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by: Orlando Stark

Entomology BIOL 4415

Orlando Stark
University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA)
GPA 3.87

Kenneth Summy

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About this Document

Kenneth Summy
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Orlando Stark on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 4415 at University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) taught by Kenneth Summy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 142 views. For similar materials see /class/231305/biol-4415-university-of-texas-pan-american--utpa- in Biology at University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA).

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Date Created: 10/29/15
PART B 6 Chemicals released by quotthreatenedquot aphids elicit defensive behavior among the ants that tend these aphids Such chemicals would be best described as A Allomones C Hormones B Pheromones D Kairomones 7 Substances in the frass produced by bark beetles attract predators and parasites to trees that are infested by these beetles Such substances would be best described as A Allomones C Hormones B Pheromones D Kairomones 8 Xhen a predator changes its search image in response to a change in the density of prey it exhibits a n A Conditioned response C Functional response B Numerical response D None of these 9 Xhich insects are most likely to pollinate foulsmelling owers A Hover ies C Honey bees B Carrion beetles D Stink bugs 10 if an insect39s subesophageal ganglion were paralyzed it would be unable to Eat C See 339 Fly D Walk 1 1 Fly larvae maggots move directly away from a bright source of light This is an example of a A Taxis C Reflex B39 Kinesis D Transverse orientation 12 Ants remember a food trail by the location of landmarks along the way This is an example of A Conc tioning C imprinting B Habituation D instrumental leaming 13 A male empiid fly courts a female for 20 minutes and then gives up after he fails to elicit any response This is an example of A Conc tioning C imprinting B Habituation D instrumental leaming 14 The central nervous system of an insect controls the A Mandibles and maxillae B Legs and wings C Heart and foregut D None of these 15 The major differences between European and Africanized honey bees are A Physical size C Behavior agressiveness B Ecological habitat D All of these PART A i i The recurrent nerve joins A The two lobes of the tritocerebrum B The tritocerebrum with the subesophageai ganglion C The frontal and hypocerebrai ganglia D The tritocerebrum with the frontal ganglion 12 if an insect s developmental threshold is is degrees F how many degreedays DD does it acquire on a day when the average temperature is 72 degrees F A 87 DD C 57 DD B 30 DD D No way to tell 13 Broad spectrum detoxification enzymes are commonly found in A Blood feeding insects B Poiyphagous herbivores C insect parasitoids D All of these 14 if a population39s intrinsic rate of increase quotrquot is less than one then the population is A Growing rapidly C Stable B Growing slowly D Declining 15 When laying eggs a female insect returns to her larval host plant even though she has not fed upon this plant during her adult life This is an example of A Conditioning C Habituation B imprinting D instrumental learning 16 When a newly emerged queen honey bee hears the sound of quotpiping and quackingquot from unemerged queens she will nd and destroy their cells Apparently these sounds are an example of A A reieaser C A transverse orientation B Appetative behavior D A fixed action pattern 1 7 Behavior patterns that change drastically over the lifetime of an insect are probably A Learned C innate B imprinted D Afferent 18 What information could NOT be determined from a life table A Significant mortality factors B intrinsic rate of increase C Environmental carrying capacity D Stagespecific mortality rate 19 A certain insect usually becomes active each day at dusk if kept in the dark all day it Will still become active around sunset even though it cannot see the sun This behavior is an example of A A circadian rhythm C Transverse orientation B Diumai behavior D Exogenous entrainment 20 Xlorker ants remember landmarks around their nest entrance and use these as a guide when returning home This behavior is an example of A imprinting C Conditioning B Habituation D instrumental learning 21 Blow fly larvae collected from the body of a murder victim pupated in four days when held at a constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius if this species has a developmental threshold of 6 degrees Celsius and needs 420 degreedays to grow from egg to pupa how much physiological time elapsed before the larvae were removed from the corpse Show your work and circle your answer PARTC 1 1 The information content of a sound signal is based on changes in A Amplitude loudness C Duration pulsation B Frequency pitch D All of these 12 An ommatidium is the functional unit of the A Protocerebrum C Compound e e B Subesophageai ganglion D Male reproductive system 13 Which of these could be an example of an entrainment cue A Odor of a predator C Darkness after sunset B Odor of a host plant D Darkness before sunrise 14 it is possible that an immature insect might imprint on A Odor of a predator C Darkness after sunset B Odor of a host plant D Darkness before sunrise 15 Which of these is a primary ecological event A Competition C Parasitism B immigration D None of these 16 Xlhich of these is a secondary ecological event A Emigration C Mortality B Predation D None of these 17 Which of these is an example of a Muiierian mimic A A bee that looks like a wasp B A fly that looks like a bee C A katydid that looks like a leaf D A caterpillar that looks like a snake Questions 1820 indicate which structure is NOT part of the indicated system 18 Compound eye A Rhabdom C Crystalline cone B Retinula cell D Seminal vesicle l9 Visceral stomodaeal Nervous System A Frontal ganglion Hypocerebral ganglion B Recurrent nerve D Subeso phageal ganglion 20 Brain A Optic lobes C Neurosecretory cells B Circumesophagealcommissure D Tritocerebrum QUIZ B 6 Compared to most learnedbehaviors instinctive innate behavior is A More stereotyped B Less complex C Not subject to evolutionary change D All of these 7 When laying eggs 2 female insect returns to her lanlal host plant even though she has not fed upon this plant during her adult life This is an example of A Conditioning C Habituation B imprinting D39 instrumental learning 8 in most insects the sense of smell is localized in the A Tarsi C Antennae B Maxillary palps D Frons 9 in insects with dichromatic 2 pigment color vision maximum color discrimination is in the range from A Red to green C UV to green B Yellow to blue D Bee violet to bee purple 10 The mandibular gland substance of the queen honey bee inhibits ovaria39n development among Worker bees in the same hive This is an example of aln A Allomone C Synomone B Pheromone D Kairomone l i if a nerve impulse started in the tritocerebrum and passed through the stomodeal nervous system until it reached the heart it would NOT pass through the A Recurrent nerve C Subesophageal ganglion B Frontal nerve D Hypocerebral ganglion 12 An insect39s mechan39oreceptors would NOT be sensitive to A Body movement C Sound vibratiOns B Wind speed D Xlater vapor 13 Stridulation is a method of producing sound by A Vibrating the wings B Vibrating a resonant membrane C Striking the substrate D Rubbing body parts together 14 in an ant nest all workers are A Adult males C immature males B Adult females D immature females 15 Which pair of structures have the most SlMlLAR sensory functions A Ch ordoto nal organs and tympana B Stemmata and pressure receptors C Flex receptors and cerci D Antennae and hair beds QUIZ C 8 A firefly would most likely be classified as a insect A Crepusular C Eusocial B Diurnal D Solitary 9 Female pseudergates may molt into determinant nymphs whenever A Soldier pheromone is too high B Queen substance is too high C King substance is too high D None of these 10 All insects must communicate in order to A Find a mate C Survive the winter B Locate food D Avoid predation 1 1 Any chemical used to repel predators would always be classified as aln A Pheromone C Hormone B Kairomone D Allomone 12 insects that share a common nest site but do not care for their young are said to be A Ouasisocial C Semisocial B Communal D Solitary 13 Stridulation is a method of producing sound by A Vibrating the wings B Vibrating a resonant membrane C Striking the substrate D Rubbing body parts together 14 Which event might initiate nocturnal behavior in an insect whose activity cycle is under exogenous control A Sunrise C Solar eclipse B Rainfall D None of these 15 Which communication signal has low information content but can be longlasting in the environment


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