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Medical Terminology

by: Rey Fay

Medical Terminology HRP 2303

Rey Fay
University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA)
GPA 3.8

Judith Guetzow

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About this Document

Judith Guetzow
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rey Fay on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HRP 2303 at University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) taught by Judith Guetzow in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 146 views. For similar materials see /class/231299/hrp-2303-university-of-texas-pan-american--utpa- in Health Sciences at University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA).

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Date Created: 10/29/15
51 aorta aoon 52 artery arterio 53 plaque fatty substance athero 54 relating to blood or lymph vessels angio 55 slow brady 56 blood or blood condition emia 57 heart cardio 58 mixture or blending crasia 59 red erythro 510 vein veno 511 white leuko 512 vein phlebo 513 fast rapid tachy 514 clot thrombo 515 blood relating to blood hemo 516 The term meaning white blood cells is leukocytes 517 Commonly known as the natural pacemaker the medical name of the structure is The sinoatrial node 518 The myocardium receives its blood supply from the coronary arteries 519 The are formed in red bone marrow and then migrate to tissues throughoutthe body These blood cells destroy parasitic organisms and play a major role in allergic reactions eosinophils 520 The bicuspid heart valve is also known as the valve mitral 521 The pumps blood into the pulmonary artery which carries it to the lungs right ventricle 522 The are the smallest formed elements in the blood and they play an important role in blood clotting thrombocytes 523 A foreign object such as a bit of tissue or air circulating in the blood is known as aan embolus 524 The carries blood to all parts of the body exceptthe lungs left ventricle 525 The are the most common type of white blood cell neutrophils 526 a hollow muscular organ heart 527 cardiac muscle myocardium external layer of the heart epicardium inner lining ofthe heart endocardium sac enclosing the heart pericardium Highdensity lipoprotein cholesterol is also known as good cholesterol An abnormally slow resting heart rate is described as bradycardia 533 In ventricular fibrillation instead of pumping strongly the heart muscle quivers ineffectively 534 The highest pressure againstthe blood vessels is systolic pressure and it occurs when the ventricles contract 535 The diagnostic procedure that images the structures of the blood vessels and the flow of blood through these vessels is known as duplex ultrasound 536 The autopsy indicated thatthe cause of death was a ruptured aneurysm 537 A deficiency of blood passing through an organ or body part is known as hypoperfusion 538 An arrhythmia is an abnormal heart rhythm in which the heartbeat is faster or slowerthan normal 539 Raynaud s phenomenon is a condition with symptoms that include of intermittent attacks of pallor cyanosis and redness ofthe fingers and toes 540 An implantable cardioverter defibrillator is a doubleaction pacemaker 541 CAD coronary artery disease 542 EKG ECG electrocardiogram 543 Hb or HB hemoglobin 544 Ml myocardial infarction 545 VF ventricularfibrillation 546 The systemic condition caused by the spread of microorganisms and theirtoxins via the circulating blood is known as septicemia 547 AAn betablocker reduces the workload of the heart by slowing the rate of the heartbeat 548 The blood disorder characterized by anemia in which the red blood cells are largerthan normal is known As megaloblastic anemia mwmmw WWWMM M OLOOJ nitroPDthr ofessional 549 AAn antihypertensive is administered to lower high blood pressure 550 A bacterial endocarditis infection ofthe lining or valves of the heart is known as bacterial 551 Plasma with the clotting proteins removed is known as Serum 552 Having an abnormally small number of platelets in the circulating blood is known as Thrombocytopenia 553 The surgical removal ofthe lining of a portion of a clogged carotid artery leading to the brain is known as aan carotid endarterectomy 554 The abnormal protrusion of a heart valve that results in the inability of the valve to close completely is known as aan Valvular prolapse 555 The medication Nitroglycerin is prescribed to prevent or relieve the pain of angina by relaxing the blood vessels to the heart 556 Aneurysmorrhaphy means the surgical suturing a ruptured aneurysm aneurysmo means aneurysm and rrhaphy means surgical suturin 557 Aplastic anemia is characterized by an absence of all formed blood elements a means without plast means growth and ic means pertaining to 558 Electrocardiography is the process