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US HisPre Columbus

by: Eden Morar

US HisPre Columbus HIS 1043

Eden Morar
GPA 3.83

Lesli Hicks

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About this Document

Lesli Hicks
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eden Morar on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 1043 at University of Texas at San Antonio taught by Lesli Hicks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 85 views. For similar materials see /class/231314/his-1043-university-of-texas-at-san-antonio in History at University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
HIS 1043 Test 2 Study Guide Presidents 1 George Washington good diplomat and leader led troops at Valley Forge where soldiers had very bad living conditions unpaid and starved Sworn into presidency in NY only president not sworn in at DC Farewell Address l warned against forming political parties and 2 warned against getting involved with foreign affairs people didn t listen to him MOST IMPORTANT thing he did was leaving presidency after only 2 terms John Adams Unappreciated president Passed Sedition and Alien Act Thomas Jefferson Secretary of State Contradicted himself many times Opposed National Bank but used it to make Louisiana Purchase Was a racist that thought humans were sel sh Repealed Whiskey tax act and Sedition and Alien Act BIGEST PROBLEM Accepted the Louisiana Purchase but didn t know if it was constitutional Passed the Embargo Act which stopped trade with British but made the US lose a lot of money since imports and exports fell made economy collapse Jeffersonian Democracy Limited gov visionary expansion had few mistakes 4 James Madison Repeals Embargo Act Had to clean up after Jefferson s mistakes Declares war on Britain known as War of 1812 First time US declares war Monroe Monroe Doctrine US keeps gaining land and expanding US pushing Russia Britain and France out of America amp getting their land Europe and everyone will not prevent America from expanding west Before Manifest Destiny Era of Good Feelings everyone happy because lots of peace and the US nearly doubled in size 6 Andrew Jackson Leads the Battle of New Orleans after the treaty to the War of 1812 was signed Integrated Indians and blacks into the army Was racist but his military success is what he is remembered for 7th Pres LAN VV UI V People Alexander Hamilton Secretary of Treasury Proposed National Bank Lewis amp Clark sent to explore land from Louisiana Purchase Sacajawea Woman with Lewis amp Clarks expedition who was allowed to vote Tecumseh Indian leader who built tribes east of Mississippi into a great confederation to fight against Americans taking their land Francis Scot Key wrote Star Spangled Banner during the War of 1812 Events Second Continental Congress Founding fathers organizing against King George Shays Rebellion Most welltodo Americans saw the rebellion as liberty gone mad Greater authority needed a central government Proved that the Articles of Confederation weren t working Great Convention Wrote constitution got rid of Articles of Confederation Great Compromise agreement that the American government would have two houses in Congress the Senate where each state has two Senators and the House of Representatives where each state has a number of Representatives based on population Whiskey Tax Led to rebellion symbolized that people complained about the gov even after the constitution Jays Treaty Allowed certain ships of foreign countries to be allowed for trade with US Got Britain out of the western forts so they couldn t trade with US Election of 1800 Jefferson made 3rd President 12111 Amendment passed which provided separate balloting for President and Vice President Marbury Vs Madison Gave court power to invalidate federal laws that con icted with the Constitution Louisiana Purchase Jefferson paid 15 million War of 1812 Impressment Great Britain kidnapped US sailors Called the second revolution First time US declared war Britain set White House on fire Starts before 1812 and ends in 1814 Destroyed the Federalist party Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson led it after peace treaty to war of 1812 Transcontinental Treaty US pays 5 million for Florida Missouri Compromise Maine comes in as free state Missouri comes in as slave state Election of 1824 People wanted canal amp road building which would be paid for by increased taxes amp tariffs Randoms Americans beat British because we used guerilla warfare Nationalism patriotic feeling about one s country Slavery was controversial roots back to Greece amp Egypt where slavery was acceptable blacks fought for British amp Americans Former presidents were slave owners HIS 1043 Test 3 Study Guide Ch 8 Market Revolution time period where the demand for luxury wants not needs went up Exchanging of goods cotton hemp tobacco lumber and services on the large scale happening National economy is forming Immigrants from Ireland amp Germany increased immensely and typically worked in factories which also began to grow rapidly Factories had poor working conditions and hired immigrants Pushpull Factors Pull factors that brought immigrants to the US plentiful land better wages stable economy Push factors that in uenced immigrants to leave their country Starvation 1820 s Canned food was invented amp New York became largest city Rise of corporations led to mass production of goods amp Depersonalization Eli Whitney invented Cotton Gin which made it possible to clean 50 times more cotton than by hand and also increased the demand on slavery Haiti Slave dominated country where slaves successfully rebelled against white masters Effect American slave owners feared rebellion even more Canals amp Roads led to growing economy Invention of the Steamboat improved trading efficiency John Marshall Chief justice who gave rights to corporations created the sanctity of contracts amp made Federal laws more powerful than state laws Ch 9 Jacksonian an ordinary man knew what was right by instinct Democrat Ass Vs Jeffersonian an ordinary man had to be educated to know what was right Jackson didn t listen to anyone s advice bc thought he was always right He hated the British and Indians and hated the national bank b c he didn t want foreigners to have access to it Said The Bank I will kill it amp Our Federal Union must be preserved Had to stay in a hotel his inauguration night as President Spoils system represented too much inside power which led to corruption Jackson believed in replacing older cabinet members to avoid this corruption Indian Removal Act Jackson passed it out of racism towards Indians and American legal system didn t help Indians get their land back Cherokees are subject to the Trail of Tears when exiled from land 4000 Cherokee die on trial Nullification Crisis Taxes bene ted North but hurt the South got rid of the taxes Log Cabin Campaign Prop that Jackson used to advertise being born in log cabin symbolizes political theater and the beginning of presidential campaigns Jackson runs as man of the people Promotes self as average person Ch 10 Harrison dies after being president for only 30 days Tocqueville French guy who wrote Democracy in America where he said no novelty in the US struck me more vividly than the equality of conditions Second Great Awakening There are more branches of different religions in America than ever before People were worshiping many different religions People believed salvation was available to anyone regardless of your religion People found religion entertaining Associations were uniquely American Age of Reform women with spare time reformed prisons insane asylums orphanages almshouses and reformatories to make them better places Demon Rum Women thought alcohol was evil and tried to ban drinking in America People thought utopia was a dry alcohol free country The Abolitionist Crusade goal is to end slavery Frederick Douglass former slave became lSt black who runs for President Published newspapers promoting freedom Women s Rights 1848 Seneca Falls Convention Susan B Anthony amp other women drafted Declaration of Sentiments based on the Declaration of Independence promoting equality for women American Writers 1837 Emerson Edgar Allen Poe symbolized new movement in literature Walt Whitman Romantic Movement Make America seem beautiful Public education increases with intent of making bettersmarter Americans Ch 11 Mexican American War 1846 known as Mr Polk s War US wins Known as a forgotten war since both sides aren t proud of it Santa Anna Mexican General during this war 10 time former Mexican President


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