granhics One useful function is the group command CtrlG Using this command you canjoin multiple objects in order to move them in unison or scale them together I havejoined my Colorado Picture with the stars around them so that when I want to move all ofthese items I only have to move one grouped object not four Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual If you llke background eolor on your poster a good way to do tlus ls to eat your background as a photo Frrst make a background layer by cllcklng the plus slgn m the layermanager wlndow Then ereate a square uslng the shape reorl Next flll the new square uslng Lhe ll bounded areas reor Flnally send the background layer to the very bottom ofthe staek by presslng the dawn arrnw wth alme belowrt gleyers SthoEmoL a rexl 5 a then 2 a Phala 5 a rue db a ueekeromu 11111le ifquot u You ear selectfrom ahuge seleetror of eolors hues and shadow effects to make a unlque baekgrouudl Megs Whllehaald Hel Brrgbler DevelapevExamp es t uslorr Genelal hamPalh t Dalkel r lerr39plele t Deselurele lrreges t r seale MaleyPalh t ssHue Resler t essngN Rendel t LessSelurelron rexl t MmeHue VlsuahzePalh t Mm ngm Mme amvahan Negahve Randamlze Rerroyealue Remoyeareen aveR Repleee eolor REE Barrel Abby Woody Novemba 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual lTnuches Th 15 where the creatorbecomes creauye Inkscape has many artwork fnendly funcuons that allow you w create umque rrnages reons and eyen mmwte objects Here are some ayarlable funcuons a Colonng o b Calhgaphy ll c Shapes omega a Lrnes freehand 1L3 3 Connectmg lmes for gapnreal represmtauon othougthrocess 3 E 3 an 2 To aiportyour fmal project as a BrLrnap Image chck on FileegtExpnrt Biump Dr press Shmecuuz Th1 W111 open a new dow lnkscave Dash xv lnkscave W gnu Mew Layev gmen Bath ew gt 7E Evequot non UPen ecem x u Eave mos g SaveAs smnocmos Save a Envy smnocmoAnos g Evml cow 5 VacgumDers in DacumeumDemes smrucmoo Dacumenl Meladala a nkscaperelevences smrucmoP nvm Dew2 1 1 e gage nuw 22 guu nw Abby Woody GEOL 5215 November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual clic automatically save as a p ledlh 75mm jHelgm 992nm um ox lv 1 do j W Belch expml all selecled ablecls r Hlde all exceplxelecled 39 Exvall 12 Abby Woody GEOL 5215 November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Conclusion Now you have the available tools to explore and successfully utilize functions in Inkscape in order to create eyecatching scienti c posters using Inkscape with out having to pay for expensive programs that perform essentially the same functions This program is capable of providing excellent visual aids especially at the student level Keep in mind that Inkscape can be unstable So as always save early and often 13 Abby Woody November 29 2008 Open Save Save as Import Export Bitmap Print Document Properties Inkscape Preferences Close Exit Undo Redo Undo History Cut Copy Paste Paste in Place Paste Style Paste Path Effect Find Duplicate GEOL 52 15 Inkscape User Manual Appendix A Inksca e uick Commands CtrlO CtrlS ShiftCtrlS CtrlI ShiftCtr1E CtrlP ShiftCtrlD ShiftCtr1P CtrlW CtrlQ CtrlZ ShiftCtrlZ ShiftCtrlH CtrlX CtrlC CtrlV CtrlAltV ShiftCtrlV Ctrl7 CtrlF CtrlD 14 Abby Woody November 29 2008 Make Bitmap Copy Delete Select All Select all in Layers Invert Selection XML Editor Grid Snap ShowHide Dialogs Swatches Previous Window Next Window Full Screen Move selection to layer Above Move Selection to Layer Below Raise Layer Lower Layer Layer to Top Layer to Bottom Layers Fill amp Stroke Object Properties Group GEOL 52 15 Inkscape User Manual A1tB Del CtrlA CtrlA1tA ShiftCtrlX F 12 ShiftCtrlW ShiftCtrlTab CtrlTab F 1 1 S hiftPgUp S hiftPgDn ShiftCtrlP gUp ShiftCtrlP gDn ShiftCtrlHome ShiftCtrlEnd ShiftCtrlL ShiftCtrlF ShiftCtrlO CtrlG 15 Abby Woody November 29 2008 Ungroup Objects to Pattern Pattern to Objects Objects to Guides Raise