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Qual Research Traditions

by: Nola Hartmann

Qual Research Traditions EDU 7103

Nola Hartmann
GPA 3.61

Raymond Padilla

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About this Document

Raymond Padilla
Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nola Hartmann on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDU 7103 at University of Texas at San Antonio taught by Raymond Padilla in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/231452/edu-7103-university-of-texas-at-san-antonio in Education and Teacher Studies at University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
STACK CabotDataStack 72904 Tab l l Tab 2 l Card ID l024 Data I feel that I do a good job in serving students and I believe that generally students feel the same way I would say that most of the time everyone feels pretty good about what happens when a student comes to me to get something done I believe I treat students well and I think most of the time they are pretty decent with me too So yeah I suppose most of the time things are pretty decent and pleasant Notes PROJECT Server perceptions of problems experienced in serving students PROJECT NOTES This project was conducted by Thomas J Cabot at Arizona State University West and Arizona State University during the Fall Semester of l992 as a requirement for HED69l Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Interviews were conducted with a number of members of the staff of both campuses These staff members had been identified by their supervisors as primary student service contact people That is these were receptionists counter people registration workers cashiers etc The project was undertaken to satisfy course requirements and to attempt to learn staff members39 perceptions of interpersonal problems they experience in providing services to students Attempts to improve student service by means of customer service training often focus on either theory or customer complaints By learning more about server complaints or at least server perceptions of negative situations and by comparing those with known customer perceptions it may be possible to find practical ways of improving the experience for both server and customer These interviews were carried out over a period of several days Most were conducted in private office areas without interruption or distraction It might be noted that all interviewees were female simply because there are almost no males employed in the particular positions chosen for this survey Verbal pauses false starts meaningless interjections and other quotnoisequot have been edited out of transcriptions of interviews Likewise most quotencouragersquot or other brief interviewer commentsquestions have been omitted from the responses which follow It should be further noted that the data sets collected for this project are relatively brief Time constraints imposed on the interviewer by job and academic workload made it necessary to limit interviews to a very few questions and to further limit the number of interviews conducted As data was collected the interviewer39s interest in the project increased dramatically and it is hoped that at a future time this modest project can be expanded to encompass the collection examination and reporting of further information on the subject INTERVIEW SCHEDULE Server perceptions of problems experienced in serving students l Are your dealings with students generally pleasant and satisfactory from your point of view Why why not 2 Can you recall a specific experience with a student which was unpleasant or uncomfortable for you If quotyesquot probe Can you describe what actually happened If quotnoquot probe Has there never been at least one time when you were left feeling angry or hurt or just upset after dealing with a student quotnoquot probe Has there been a time when you knew or felt that the student was upset angry or hurt after dealing with you If still quotnoquot seek other respondent If quotyesquot to any of above seek description of incident 3 What was the most unpleasant aspect of this experience for you 4 What do you believe was the most unpleasant aspect of this experience for the student 5 What would you do differently if you could go through this exact same experience with this exact same student again 6 What do you believe is the most important thing you can do to avoid unpleasant experiences in dealing with students lnterview l lnterviewer T J C Date October 9 l992 Beverly works behind a counter over which she processes transactions for students and provides requested information to students and prospective students During her busiest work periods she freguently deals with several hundred students in a single day During quotlighterquot periods she stated that she normally deals with from l5 to 50 students per day The interview was conducted in an empty office There were no interruptions As introduction staff members who were interviewed were told the purpose of the interview was to gain their perspective on interactions with students Tab l l Tab 2 2 Card ID ll22 Data Oh sure I39m not perfect and students sure aren39t so there are always going to be times when things don39t go well and you end up feeling pretty stupid or maybe just pretty mad So yeah I can think of probably quite a few times when things weren39t how I39d have liked them to be PROBE Can you think of one specific time when there