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Survey of Human Sexuality

by: Mrs. Lucas Hickle

Survey of Human Sexuality HTH 3023

Mrs. Lucas Hickle
GPA 3.68

Sara Oswalt

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About this Document

Sara Oswalt
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Lucas Hickle on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HTH 3023 at University of Texas at San Antonio taught by Sara Oswalt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/231416/hth-3023-university-of-texas-at-san-antonio in Health Sciences at University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
How is it How is it Vaccine lfyes Long Term STI T S t T t t 39 0th f t ype transmItted ymp ems dIagnosed rea men for who Consequences er n orma loquot 2 types for all P 39 fl h P t am ess39 es Freeze and reven Body can naturally colored warts only agaInst remove ght off HPV and on body not cerVIcal Can lead to warts In revert to normal Just genItals Pa smear clinic cancer cerVIcal cancer cells under a 8 HPV Viral Skin to skin Changes in p Gardisil women as well g In women Creams to 21 cerVIx cell females as anal or throat apply at May flare up dysplasIa prevents cancer home take durIng pregnancy Males can be Ion er agaInst4 can be dormant asymptomatic g types of HPV strains Contact with Infected Flu like blOOd39 sex As m tomatic Blood test flUldS mether fory egrs until EIA ELISA I Immune Leads to AIDS HIV Viral to child in y 39 39 Drugs No once CD4 or T cell Immune western compromIse utero or count Is below 300 system Is blot NAA durIng com romised breastfeeding p needles Fatigue No cure Fluid oral Flu like Rest Hepatitis A Viral fecal symptoms Blood test Avoid sex Yes to prevent None contamination Jaundice for 1 week confusion to a month Fluids sex d nreee n39t Cirrhosis Hepatitis B Viral p g quot Blood test Yes to prevent Liver cancer women to Death Infant durIng delivery Visual Antiviral LIfelong InfectIon Skin to skin dlagnOSlS oral 2 strains oral Herpes Viral Viral Shedding Blisters ood test umstteedjication No None HSV 1 and J L genital HSV II ine I strain or daily White yellow Can cause discharge Testing a Most common infertility In men painful sample of bacterial infection and women if not FIUId mother frequent vaginal fIUId treated on time in US Chlamydia Bacterial to baby during urination of fluid from Antibiotics No 1 in 3 individuals Can cause PID and birth pain or urethra in don t know they increase risk of swelling of men urine have it ectopic pregnancy testicles in test in women men Antibiotics like those for Men more treatment Commonly found likely to show together with Infection of See Of Chlam dia so the Gonorrhea Bacterial Fluid Chlamydia No See Chlamydia y throat through Chlamydia have similar Cephalospo oral sex rins a ainst symptoms and See Chlamydia g treatments drug resistant strains Skin to skin 4 stages direct contact Chancre or lesion with chancre at site where or spirochete bacteria entered can get into to If caught body can be bloodstream early it can be internal so it goes Low grade and travel to treated and unnoticed fever Permanent tissue other parts of cured With Low grade fever Syphilis Bacterial Swollen glands Blood test No damage or even the body penicillin general tiredness Body rash organ failure pregnant Damage swollen glands women can not white patches on pass bacteria reversible mucous to fetus membrane of resulting in throat and a body congenital rash syphilis Latent stage no


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