Lower Raise to top Raise to bottom Flip Horizontal Flip Vertical Transform Align amp Distribute Object to path Stroke to path Trace Bitmap Union Difference Intersection Exclusion DiVision Cut path Combine Inset GEOL 52 15 Inkscape User Manual ShiftCtrlG A1t1 ShiftAlt 1 ShiftG P gUp P gDn Home End H V ShiftCtrlM ShiftCtrlA ShiftCtrlC CtrlAltC ShiftAltB Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl CtrlA Ctrl CtrlAlt CtrlK Ctrl 16 Abby Woody November 29 2008 Outset Dynamic Offset Linked Offset Simplify Path Effects Text amp Font Flow into Frame Un ow GEOL 52 15 Inkscape User Manual Ctr1 Ctr1J Ctr1A1tJ Ctr1L ShiftCtrl7 ShiftCtrlT A1tW ShiftA1tW 17 Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Aggendlx B Cnmgzss Tutu alFrnmwww ksczge rg 4 r W T39H reel 1 Open up Inkscape and ereate anew doeurnen t 2 create a small clrcle Rrght llck egt Flll and stroke Make sure that ll colorls whrte he stroke eolor ls blaek Go to stroke style and set the wtdth to 2 5px followmg parameters Chck to an 0 lg Camels The spoke raho ls arneasure ofhow splkey the spoke needs to be 0 160 ls an ldeal for the eornpass needle r t tb t r d 15 degree rnerernents 4 Now that the star has been ereated rt needs to be allgned wth the errele Seleetboth Press Shrtt CTRL A for Ahgn and Drstrrbute Seleet Relahve to egt Page and sink on A lgn to gt Centre on Vemcal xls and sink on egt Centre on honzontal axls Both objects should be allgned wrth the eenter of the page now 18 Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual CnmgzssTlItnnalFrnmwww ksczg mg u u a s a D the sxze me sue perpend cularthh the mam needles Now press Endto sendthxs to the back You should have somethmg hke ths Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Cnmnass Tutnnal Frnmwww ksczg nrg o Dupllcate me onglnal star and put ths dupllcate lnto anew layer and seale down he dupllcate unul it looks somethlng llke thls 7 Now lude are old layer Do ths by Shl CTRL c 9 Press F2 to eddtpath by nodes Selectthe 4 bottom end poran othe star and cllck Break Path at Selected nodes new segment Keep dolng thls unul eyery mangle ls complete as follows You may need wlule you are seleeung new nodes You should have somethlng llke thls now Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual CnmgzssTlItnnalFrnmwww ksczg mg Rn mm for Man Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Cnmgzxs Tutnnal Frnmwww ksczg nrg Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual CnmgzssTlItnnalFrnmwww ksczg mg mm and snake smmczw IE Dashes Stan Mavkevs Nane Mb Mavkevs myquot End Mavkevs myquot mm opantv m 3E W W 15 Now create another circle and a small rectangle 16 Ok There are actually two dAfferentmeLhods to bus Its your choice go and The r n here thanks to scnbbleed forthe lmk rgt 1m m on free frJNKSCAPEMANUALhtmlTxles Tncks m1 Here39s what 1 am Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual Cnmgzxs Tm a1 Frnmwww ksczge nrg Selectthe rectangle and convenxtto path Now bnng the rectangle to the top 13911 show you why m a momem 17 Now select the euele andthe rectangle and go to effectsegtGenerate From Path Pattern along pa accordmg to the sue ofyour euele pone alnng pom m effect bends a Dattem ahyect a anq emmew skdetan Paths we Dattem e the tap mast ahyect m the Sebcha mom or DathSshavesdanes aHawed awes or the pattem 1Repeated Defamater tvve jsneke smeeeoeen r WWW Ft Yangerma affset u u C Pattem 5 vev W D Duvhcate the Dattem hefme defamater D We Pvewew Pm mew D Abby Woody GEOL November 29 2008 Inkscape User Manual CnmgzssTlItnnalFrnmwww ksczg nrg 19 As you can see are top most rectangle rs neccessary forthe Pattern along Path scnpt to work as desrred You must have ended up wrm somethmg bke ms From here onwards you can choose eo1or eombmadorrs thatyou bke and add the NSEW hke my compass You can always look at my compass formsprradom


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