may have been a problem Well I had a thing with a student today where he was pretty mad and it left me feeling not so good either I mean this was a clear case of him just not wanting to listen So he just got angry and frustrated and I ended up feeling mad at him too I think something like that39s just dumb What really happened was that the student came to me with a dropadd slip and wanted me to process it Now it39s way too late in the semester to have a dropadd processed We only do that the first week of classes At least we only do it then without a dean39s signature to let us do it late And he didn39t even have an instructor signature Not that it would have done him any good if he had but it39s just frustrating sometimes that students don39t seem to understand how things are done So I kept trying to explain the policy to him and he just kept refusing to hear what I was saying and just kept saying he needed me to do what he wanted me to do Well pretty soon it didn39t matter to me what he quotneededquot I wouldn39t have give him a drink if he was dying of thirst by this time So I finally got him to go to an academic advisor and he never came back so I guess someone made him listen to reason But it was very very frustrating when it was happening I guess people not wanting to listen when you39re trying to explain something is about the most frustrating thing I can think of that happens in dealing with students I really don39t understand why people are like that sometimes I mean we39re here to help them Notes Tab l l Tab 2 3 Card ID ll23 Data Data I feel that I do a good job in serving students and I believe that generally students feel the same way I would say that most of the time everyone feels pretty good about what happens when a student comes to me to get something done I believe I treat students well and I think most of the time they are pretty decent with me too So yeah I suppose most of the time things are pretty decent and pleasant Well I guess like I said the most frustrating thing for me was that he just wouldn39t listen I just don39t understand why people won39t let you explain things They may not like your explanation but at least they can maybe understand why you can39t do what they want or why they have to do what you want Anyway it39s just very very annoying sometimes Notes Tab l l Tab 2 4 Card ID ll24 Data Oh I think he was just unhappy because he couldn39t bully me to give him what he wanted I guess what was most unpleasant for him was not getting what he wanted I think he really expected when he came to me that he could just bang away at me till he got what he wanted and he didn39t I know not getting what you want is pretty hard for most people but I39ve had plenty of times in my life when I sure didn39t get what I wanted and maybe it39s a good lesson for some of these young people too I don39t know I just know it39s frustrating to have to deal with them when they39re like that and I guess maybe it39s frustrating for them too but it just doesn39t seem like it should have to be Notes Tab l l Tab 2 5 Card ID ll25 Data Oh I39m not sure I39d do anything differently I think I did what I was supposed to do I think I tried to be pretty reasonable and polite with the student and I think I was just firm enough in letting him know he wasn39t going to get away with what he was trying to do I really don39t think I39d do anything different if I had the same student in the same situation I mean I39m always polite and all but I think I do the right thing most of the time Notes Tab l l Tab 2 6 Card ID ll26 Data I think the most important thing in dealing with students is just to be polite be fair and listen to what they have to say and what they want And I think it39s very important to at least try to give them an explanation when they can39t or don39t get what they expect or what they think they want Just because you listen doesn39t mean you have to do what they want you to but I think you really do have to give them the courtesy of hearing what they need to say to you anyway whether you can do what they want or not you know Notes Tab l 2 Tab 2 l Card ID ll27 Data I think maybe students and other people who come here are pretty nice most of the time but sometimes they can be so cranky I don39t understand But mostly they are nice I think Notes Ramona works in a food service area serving food to students faculty and staff and operating the cash register when required This interview was conducted at a dining room table during a relatively light business period in the early afternoon There were no interruptions Tab l 2 Tab 2 2 Card ID ll28 Data Oh sure There are many I think I saw this one today This man I could hear he was being so mean to the servers I was the cashier And I knew he was being so mean to the servers and I knew he would not be nice when he came to me And he argued I was trying to make him pay too much for everything And I told him as nice as I could that no I wasn39t But he just argued and argued and I think he just did it because he liked to do it So I said he had to pay what I said but he could come and see the manager later if he wanted to do that And he wasn39t nice but I know he won39t come back because he was wrong and I know he was wrong and he knows he was wrong too Notes Tab l 2 Tab 2 3 Card ID ll29 Data Well I guess the worst was he was so angry but he was wrong Somebody shouldn39t be so angry if he is wrong you know I mean he wouldn39t