of recording the electrical activity of the myocardium electro means electric cardio means heart and graphy means the process of recording a picture or record 559 Polyarteritis is a form of angiitis involving several medium and small arteries at the same time poly means many arter means artery and itis mean inflammation 560 Valvoplasty is the surgical repair or replacement of a heart valve valvo means valve and plasty means surgical repair 561 A thrombus is a clot or piece oftissue circulating in the blood False 562 Hemochromatosis is also known as iron overload disease True 563 Plasmapheresis is the removal of whole blood from the body separation of its cellular elements and reinfusion of these cellular elements suspended in saline or a plasma substitute True 564 A vasoconstrictor is a drug that enlarges the blood vessels False 565 Peripheral vascular disease is a disorder ofthe blood vessels located outside the heart and brain True 566 Alberta Fleetwood has aan hemangioma This condition is a benign tumor made up of newly formed blood vessels 567 After his surgery Ramon Martinez developed a deep vein thrombosis DVT in his leg 568 During her pregnancy Polly Olson suffered from abnormally swollen veins in her legs The medical term for this condition is Varicose veins 569 Thomas Wilkerson suffers from episodes of severe chest pain due to inadequate blood flow to the myocardium This is a condition is known as Angina 570 When Mr Klein stands up too quickly his blood pressure drops His physician describes this as postural or Orthostatic hypotension 571 Juanita Gomez was diagnosed as having Myelodysplastic syndrome This cancerous blood condition was previously known as preleukem39a 572 Dr Lawson read her patient s electrocardiogram This diagnostic record is also known as an ECG or KG 573 Jason Turner suffered from cardiac arrest The paramedics arrived promptly and saved his life by using Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR 574 Darlene Nolan was diagnosed as having a deep vein thrombosis Her doctor immediately prescribed aan thrombolytic to cause the thrombus to dissolve 575 Hamilton Edwards Sr suffers from ischemic heart disease IHD This is a group of cardiac disabilities resulting from an insufficient supply of oxygenated blood to the heart 576 AAn atheroma which is a characteristic of atherosclerosis is a deposit of plaque on or within the arterial wall 577 The term means to stop or control bleeding hemostasis 578 Inflammation of a vein is known as phlebitis Blood dyscrasia is any pathologic condition of the cellular elements of the blood The surgical removal of an aneurysm is aan aneurysmectomy 581 Inflammation of an artery or arteries is known as arteritis 582 The surgical removal of a portion of a blood vessel is aan angiectomy 583 The abnormal narrowing ofthe lumen of a vein is known as phlebostenosis The surgical removal of a portion ofthe tissue surrounding the heart is aan pericardiectomy 585 To surgically suture the wall of the heart is aan Cardiorrhaphy 586 Rupture of a vein is known as phleborrhexis 587 The suture repair of any vessel especially a blood vessel is aan angiorrhapy U Fquot ooxi 0L0 0391 02 J nitroPDthr ofessional 61 against anti 62 eat swallow phago 63 lymph node lymphadeno 64 lymph vessel lymphangio 65 poison toxo MATCHING WORD PARTS 2 Write the correct answer in the middle column Definition Correct Answer Possible Answers 66 flesh sarco 67 formation plasm 68 protected safe immuno 69 spleen spleno 610 tumor onco MATCHING TYPES OF PATHOGENS Write the correct answer in the middle column Definition Correct Answer Possible Answers 611 bacteria capable of movement spirochetes 612 chainforming bacteria streptococci 613 clusterforming bacteria staphylococci 614 live only by invading cells viruses 615 live within other organisms parasites DEFINITIONS Select the correct answer and write it on the line provided 616 The hashave a hemolytic function spleen 617 Inflammation of the lymph nodes is known as lymphadenitis 618 The medical term forthe condition is commonly known as shingles is herpes zoster 619 The family of proteins whose specialty is fighting viruses by slowing or stopping their multiplication is known as interferon 620 The plays important roles in both the immune and endocrine systems thymus 621 The protective ring of lymphoid tissue surrounding the internal openings ofthe nose and mouth is formed by the tonsils 622 Secondary can be caused by cancertreatments burns ortrauma lymphedema 623 Fats and fatsoluble vitamins are absorbed by the that are located in the villi that line the small intestine lacteals 624 The parasite is most commonly transmitted from pets to humans by contact with contaminated feces toxoplasmosis 625 AAn is a type of white blood cell that surrounds and kills invading cells This type of cell also removes dead cells