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Principles of Info Security

by: Mireya Heidenreich

Principles of Info Security CS 5323

Mireya Heidenreich
GPA 3.55

William Winsborough

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About this Document

William Winsborough
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mireya Heidenreich on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 5323 at University of Texas at San Antonio taught by William Winsborough in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/231368/cs-5323-university-of-texas-at-san-antonio in ComputerScienence at University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Principles of Information Security CS 5323 Lecture Two Prof William Winsborough August 28 2007 Business My apologies for not getting the web page set up Anderson s book is available at httpwwwccamacukrja14bookhtm Read chapters 1 and 2 of Anderson by Thursday Any questions about anything related to the course 28 August 2mm vyirrsburuuerr cs 5323 Lecture 2 Example Security Application Areas Bank Branch book keeping Separation orduties Ensuring credits and debits rnatcn up ATMs Autnentication High value messaging system Potential rornignly rnotiyated attackers Physical security ofthe vault Internet presence Firewalls 2a Aueus 2mm vyirrsburuuerr cs 5323 Lecture 2 Example Security Application Areas Military Air Force Base Radarjammin The original denial or seryice attack Transmissions Confidentiality easy Availability Low probability orintercept Logistics and stores Conridentiality requirements inrerences can be drawn from knowledge of stock iles Multlrlevel security and inrorrnation flow restrictions Nuclear wea ons Very strong autnentication 28 August 2mm vyirrsburuuerr cs 5323 Lecture 2 c Example Security Application Areas Hospital Integrity ofelectronic reference materials i patient nistory Con dentiality of records Dirrerent kinds or inrorrnation are appropriate ror dirrerent roies doctors yersus rinanciai rn agers Staff access to records snouid depend on what role it any tney naye proyiding care to tne patient in question Anonymization ofclinical data for use in research Assistance in understanding orders y own a dtion 2a Aueus 2mm vyirrsburuuerr cs 5323 Lecture 2 Security Measures Can Have Unexpected Consequences Some cars have electronic immobilizers that sends an encrypted challenge to a radio transponder in the key fob the transponder has to respond correctly before the carwill start Increases carjackings at gunpoint If a fingerprint is needed to transfer large sums fingers may be removed from their rightful owners 28 August 2mm vyirrsburuuerr cs 5323 Lecture 2 o


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