listen to me when I told him what was right and he was wrong and that was the worst thing about it because it was just stupid Notes Tab l 2 Tab 2 4 Card ID ll30 Data I don39t know about this It seems to me it was all bad for me and I don39t know it was bad for him or what was bad if it was because he was the one who got so angry and didn39t know what he was talking about I mean it must be bad for somebody like that cause he can come in and be so mean to everybody and get angry and all because he hasn39t got no reason he should do this So I don39t know but I wouldn39t like to be like him and have to go around like that all the time I know Notes Tab l 2 Tab 2 5 Card ID ll3l Data No I don39t know Maybe I would have to go to the bathroom you know I mean what do you do for somebody like that who is so mean I don39t think there is nothing you could do So what could I do different if he does the same to me I think I39m nice to most people and most people are nice too But when somebody is so mean you can39t do nothing Notes Tab l 2 Tab 2 6 Card ID ll32 Data It just seems to me you got to be nice to everybody but like this guy they don39t always be nice to you anyway But I think that39s most important that you be nice anyway I know I hate to go someplace to buy something and somebody is mean to me So I try real hard not to be mean to anybody when they come in here to buy something you know Notes Tab l 3 Tab 2 l Card ID ll33 Data I would say my dealings are usually either pleasant or neutral Certainly not unsatisfactory or unpleasant I don39t usually have problems Actually the people I see usually want something and aren39t sure they39re going to get it so they39re not about to cause too many problems or be too nasty with me you see Notes Cheryl works primarily behind a counter over which she deals with students who bring materials to her for processing usually at a later time She elicits information from the students concerning materials they are submitting and she responds to their requests for information both oral and published and for assistance The interview was conducted in an empty office and was uninterrupted Tab l 3 Tab 2 2 Card ID ll34 Data Oh I guess there have been a few times Actually one of the worst times I ever had with a student was at another school But if you want one here I guess the worst times I39ve had were when I was lending a hand in another area We have pretty small staffs in most of our service areas so we all kind of pitch in and help each other out Actually I do more giving than getting when it comes to help but I guess that39s because I can take care of whatever comes my way and not every area can But anyway yeah I39ve run into some problems when I39ve helped out in other areas because I don39t know the job as well as I do here so I maybe don39t give them what they want when they want it or maybe I have to ask someone from the area for help or Well a specific was one lady who really reamed me good a few days ago and it was just what I said I was helping out in Registration and I didn39t know really well what to do with the thing she brought me and other worker was busy and I couldn39t ask her so I had to ask her to wait a minute And she got real nasty and started asking if I didn39t know how to do my job why was I there And I told her quotMa39am I39m just helping out here I don39t really work in this area but I thought maybe it would be better for me to try to help than to keep everyone waitingquot Well she didn39t go for that She told me if I didn39t know what I was doing I might as well just leave her waiting in line because I sure wasn39t being any help anyway So I said I was sorry and that other worker would help her as soon as she was through with the person she was working with and I beat it out of there So yeah I39ve had a few problem people Notes Tab l 3 Tab 2 3 Card ID ll35 Data You39ve got to be kidding The whole thing was lousy you see I mean how would you have liked to have to work with someone like that Well I guess the worst of it was that I knew I didn39t know how to do whatever it was she needed to have done and I was just frustrated as hell over that anyway And then for her to give me a ration well it just wasn39t real fair you see So I guess that was what was worst though was knowing that she was right that I really didn39t know what to do Yeah it was knowing she knew I didn39t know what to do I felt like such an ass you see I just really hate that Notes Tab 1 3 Tab 2 4 Card ID 1136 Data Oh the worst for her was she had to deal with somebody who didn39t know what they were doing I39d have been pissed too I think I mean she came up there to do something that for all I know is no big deal but it was for me because I had no idea what to do with it So the worst of it for this lady was that she had to wait and then when somebody came to help her they didn39t know what they were doing anyway In a way I can39t blame her for being pissed but I just hate it when they do that you see Notes Tab 1 3 Tab 2 5 Card ID 1137 Data What I39d like to do is know what I was doing when I went over there I mean I know it looks stupid to have someone say quotCan I help youquot when they can39t anyway So if I could do something different what I39d most like to do is to know how to do whatever it was she wanted done That would be the best for me you see Otherwise I don39t know maybe I just wasn39t patient enough either I don39t know Notes Tab 1 3 Tab 2 