and stimulates the action of other immune cells macrophage MATCHING STRUCTURES Write the correct answer in the middle column Definition Correct Answer Possible Answers 626 filter harmful substances from lymph lymph nodes 627 lymphoid tissue hanging from the lower portion of the cecum vermiform appendix 628 marks foreign invaders and attracts phagocytes complement 629 stores extra erythrocytes spleen 630 wraps the body in a physical barrier intact skin WHICH WORD Select the correct answer and write it on the line provided 631 The direct the antigenantibody response by signaling between the cells ofthe immune system Lymphokines 632 A drug is a medication that kills or damages cells cytotoxic 633 The are specialized white blood cells that produce antibodies coded to destroy specific antigens plasma cells 634 The antibody therapy known as is used to treat multiple sclerosis hepatitis C and some cancers synthetic interferon 635 Infectious mononucleosis is caused by a virus SRELLING COUNTS Find the misspelled word in each sentence Then write that word spelled correctly on the line provided 636 A sarcoma is a malignant tumorthat arises from connective tissue 637 The adenoids which are also known as the nasopharyngeal tonsils are located in the nasopharynx 638 lymphoscintigraphy is a diagnostic test that is performed to detect damage or malformations of the lymphatic vessels 639 Antibiotics are commonly used to combat bacterial infections 640 Varicella is commonly known as chickenpox ABBREVIATION IDENTIFICATION In the space provided write the words that each abbreviation stands for 641 CIS carcinoma in situ 642 DCIS ductal carcinoma in situ 643 LE lymphedema 644 MMR measles mumps and rubella 645 Rick rickettsia TERM SELECTION Select the correct answer and write it on the line provided 646 AAn is not lifethreatening and not recurring benign tumor 647 An opportunistic infection commonly associated with HIV is Kaposi s sarcoma 648 Malaria is caused by a parasite that is transferred to humans by the bite of an infected mos uito 649 Bacilli which are rodshaped sporeforming bacteria cause tetanus 650 Swelling ofthe parotid glands is a symptom of mumps SENTENCE COMPLETION Write the correct term on the line provided 651 A severe systemic reaction to a foreign substance causing serious symptoms that develop very quickly is known as anaphylaxis 652 In brachytherapy radioactive materials are implanted into the tissues to be treated 653 When testing for HIV aan western blot test test produces more accurate results than the ELISA test 654 AAn LymphangIoma is a benign tumorformed by an abnormal collection of lymphatic vessels 655 After primary cancertreatments have been completed adjuvant therapy is used to decrease the chances thatthe cancer will recur WORD SURGERY Divide each term into its componentword parts Write these word parts in sequence on the lines provided When necessary use a slash l to indicate a combining vowel You may not need all ofthe lines provided 656 An antineoplastic is a medication that blocks the development growth or proliferation of malignant cells anti means against neo means new plast means growth orformation and ic means pertaining to 657 Metastasis is the term describing the new site that results from the spreading of a cancer process meta means beyond and stasismeans stopping 658 Osteosarcoma is a malignant tumor usually involving the upper shaft of long bones the pelvis or knee osteo means bone sarc means flesh and oma means tumor 659 Cytomegalovirus is a member of the herpesvirus family that cause a variety of diseases cytO means cell megaIo means large vir means virus and us is a singular noun endin 660 Antiangiogenesis is a form of cancer treatment that cuts off the blood supply to the tumor angiO means vessel and genesis means reproduction TRUH FALSE Ifthe statement is true write True on the line Ifthe statement is false write False on the line 661 Inflammatory breast cancer is the most aggressive and least familiar form of breast cancer True 662 Lymph carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells False 663 A myosarcoma is a benign tumor derived from muscle tissue True Chapter 1 Learning Exercise Answers 11 bad difficult painful dys 12 excessive increased hyper 13 enlargement megaly 14 pain suffering algia 15 surgical removal ectomy 16 abnormal condition or disease osis 17 abnormal softening maacia 18 deficient decreased hypo 19 inflammation itis 110 tissue death necrosis 11 bleeding bursting forth rrhage 12 creation of an artificial opening to the body surface ostomy 13 surgical incision otomy 14 surgical repair plasty 15 surgical suturing rrhaphy 16 visual examination scopy 17 rupture rrhexrs 18 abnormal narrowing stenosis 19 abnormal hardening scerosrs 120 flow or discharge rrhea 121 The term describes any pathologic change or disease in the spinal