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Microcomputer Applications

by: Mireya Heidenreich

Microcomputer Applications CS 1033

Mireya Heidenreich
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mireya Heidenreich on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 1033 at University of Texas at San Antonio taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/231411/cs-1033-university-of-texas-at-san-antonio in ComputerScienence at University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Midterm Review Introduction to Computers 1 N W 5 U 0quot What is a computer A computer is an electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory List five categories of hardware 1 Input device 2 Output device 3 System Unit 4 Storage device 5 Communications device List advantages and disadvantages of using computers Advantages speed reliability consistency storage communications Disadvantages Health risks Violations of privacy Public Safety Impact on labor force impact on environment What is green computing What strategies are used to support green computing Green computing involves reducing the electricity consumed and environmental waste generated when using a computer Strategies include 7 Recycling 7 Regulating manufacturing processes 7 Extending the life of computers 7 Immediately donating or properly disposing of replaced computers What is software What are the two main categories of software Software also called a program tells the computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them 1 System software 2 application software List the categories of computer 7 categories 7 Personal computer 7 Mobile computers and mobile device 7 Game counsels 7 Servers 7 lVIainframes 7 Super computers 7 Embedded computers 7 List the elements of information system 5 elements 7 Hardware 7 Software 7 Data 7 People 7 Procedures The Internet and World Wide Web 1 N W e U 0quot What is intemet List two most widely used intemet service The Internet is a worldwide collection of networks that links millions of businesses government agencies educational institutions and individuals 1 Email 2 Internet What is access provider What are the three categories of access provider An access provider is a business that provides individuals and organizations access to the Internet free or for a fee 1 ISP 7 intemet service provider 2 OPS 7 Online service provider 3 WISP 7 Wireless Internet service provider What are IP address and domain name What are the functions of DNS server An IP address is a number that uniquely identi es each computer or device connected to the Internet A don ain name is the text version of an IP address 7 Toplevel domain TLD ADN S server translates the domain name into its associated IP address List some toplevel domains and their purposes Gov 7 government agencies Com 7 commercial organization businesses and companies Edu 7 educational organizations Info 7 business organization or individuals providing general information Org 7 nonprofited organizations What is web site A Web site is a collection of related Web pages and associated items What is the major difference between Web 20 and conventional web sites Web 20 refers to Web sites that provide a means for users to interact gt1 What is web browser List the most widely used browsers A Web browser or browser allows users to access Web pages and Web 20 programs Ex refox google chrome internet explore safari opera Given a URL for a web page differentiate the parts of the URL 7 Y 7r 3 r mas5 p r 5 9 do ea 0 Explain the difference between pull and push There are a few differences between push and pull PR and they correlate with their names The main difference is in the way that information is distributed In push PR information is sent out distributed to the pressmedia consumers etc and is essentially quotpushedquot out O List the two types of search tools What is the difference between them Two types of search tools are search engines finds information related to a speci c topic subject directories classifies web pages in an organized set of categories List the different types of multimedia combined with text in an internet application Graphics animation audio video virtual reality N List the ve steps for web publishing 1 Plan a site 2 analyze and design a website 3 create a website 4 deploy a website 5 maintain a website 13 What is FTP FTP File Transfer Protocol is an Internet standard that permits le uploading and downloading with other computers on the Intemet Application Software 1 What is application software List the four categories of application software 2 What is business software List categories and popular products of business software 3 List categories and popular products of multimedia software 4 What is web application Why we use web application List some popular web applications Basics of lVIicrosoft Windows XP What is GUI When will screen tips appear What are their purposes 1 2 3 Where a program button will be 4 Describe how to move an object or a window 5 When a menu item is clicked what are three possible actions How to identify them Files Management eP N What is a le How Windows organize les and folders What is le path Given a path describe the meanings of different parts of the path Show the reasons that we store les in Zipped folders Browser and Email Basics 1 2 What is a feed What are Cc and Bcc in an email message Getting started with Microsoft Of ce 2007 SF M eP Nt What programs does Office include What is the major advantage of Office What are Office Button Quick Access Toolbar Ribbon View shortcuts and Zoom controls What are functions of three sizing buttons What is the difference between two sizing controls of Word What does it mean that a button is a to ggled switch What is contextual tab What are Mini toolbar and shortcut menu How to access them Word 1 Creating a Document GNU4spr List the four steps to produce a document What is insertion point What is nonprinting character Describe the keystrokes for moving the insertion point What are Undo and Redo What is the difference between line spacing and paragraph spacing Word 2 Editing and Formatting a Document JRWNH What is Clipboard In FindampReplace operation what will happen if Match case is checked or unchecked What is alignment List the four types of alignment What will happen if the hanging indent is moved towards its right Is there another way to achieve the same effect The Format Painter button is in the Clipboard group on the Home tab Describe how to format


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