6 Card ID 1138 Data For me I guess the most important thing is to know what I39m doing Oh I know you have to treat them politely and all that but I think the most important thing is to know what you39re doing and do what they want you do to I mean if you do what they want and if you do it well then they39re going to be happy and you39re going to feel good about what you39ve done and it39s good for everyone But when you don39t know how to do what you39re supposed to be doing for the student they hate it and you hate it and it39s just a mess for everybody Yeah know your job is the most important for me anyway Notes Tab 1 4 Tab 2 1 Card ID 1139 Data Oh I39ve just been very pleased with my experience at this school I mean I think people are really nice and the people who come in our office for help are just so very nice most of the time I really look forward to coming to work most of the time So yes I would say that my dealings with students are most pleasant and satisfactory most of the time Notes Lana is a receptionist Her primary responsibilities are to handle incoming phone calls and to set appointments for students and prospective students with staff members in her work area She also handles quotwalk insquot either making appointments answering questions herself or summoning a staff member from the office area to deal with an immediate problem or request for assistance The interview was conducted in a small conference room area and was uninterrupted Notes Information counter Tab l 4 Tab 2 2 Card ID ll40 Data Oh well yes I guess there have been a few times when everything didn39t go well you know wasn39t just exactly perfect and all but it39s hard Well I guess I can think of one lady who came in oh this was back a ways and it39s hard but she was so very spiteful and mean it39s hard to forget Well anyway she came in and wanted to see an advisor or someone who could help her and she wanted to see her right now if you know what I mean But staff member name wasn39t in the office right then And I don39t know it might have been okay anyway but staff member name wasn39t in either and that just wasn39t going to cut it with her So she started screaming I mean literally screaming in my face and I just backed away and tried to calm her down And she39s just screaming at me about what a lousy place this is and how nobody cares about the student and she needs to see staff member name because she can39t get into this class and she needs to have staff member name do whatever it is she needed to have her to do so she can get into it And I39m telling her how staff member name and staff member name aren39t in and probably won39t be in today and how nobody else can help her and she39s telling me she knows she39s got to see somebody but there39s nobody to see and how can she get the class she needs if there39s nobody and how come nobody cares about the student around here So I39m just trying and trying to tell her how I39m sorry but there39s nobody else can help her and she can come back tomorrow and staff member name will be here and I39m sure she39ll take care of her right away and all but she didn39t want to hear that for sure And I don39t know this went on for quite a few minutes I think and then she just went away But I39ve got to say she never said anything mean or spiteful about me personally So that was one good thing or at least one thing that could have been worse about the situation Notes Tab 1 4 Tab 2 3 Card ID 1141 Data Well I guess I kind of felt bad because there wasn39t really nothing I could do for her Oh I mean it39s unpleasant having somebody yelling in your face for sure But that wasn39t doing her any good and I guess I kind of felt bad because I knew it wasn39t going to do her any good and she was really wasting her time and she was obviously really mad and all and it just seemed like kind of a waste of her time and I guess it was kind of a waste of my time too But I just wished I could have helped her because I know it can be frustrating dealing with a bureaucracy and all and I think we try pretty hard to help students as much as we can so they don39t have that frustration But it39s not easy and I know it isn39t Notes Tab 1 4 Tab 2 4 Card ID 1142 Data Well obviously she thought it was important to get whatever it was she wanted done right then and she sure couldn39t do that because she needed some help from our area to do it and she wasn39t going to get that help right then So it had to be kind of frustrating for her and I can understand that But it sure didn39t do her any good to get all mad and mean about it and I think she knew that and maybe that was kind of frustrating her too Yeah maybe that was really frustrating for her because she knew there wasn39t really anything she could do that was going to make things any different right then no matter how much she wanted them to be different right then So I guess that was maybe the worst of it for her anyway Notes Tab 1 4 Tab 2 5 Card ID 1143 Data Well I don39t know but oh maybe I39d tell her right off before she could even get started that staff member name was the only one who could help her and that she wasn39t in but that I39d have her call her like really first thing in the morning But I don39t know I practically did that anyway and she just wasn39t going to be happy with it no matter what I said So I39m not really sure I39d do anything much different if I had to do it over again Only maybe oh I just don39t