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Class Notes 1-20-15

by: Allie Newman

Class Notes 1-20-15 BSC 215

Marketplace > Biology > BSC 215 > Class Notes 1 20 15
Allie Newman
GPA 4.0
Anatomy and Physiology
Jason Pienaar

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About this Document

Blood System, class notes 1-20-15
Anatomy and Physiology
Jason Pienaar
One Day of Notes
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This 5 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Allie Newman on Tuesday January 20, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to BSC 215 at a university taught by Jason Pienaar in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 140 views.

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Date Created: 01/20/15
Allie Newman BSC 216 Class Notes 12015 Blood System The Circulatory System Circulatory system 0 Heart Blood vessels amp Blood Cardiovascular system 0 Heart amp Vessels o Hematology Study of Blood Blood 0 Only liquid connective tissue Formed elements cells platelets extracellular matrix plasma 0 Functions 0 Transport 0 Protection 0 Regulation 0 Components 0 Plasma 4763 volume Fibrinogen Serum water amp proteins 0 Buffycoat1 volume Platelets Neutrophils Eosinophils Basoths Lymphoctes Monocytes o Hematocrit3752 volume Erythrocytes Blood Synthesis Plasma 92 Water obtained from body tissue cells and intestines Proteins Most produced in m o Albumins globulins brinogen 0 V globulins produced by plasma cells 0 Originate in bone marrow circulate in bloodstream Blood Synthesis Formed Elements 0 Each day we produce 0 400 billion Platelets thrombocytes o 200 billion Erythrocytes red blood cells 0 10 billion Leukocytes Hemopoiesis stem cell 0 White blood cells lymphocyte Hemopoiesis the synthesis of blood Hemopoietic Tissues tissue that makes blood Hemopoietic Tissues o Yolk sac 0 Blood islands produce stem cells that colonize bone marrow liver spleen amp thymus Red bone marrow o Produces all 7 formed elements after birth mzeoid hemopoiesis o Lymphatic tissues 0 Thymus tonsils lymph nodes spleen mucous membranes 0 Produces Lymphocytes lymphoid hemopoiesis Blood Synthesis Erythrocytes Expression of receptors for Erythropoietin Erythropoietin stimulates erythrobasts to multiplyamp produce hemoglobin Nucleus amp organelles shrivel and are expelled from the cell to form reticuocytes Reticulocytes leave bone marrow polyribosomes disintegrate to become ervthrocvtes Summary 0 Hemopoietic stem cell l Erythrocyte colony forming unit l Erythroblasts l Reticulocytes l Erythrocytes see slide for helpful picture Blood Synthesis Iron Metabolism 6 steps 0 1 Mixture of Fe3 Fe2ingested 2 Stomach acid converts Fe3 to Fe2 3 Fe2 binds to gastroferritin in the stomach 4 Fe2 released in small intestine by gastroferritin 5 Fe2 binds to transferrin in blood plasma in the blood stream 6 Transferrin in liver Some release iron to be stored as a complex with aooferritin ferritin Ferritin protein how we store iron by releasing iron into blood stream when needed 0 Rest circulates to bone marrow hemoglobin production and muscles myoglobin production OOOOOO Blood Plasma 0 Liquid extracellular matrix yellow in color 0 92 Water 8 proteins nutrients glucose electrolytes hormones nitrogenous waste amp dissolved gases C02 0 Proteins o Albumin Most abundant Transports solutes amp hydrophobic hormones Affects viscosity amp osmolarity o Globulins d B globulins Solute amp Hormone transport Clotting v globulins Immunity antibodies 0 Fibrinogen Precursor to brin framework