cord myelopathy myopathy pyelitis pyrosis 122 The medical term for higherthan normal blood pressure is hepatomegaly hypertension hypotension supination 123 The term means pertaining to birth natal perinatal postnatal prenatal 124 Pain is classified as a diagnosis sign symptom syndrome 125 In the term myopathy the suffix pathy means abnormal condition disease inflammation swelling white blood cell leukocyte prediction ofthe outcome of a disease prognosis swelling caused by excess fluid in the body tissues edema sudden onset acute turning the palm of the hand upward supination examination procedure palpation male gland prostate pathologic tissue change lesion pounding heart palpitation 135 torn ragged wound or an accidental cut wound laceration Select the correct answer and write it on the line provided 136 The medical term describes an inflammation of the stomach gastritis gastrosis 137 The formation of pus is called supination suppuration 138 The term meaning wound or injury is trauma triage 139 The term means pertaining to a virus viral virile mamaammmm szM xocoooxim 140 An is the surgical removal of the appendix appendectomy appendicitis SPELLING COUNTS Find the misspelled word in each sentence Then write that word spelled correctly on the line provided 141 A disease named forthe person who discovered it is known as an enaponym Eponym 142 A localized response to injury ortissue destruction is called inflimmation In ammation 143 A fisure of the skin is a groove or cracklike sore of the skin Fissure 144 The medical term meaning the inflammation of a nerve or nerves is neuroitis Neuritis 145 The medical term meaning inflammation ofthe tonsils is tonsilitis Tonsillitis MATCHING TERMS Write the correct answer in the middle column Definition Correct Answer Possible Answers 1 abnormal condition or disease of the stomach gastrosis a set of signs and symptoms syndrome rupture of a muscle myorrhexis stomach pain gastralgia 150 any acute pusforming bacterial skin infection pyoderma J D skis Loooxi 151 The abnormal hardening of the walls of an artery or arteries is called arteriosclerosis arteriostenosis arthrostenosis atherosclerosis 152 A fever is considered to be a prognosis sign symptom syndrome 153 An inflammation of the stomach and small intestine is known as gastralgia gastroenteritis gastritis gastrosis 154 The term meaning pain in ajointorjoints is arthralgia arthritis arthrocentesis atherosclerosis 155 A is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the skin dermatologist dermatology neurologist neurology Write the correct term on the line provided 156 Lowerthan normal blood pressure is called Hypotension 157 The process of recording a radiographic study of the blood vessels afterthe injection of a contrast medium is known as angiographology 158 The term meaning above or outside the ribs is Supracostal 159 AAn diagnosis is also known as a rule out Differential Diagnosis 160 AAn is an abnormal passage usually between two internal organs or leading from an organ to the surface of the body Fistula lfthe statement is true write True on the line lfthe statement is false write False on the line 161 An erythrocyte is commonly known as a red blood cell True 162 Arteriomalacia is abnormal hardening of blood vessels of the walls of an artery or arteries False 163 A colostomy is the surgical creation of an opening between the colon and the body surface True 164 Malaise is often the first symptom of inflammation True 165 An infection is the invasion ofthe body by a disease producing organism True WORD SURGERY Divide each term into its component word parts Write these word parts in sequence on the lines provided When necessary use a slash l to indicate a combining vowel You may not need all of the lines provided 166 Otorhinolaryngology is the study of the ears nose and throat oto rhino laryng oogy 167 The term mycosis means any abnormal condition or disease caused by a fungus myco osis 168 Poliomyelitis is a viral infection ofthe gray matter of the spinal cord polio means gray myel means spinal cord and itis 169 Neonatology is the study of disorders of the newborn neo means new at means birth and ology 170 The term endarterial means pertaining to the interior or lining of an artery end means within arteri means artery and al means pertaining to in nrcprmf AaaxszmNDENHHEAHDN w znswaranmahntnmvma a 1 93 a Mzrmw ernsnhm mm r m 345 r mm mmummnmmm anmnacmms m mmmmmmmmwmmmmmWammmmmmmwnu mm m vmmm WWW mgmw gum sum m 349 Amahgnznuumarcumpasa uk 5n wa mmhmu r ummgmsuuuhhahunamzrmw s knuwn u 1 n mva am 350 YRKNEWnapammuarmszmunnmurummhruk wmgmahazhnguhmcmranhuna szczHus a 51 NM sna um a mnull mmwnmmmamm mm mcrusa 52 mmmmspmmmu awn Mmmhsknawrus Sumuxmun murmmsavamvanahnax vmmmm 357 Anusxauchun mmz 51hangnhunv myamuncavam wnhczmhga gnu mum 353 Dnaamzhcl mknuwnzszmm quotchasmszhmrm m amngu