know Notes Tab 1 4 Tab 2 6 Card ID 1144 Data Well I think for sure the most important thing you need to do is to be nice to everybody And being nice means you listen to them and make sure you understand what they want the same way they understand what they want so when you go to get them some help with their problem you39re getting the right person to help them or giving them the right form or whatever it is they really need So I guess one really important thing is to listen real carefully so you really know what they really want and what they39re going to expect from you I mean that39s pretty standard stuff isn39t it Like it39s what they tell you in those workshops and things and it just makes sense if you39re dealing with people anyway Notes Tab l 5 Tab 2 l Card ID ll45 Data Oh I39d say things were pretty much okay most of the time I guess most of the people who come up to my window know why they39re here and have things ready So lots of what I do just has little short dealings with the students so you don39t have too many problems that way You know it39s over so quick there39s no time for any problems or anything So I guess it39s pretty much okay most of the time Notes Melinda is a cashier For the most part she processes financial transactions for students who have already completed transactions with other campus service areas She also processes payments of student accounts payable The interview was conducted in a work unit break room without interruption or distraction Notes Cashier Tab l 5 Tab 2 2 Card ID ll46 Data Oh I guess so I guess maybe sometimes I39ll have a problem with someone who wants to cash a check over limit or something maybe Well for a specific incident I guess there was this guy and he came up and he wanted to know why he got this bill from the delinquent accounts office Well I got him the information and he started just really ragging on me you know and I couldn39t believe it I told him quothey look I don39t have anything to do with it you know I mean you asked what it was for and I told you but I don39t work in that area and I39m not the one who39s charging youquot But he just kept ragging on me like I really had something to do with it you know But I guess he didn39t care if it was some thing to do with me or not anyway He just wanted someone he could get it out on I just really hate when people do that I mean what do I have to do with whatever it is you know But they want to blame me and it39s just not fair They should blame themselves most of the time but nobody wants to rag on themself So who takes it Me I just really hate it Notes Tab l 5 Tab 2 3 Card ID ll47 Data What did I tell you I mean how unpleasant can it get He was like yelling and stuff and he didn39t know what he was talking about and he didn39t care How unpleasant could you want it to be Or anyway the whole thing was unpleasant because the guy was a jerk and no matter how you look at it it isn39t going to be all that nice working with a jerk on the other side of the counter So like what else can I say about this Well I mean quotaspectquot The whole thing wasn39t nice Notes Tab l 5 Tab 2 4 Card ID ll48 Data Oh I guess it was he didn39t think it was right or fair or something he was getting charged the way he was and all but that didn39t have anything to do with me so why should he act like maybe I was doing something to him or something like I39m sure I39m really going to charge him for something I mean it39s not my money or anything Like the university is charging him and the university is going to get the money and why blame me for that I mean I know you can39t yell at a whole university but you don39t have to come in and rag on me because I work for a university Like how fair is that So who cares if it39s right or fair or something for him if he39s going to act that way anyway People should know they can39t get what they want going around yelling at other people and all So it39s not going to matter what39s worst about it for the student if the student is a jerk and all don39t you think Notes Tab l 5 Tab 2 5 Card ID ll49 Data Well why should I have to be the one who should do something different Like I39m sure did I yell at this guy No He should be the one should do something different don39t you think I mean it wasn39t my fault and I shouldn39t have to do something different to deal with somebody like that Nothing Just nothing That39s what I39d do different Notes Tab l 5 Tab 2 6 Card ID ll50 Data Put the door down when I see a jerk like that coming No really I don39t think I do so bad I mean I work pretty good with most students You know that So oh I guess the most important thing is to be nice to students when they come up But it doesn39t work if the student is a jerk So anyway I guess for most people though that39s the thing to do to just be nice to them and then most of them are nice to you too And I am pretty nice to just about everybody and it39s okay most of the time you know Notes Tab l 6 Tab 2 l Card ID ll5l Data Well I guess I would have to say that yes they are usually pleasant and satisfactory for me from my point of view That is I would say that mostly all my work is very pleasant That39s why I keep working here You see mostly I just like working with students So it must be you know that mostly my experience in working with students is very pleasant That would just have to be kind of understood don39t you think I mean why would somebody do this if they didn39t