for blood clots o All except y Gobuins produced in the Liver 0 Blood Viscosity 0 Resistance to ow Particle cohesion Erythrocytes amp Plasma proteins 0 Blood Osmolarity o Semi permeable capillary walls Impermeable dissolved particles Sodium ions Plasma Proteins amp Erythrocytes Formed Elements 0 Cellular 0 Red blood cells Erythrocytes transport oxygen and carbon dioxide 56 million 0 Functions 0 Carry 02 from lungs to tissues 0 Carry C02 from tissues to lungs 0 Form 0 Lack nucleus mitochondria amp other organelles 0 Cannot divide No nucleus 0 Cannot aerobically respire No mitochondria Only glycolysis anaerobic o Erythrocyte cytoplasm 33 hemoglobin solution 0 Oxygen transport 0 Some C02 transport amp buffering o Carbonic Anhydrase Enzyme C02 H20 gt H2CO3 Majority of C02 transported like this 0 Spectrin amp Actin Cytoskeletal proteins Resilience amp durability 0 White blood cells Leukocytes function for defense and immunity 5000 10000 Basophils I Eosinophils I Neutrophils Lymphocytes Monocytes Platelets blood clotting 250000 400000 Hemoglobin 4 protein chains globins 2d 28 bound by ionic bonds quaternary structure 0 Each globin conjugates withl nonprotein heme moiety m of heme binds oxygen 02 reversibly Globin can also bind 5 of C02 Hemoglobin Variation 0 975 of adult hemoglobin 0 2d 28 globins HbA 25 of adult hemoglobin 0 2d 26 globins HbA2 Fetal Hemoglobin 0 2d 2v globins HbF o Binds oxygen more strongly Erythrocyte Life Cycle 0 1 Nutrients gathered Iron Amino acids 0 2 Negative feedback Homeostasis I hypoxemia Erythropoietin 3 Erythrocytes synthesized in red bone marrow 4 Erythrocytes Circulate for 120 days red blood cells take on a different shape 0 5 Spectrin deteriorates cannot be replaced or maintained Spleen channel destruction 0 6 Hemolysisl o Membrane fragments phagocytized o Hemoglobin disposal Macrophages separate heme from globin o Heme o Macrophages remove iron for reuse 0 Globin o Hydrolysed to amino acids 0 Rest of heme converted to biiverdin green and Bilirubin yellow 0 Bilirubin binds to albumin transported to liLer released into Bile ducts accumulates in gall bladder o Secreted into Feces amp Urine Clicker Quiz 0 1 Each hemoglobin molecule in the blood can carry a maximum of FOUR oxygen 02 molecules 0 2 Myeloid hemopoiesis refers to formed element synthesis in THE RED BONE MARROW o 3 Which of the following are physiological mechanisms for transporting C02 from tissues to the lungs ALL OF THE FOLLOWING 0 C02 DISSOLVES IN THE BLOOD PLASMA AS IS 0 C02 BINDS TO THE GLOBIN COMPONENTS OF HEMOGLOBIN o CARBONIC ANYDRASE IN THE o 4 In order to get to the bone marrow for hemopoesis speci cally heme production ferrous ions are transferred amongst GASTROFERRITIN AND TRANSFERRIN 5 What is the buffy coat THE THINNEST LAYER IN A CENTRIFUGED SMAPLE OF BLOOD AND THE LAYER THAT CONTAINS THE WHITE BLOOD CELLS LEUKOCYTES AND PLATELETS Erythrocyte Disorders 0 Any imbalance between Erythropoiesis amp Hemoysis 0 RBC excess Polycythemia 0 RBC de ciency Anemia Inadequate synthesis Hemorrhagic anemia o Hemolytic anemia Quantifying Erythrocytes amp Hemoglobin Three clinical measures 0 RBC counts Hemoglobin amp Hematocrit 0 Determine 02 carrying ability Hematocrit blood volume RBC count 0 Flow cytometery I Hemoglobin Dehydration Polycythemia 0 Primary polycythemia 0 Cancer of red bone marrow Secondary polycythemia o All other causes emphysema excessive aerobic exercise high altitude smoking Increases blood volume viscosity amp pressure 0 Cardiac strain


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