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Operating Systems

by: Mireya Heidenreich

Operating Systems CS 5523

Mireya Heidenreich
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mireya Heidenreich on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 5523 at University of Texas at San Antonio taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/231395/cs-5523-university-of-texas-at-san-antonio in ComputerScienence at University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
CS 5523 Lecture 5 TOP ITCP abstractions I Applications that use TCP I Ports and sockets I TCP protocol I Unix examples I Java examples I TCP protocol details TCP abstractions I abstraction of a stream of bytes I a connection is established before messages are sent e process is the client and one is the serverin establishing a connection I messages are sent using handles rather than sourcedestination addresses What characteristics of the network are hidden by the stream abstraction How Common Internet applications that use TCP I BGP routing I SMTP email I Telnet remote login I FTP le transfer I HTTP web I NNTP network news I DNS name service I NFS distributed file system I Sun RPC remote procedure call I DCE RPC remote procedure call Ports I a message destination specified by a small integer 16 bits I any process can send a message to I internet protocols use the combination IP address local port I lANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ports wellknown ports 1 7 1 023 registered ports 1 024 7 49151 dynamic or private ports 49152 7 55535 I CANN is new authority for naming and numbering on the Internet as of 1998 The socket abstraction I provide endpoints for communication between processes I a socket must be bound to a local port I socket pair local IP address local port foreign IP address foreign port uniquely identifbs a comunication I socket pairs uniquely Identify communication TCP protocol Unix TCP Client TCP Server bind block mt mm comm TCF 37wny hmme read or wrlte InT vl read or wrlte Client in UNIX me read 5mg z Mesunttm char mflmsxzz I am 2 I fpxmt stdexx usage Yshast pmw amrnh 200 Instalusmmgxs I Plumber u pm tramuarqvizh 1s Hamid 7 sumaceran ammn lt m I a n a 9 menu am New swam 200 I fpnnt stdexx mum has hem mg 9 mm swim in I I I mam 2r 1 I Ibytasread I in Lemma turn I spnmmm Cum restarting xeadl I Else 1 Mama 6 m break Else I we 1 m mews m Wasmdy I Imam agreed I spnmmm Exmx mum d mg d We mumw Omarbytesxead Ilmwrb awnttmy mm Server in UNIX establishin vmd Mann am 9 the connection cm mwr installnsxhamdlexs I u pm yamuawvmr u umIpuztmlmbexH lt m I establish a PER canrectlm I Icmmnnfd u listenulstmfd mater lt m I u exmn Ta nxe m listm m smequ 200 I mmsz mum has ban mg m mm mate Server in UNIX peerto peer for transfer s msxzzn m I w mm m Mammy Exmx mom 391 a was I WIb sread break 1 ad mes mum 0qu memme u amalgam u Emma may 1 In Creating a socket and binding it to a port n max mm a file descriptor mm 15 mm m 12 Elva putt Parameter pa number of pm m mm m returns file descriptor is successful and 1 on em m u m un part pumi m sock sum sockaddx m gem is i u mm amen m ii iisuck socketml m soalt51mn my lt m i SE var r 5 add gem 5m putt i is nmmmk ism sucmxmsemx sumfisexvexii lt m ii msmismk mmami lt my return sock Accepting a connection 115 Listm for 5 gm a particular must on a spacing putt a file 325 me Prevlmlsly W m 115mm PER 1mm name of mast m listm for returns cmmnlucatlm in aa 1pm Dr 1 on em mm m function is use by a gem m listm m cmmmlcatlm 1 blocks no a name W5 5 receivai M 12 putt W m 12 Elva file descriptor 1mm 15 mm with an asczz string Emmanung a mate has me 1 ms pan 5 my me m m mm on name 3 i val mm mm mm m m mm swam ism sucmmm M n W mm M W mm m mm s mgwximwm an m 5 m m m H mm m 5 W5 15 mm mm i m m m i Connection on the client Side mmm a m m ma M an m M m m M W cm M a mm m of a WNW mm dasmptmmcmWEAUM i W M pm m mii mm mm m m m Mm m s i in more Slgplpeii i ii mm earnestnwmgimgmn ii iismk socketiAF m soalts1mn my um um i Herve 5m add hp at add 1mm hp at length n msiismnipuni connectisock ism sockaddx Mme lawman n n nrnzi i ngure 4 5 TOP mpovfjnvn we mpovfjnvnm pnono Class TCrCn2nr pubbc mm non mum Shmg mg nvgum wts apply message and nomnom ofdemmnon H m sevvevFovf 7395 Socket n2n Soommgsm sevvevFovf Dominpmsmon m 2n Dntnlwput hmm gwflvaShenm a szmqamsmon on n2n Domawpmhmn s getmqmtswnm 0 out nm2 UTFmg5U um 5 n mng encoding 22 5n 4 3 577mg dam m vendUTFo symn ourpnnw R222w2d dam 21o2 Cnfch UnmwnHostExcqmow 2 symn onrpnnm bck 2 ngMesmge Cnfch EUFEXCepnon 25y2n onrpnnm 50F 2 gefMesmgCO Cnfch lUExcepbow 2 symn onrpnnnw 10 2 gefMessage ngure 4 6 TOP sewermakes a connechon foreach chem and then echoes the chem request povfjnvn we mpovfjnvnm Class TCFSev pm pm mm noonmn songwng m n 2222222232 ms 2222mm tur2n5o2m 2222 5222225o2mo2n2nron nnnmw SockttclmeoCklt lumwSothf mcepfo Conn2mon 2 n2n Connecnoncl vtSoCk f cafch DExcepnow 2 symn onrpnnm Lumw 2 gefMessage fhfgu 2onom2 on rn2 nextslnie ngure 4 6 commued 21m Conn2mon 2mm 714222 Downmshmn m Domawpwmmn out SockttclmtSotht pubbc Conn2mon SockttanmtSoCklt n Clwthoctwt nClwthotht m n2n Dozolnpmmnm2n25o2mg2rlnmsh2ono out n2n Domawwmon CI wf5bctwt gefmqmt henm 0 m starry Cn ch UExcepnone symn onrpnnnw Conn2mon 2 ngMesmgzO pubbc vodmw0 Hy on 22no server 577mg dam m vendUTFo out nm2 ammo ClwvtSothf 10520 omnmwmmpoon 2 symn onrpnnnw 50F 2 gefMessage Cntch UExcepbowe symn oufpvm w10 2 ngMesmgzO


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