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Adv. Object

by: Dorothy Bahringer DVM

Adv. Object CS 3331

Dorothy Bahringer DVM
GPA 3.85

Steven Roach

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About this Document

Steven Roach
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dorothy Bahringer DVM on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 3331 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Steven Roach in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/231289/cs-3331-university-of-texas-at-el-paso in ComputerScienence at University of Texas at El Paso.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Problem Build the intemet based convenience store monitor CSM racks the current price of regular gas chips and soda Provide three display elements rrent prices Make it extendable Create an API so other Pangiventuvuu developers can plug in their own displays pricesChanged public void pricesChanged oat gas getGasPriceO CSMData This gets eaiied Whenever oat chip getChipsPn39ceO oat soda getSodaPriceO asF39n puphe vuid pheesChahgedm getChipsF ricEO getsmp no Hyuur cude here pheesChahgedo How do we encapsulate what s Redesign cha nging see same getGasF ricEO getChipsF ricEO EtSudaF riceO pheeschahgedo puphe vuid pheesChahgedm fluat gas getGasF ricEO fluatchip EtChipsF ricEO fluatsuda getSudaF rict Eheapsuiate What changes currentF ricEDisplay update gas chips suda histuryDisplay update gas chips suda furecastDisplay update gas chips suda l Observer Pattern Intent 7 To denne reiatronsnrp between a group orobrects sucn tnat wnenever one obrect rs updated all otners are notrned autornatrcaiiv Context 7 Muitrpie obrects depend on tne state of one obrect 7 Set of dependent obrects rnav cnange at runtrrne Solution 7 Allow dependent obrects to registerwitn obrect of interest and notrrv tnern of updates wnen state cnanges Participants brect e novvs rts observers e Provrdes rnterraee ror attaenrng and detaenrng observers 0 Server 7 Dennes an updatrng rnterraee ConcreteSu rec 7 Stores st t or rnterest e s nds notrneatron to observers on state enange Concrete Server 7 Marntarns a rererenee to a concrete subreet 7 Stores state tnat snouid stav eonsrstentvvrtn tne subreet s e irnpiernentstne updatrng rnterraee to keep rts state eonsrtentvvrtn s Weather Station Design moat sub 4 u revsler bsehEVO a remam bser k39o a quotammo Stru ctu re a nachmbservar o deucMDbservar Collaborations Interfaces public interface Subject public void registerObserverObserver 0 public void remove serverObserver 0 public void notifyObserversO public interface Subject public void update oat temp oat hum oat pres public interface DisplayElement public void display 11 42009 Outline MVC Model GUI components widgets Layout managers Handling events GUI Frameworks CS 3331 MVC Model Separating M from VC Away of cleanly breaking an application into three arts Modefor maintaining data View for displaying all or a portion ofthe data and Controllerforhandling events that affect the model or Due to Separation Due to Separation Cont Multiple views and controllers for models New views and controllers can be added forthe model Changes in views are localized such changes have minimal or no impact on the model Outline I MVC Model GUI components widgets Layout managers Handling events Java GUI Frameworks GUI frameworks Part ofJava Foundation Class JFC Abstract Window Toolkit AWT and Swing Framework classes GUI components orwidgets Layout managers Events and event listeners Graphics and imaging classes AWT Components primitive l l I mu wiiiiw II l I l MA 4 M in I I l l quot container 11 42009 Sample GUI Program Counter applet AWT vs Swing AWT Heavyweight components Swing Lightweightcomponents ie no peer components Swing Components Composite Design Pattern Q How to Layout Widgets Three approaches Manually specify absolute positions Manually specify relative positions Automate it Hierarchy of Layout Managers LayawManager A A EurderLayuut LayoufManageE A GridEagLayuut 1142009 Outline w MVC Model I GUI components widgets Layout managers Handling events Layout Managers Associated with containers Automate the layout of elements When elements are added to the container When the window is resized uturnaticaiiy adjustthe positions and SiZES ufthe e ements Using Layout Managers Methud Descliptiun setLavuutUrn Set imasthe iamm managev addcumll Add a rumpunent momma 251 Add a rumpunem thh cunsuaim uhiicciassCuuntevA letzxtendsA let ppuniccmgmppi i pp gm r W mam add at inclement Decreme Cl i Let uuViE Em tar aum anEutt l 1142009 Flow Layout Flow Layout Cont Width400 heig ht50 my public class Flow extends Applet Applet public Flow g E El Smalltalk l setLayoutnew FIowLayoutO addnew J ButtonquotJ avaquot quotW39E S m ad addnew J ButtonquotCquot addnew J ButtonquotPerlquot addnew J ButtonquotAdaquot W addnew J ButtonquotSmalltalkquot dth 100 h ht 120 addnew J ButtonquotEiffequot er 3 W elg Smalltalk l Applet started Grid Layout Grid Layout Cont public class Grid extends Applet setLayoutmew GridLayouti ow col public void init addnew JButtonquotJavaquot Java cu int row 0 addnew JButtonquotCquot 3X2 grid J int col 0 addnew JButtonquotPerquot PEquot String att getParameterC39rowquot addnew JButtonquotAdaquot swim 0 if att null addnew JButtonquotSmalltakquot row Inte er arseln att add new JButton quotEiffelquot 0x1 grid Peri g p t D att getParameterquotcolquot 1x0 grid Ada if an I nu col ntegerparsentatt it I smamaik AW if row 0 ampamp col 0 Java Cquot Perl Ada Smalltalk Ei ei EiWEI row col Appimstansd APPIEtsmvtzd Border Layout Border Layout Cont public class Border extends Applet public Border App setLayoutmevv BorderLayoutO NW1 addnew JButtonquotNorthquot BorderLayoutNORTl l addnew JButtonC39Southquot BorderLayoutSOUTl I addnew JButtonC39Eastquot BorderLayout EAST West Center East addnew JButtonC39Westquot BorderLayoutWEST addnew JButtonC39Centeiquot BorderLay outCENTER South Applet started Outline l MVC Model GUI components Widgets Layout managers Handling events Event Handling Cont Event A way for GUI components to communicate with the rest of application Implemented as event classes eg Action Event Event source Components generating events Examples buttons check boxes combo boxes etc Example create a button uButton button new JButtorlClrlcrernerlt register an action listener button addActlorlLlsterlerrleW ButtonActionListener i Actlorl listener class class ButtonActiontistener implements Actiontistenerl publlc vold actlorlPerformedActlorlEverlt e l nanole tne event e System out prlrltlrl lrlcrernerlt button pressedl 11 42009 Event Handling Mechanism to write control code Composed of Event Event source Event listener or handler Event Handling Cont Event listener or handler Objects that receives and processes events Must implement an appropriate listener interface Must inform the source its interest in handling a certain type of events by registering May listen to several sources and different types of events How Does It Work b JEutturl


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