really like doing it And I wouldn39t like it if it wasn39t mostly pleasant would I So of course the answer has to be that mostly things go just excellently well whenever I39m working with a student because working with students is what my job is all about and I really love my job Notes Ellen processes numerous transactions for students in a typical work day Her workload is cyclical but she says she is generally at least fairly busy year round She is a part time staff member who presently works l6 hours per week The interview was conducted at an outdoor picnic table with no interrup tions Notes Reg worker Tab l 6 Tab 2 2 Card ID ll52 Data Oh well sure I guess there have been a few of those you know I mean that39s going to happen on just about any job But really prefer to think about the really nice ones The ones who come back and tell you how nice they think you were or who write a little note Or every once in a while you even get flowers So I really just don39t ever even b other to think about the ones that aren39t nice PROBE But can39t you think of an instance which wasn39t pleasant Oh I guess if you really want to get into the negative and all there have been a few times I mean students can be a little bit of a pill sometimes But mostly they aren39t PROBE But can you think of a specific instance Well I can remember one young lady who was more than a little snippy I mean she was really quite rude if you know what I mean But I usually just tell myself that that type doesn39t mean to be as bad as they are and I just go on and kind of shrug it off But oh if you really want to know this young lady came into our area to pick up her lD card Now we tell students when they get their picture taken that it39s going to take time to get the lD cards back and it does But lots of times they39ll come in before the card is back But usually you just tell them that it39s not back yet and they just go away and come back again some other time But anyway this particular young lady or maybe I should say young woman but anyway she came in and asked for her lD So I went and looked in the trays and it wasn39t there Well she insisted it had been taken a very long time ago and that it should be in by now So I called the other two offices where it might have been but it wasn39t there either So I told her quotwell you39ll have to check back laterquot But she just wasn39t going to go along with that you know Now like I said mostly students will accept what you tell them But she wasn39t having any of that She started telling me how she had to have that lD card right then and how she had come in for her picture long enough ago that it should be here and she wasn39t going to put up with it And the more she said the louder she said it So I just told her quotthere39s a phone in the hall or you can walk right over to the Registrar39s Office or whatever you want but I don39t have your lD card So whatever you want to do but yelling at me isn39t going to help youquot And I guess that really infuriated her She just got even louder and she was going on about how inefficient we are and all that and name of supervisor wasn39t here so I couldn39t ask her to talk to her so there we were And she didn39t seem to want to go take her complaint to anyone else and I wasn39t going to be able to help her so finally I just said quotexcuse me quot and I walked out of the room Now I know that was wrong and name of supervisor told me I was wrong to do that and I knew it before I did but I just got to the point where I just didn39t know what else to do So that39s what I did Notes Tab l 6 Tab 2 3 Card ID ll53 Data Well I just felt really sorry that I couldn39t help her even if she was a little pill But I couldn39t do a thing So I know she was upset but when you can39t do anything about it I guess you just can39t do any thing about it But really that was the most unpleasant for me that there was really nothing I could do about it anyway Notes Tab l 6 Tab 2 4 Card ID ll54 Data Well obviously it was not getting her ID card But that wasn39t anything she could control so there wasn39t a whole lot of point in her getting that upset was there But if you really want to know I think most people get most upset because they can39t have what they want for whatever reason And this was just an example of that The girl wanted her ID card and she wanted it now But obviously whether she was upset or not it wasn39t going to change the situation anyway so why bother Oh well she39ll grow up someday Notes Tab l 6 Tab 2 5 Card ID ll55 Data Well I don39t know what you do differently I mean if you do what you39re supposed to do what can you do differently I try to always give very good service to students Really I try to give excellent service to every student who walks through the door But when someone39s just determined to be a pill it really doesn39t matter what you do anyway So I don39t know that I39d do anything differently if I had the chance to I mean this little girl was going to be a little pill no matter which way you acted So I think really I39d just be my same self even if I had to do the exact same thing over again I think I39d so it the exact same way Notes Tab l 6 Tab 2 6 Card ID ll56 Data Well I think what I do do is the most important I let each and every student know I think that I want to be their friend and that I want to do the best job I can for them and I think most


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