hunasmz mu antu mzhcu 359 PamnmsxsznmmmmauunuhhDanamum M m m 350 spanaymmmmnqummmmamananymmmawmmmmmnm xrmx5use umhuhamn nmnm m WWW mmme prammamwmmmam mmmh m m 355 wmmmmmumaummmmnumwpmuynmm wmzwhmkan Dr arm mum zzermrazn mmlhahm vmuxmsWDE anmraaccws nnmwmm mum m mmgncnuwzmmmnmmmmumgamma bunumnuw Yhama w E mum Huberquothruslancarwru mharmnu Yhasanmsnuzrar arra m Hawk an 352 am mmgamm mmmmmmmmwmmmwum in nrufw39pmfszn F in nrufw39pmhzn F P gt U gtS Nt Lo WNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH Pwms wewwepwm wewwep wwwww ww 03me NH w on mmbbbbbbbbbbw HowmxlmmwaHDLD mmm wa mmmmmmmm wmr xowmum Fat adipo Front antero Gland adeno Specialist ologist Study of ology Cell cyto Head cephalo lower part of the body caudo out of exo within endo back postero C ntrol stasis disease suffering emotion patho Formation plas39a Tissue histo A nosocomial infection is acquired in a hospital setting When a recessive gene is inherited from only one parent the offspring will have that genetic condition or characteristic The abdominal cavity contains the major organs of digestion The term medial means the direction toward or nearer the midline The adult stem cells is to maintain and repairthe tissue in which they are found The genetic disorder phenylketonuria is characterized by a missing digestive enzyme 5 The in ammation of a gland is known as adent The parietal peritoneum is the outer layer ofthe peritoneum that lines the interior of the abdominal wall Ag is fundamental physical and functional unit of here i The study of the structure composition and function oftissues is known as histology above the stomach epigastric region belly button area umbilicus region below the ribs hypochondriac region below the stomach hypogastric region Hip Bone area iliac region The Term inguinal refers to the entire lower portion of the abdomen The study of how traits are transferred from parents to their children and the role of genes in health and disease is known as enetics A specialist in the study ofthe outbreaks of disease is aan epidemiologist The exocrine glands excrete their secretions through ducts The location ofthe stomach is inferior tothe diaphragm The mesantry is a fused double layer of the parietal peritoneum MesenteLy Hemaphilia is a group of hereditary bleeding disorders in which one ofthe factors needed to clot the blood is missing Hemophilia Hypretrophy is a general increase in the bulk of a body part or organ due to an increase in the size but not in the number of cells in thetissues H ertro h The protective covering for all of the internal and external surfaces ofthe body is formed by epithealial tissues Epithelial An abnomolly is any deviation from what is regarded as normal Anomaly the abnormal development oftissues and cells D s lasia a change in the structure of cells and in their orientation to each other Anaplasia an abnormal increase in the number of normal cells in normal arrangement in a tissue hyperplasia incomplete development of an organ or tissue Hypoplasia the defective development or congenital absence of an organ or tissue Aplasia The term meaning situated nearest the midline or beginning of a body structure is proximal The term meaning situated in the back is ste39 r The body is divided into anterior and posterior portions by the frontal The body is divided into equal vertical left and right halves by the midsagittal Part of the elbow is formed bythe distal end of the humerus Down syndrome is a genetic abnormalitythat is associated with a characteristic facial appearance cognitive impairment and physical abnormalities such as heart valve isease The study of the functions of the structures of the body is known as Physiology The heart and the lungs are surrounded and protected by the Thoracic An unfavorable response to prescribed medical treatment such as severe burns resulting from radiation therapy is known as aan iatrogenic illness The genetic structures located within the nucleus of each cell are known as Chromosomes These structures are made up of the DNA molecules containing the body s genes An adenectomy is the surgical removal of a gland Aden ectomy Hormones are secreted directly into the bloodstream by the endocrine glands Endo crine A histologist is a specialist in the study ofthe organization oftissues at all levels Hist ologist The term retroperitoneal means located behind the peritoneum retro periton eal A pathologist specializes in the laboratory analysis oftissue samples to con rm or establish a diagnosis Path ologist The study of the causes of diseases is known as etiology Eti ology The term homeostasis means maintaining a constant internal environment homeo stasis A pandemic is an outbreak of a disease occurring over a large geographic area possibly worldwide Pan dem ic quot nitroPDthrofessional


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