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Chronic Disease Epid

by: Jaren Schumm

Chronic Disease Epid EPID 552

Jaren Schumm
GPA 3.99


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Class Notes
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaren Schumm on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EPID 552 at University of Michigan taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/231454/epid-552-university-of-michigan in Epidemiology at University of Michigan.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
UNIVERSITV OF MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH VOLUME 17 NUMBER 2 I SPRINGSUMMER 2002 FEAllIHEAHIIElE m While the concept of practice based learning isht new its growing use in and by public health schools is IJEFAHIMENIS A look at how this hold approach to education is chem in livesiahd li e7 or Michi om students LETTER FROM n g g f f g THE DEAN FROM OUR READERS OBSERVATORY NEWS HlllIHE Findings Woody Neighbors Mental Health Disorders among African Americans N a RESEARCH UPDATE NEW 8 NOTEWORTMV ALUMNI NETWORK FORUM w an Brian Burt and Stephen Eklund Disparities in Oral Health w an Bin Nan Improved Ef ciency in Statistical Sampling w a Dean Smith More Knowledge Better Decisions 39 50 James Vincent CleanerAir HealthierWorkers Afghan refugees 20m I A Letter from the Dean s this issue of Findings goes to press the students of the School of Public Health class of 2002 are preparing to graduate They are a distinguished group and through their collective knowledge hard work and high ideals they will contribute immeasurably to the better ment of human health worldwide We are immensely proud of their achievement and their potential As a group the SPH class of 2002 reflects the changing nature of public health itself a transition that is causing schools of public health nationwide to reconsider the way we prepare students to go into public health practice The members of this year s graduating class enter a eld whose context has changed markedly in recent years Public health professionals now interact more closely with colleagues in elds as diverse as medicine social work transportation prison and wel fare systems and the construction industry Public health practice has expanded to include virtually every sector of society from agriculture to zoology and it pervades people s lives in ways that few individuals thoroughly appreciate All of this means that we can no longer rely solely on conventional methods to do the job of training pub lic health practitioners As colleges and universities are increasingly called upon to contribute to the public agenda we must nd new ways both to produce research and to close the schisms between research and practice Practicebased learning the subject of this issue s feature article is one approach and growing in importance in schools of public health across the country Many of our faculty at SPH now include practicebased components in their curricula From guest speakers to fullfledged student collaborations with community part ners these experiences do one thing in common they make learning rele vant to the challenges of everyday practice When students faculty and community partners join forces public health practice becomes more ef cacious university teaching and research come alive students gain a sense of purpose and public health makes enormous gains The closing words of an old Ashanti folk tale nicely summarize one of the bene ts of practicebased learning No one person has all the world s wisdom People everywhere share small pieces of it whenever they exchange ideas As always this issue brings greet ings and best wishes from your public health colleagues in Ann Arbor Sincerely WingM Noreen M Clark PhD Dean School of Pahlic Health University of Michigan Findings University of Michigan School of Public Health DEAN Noreen M Clark DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS Terri Weinstein Mellow E D I T o R Leslie Stainton DESIGN Savitski Design PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Smith Findings is published twice each year by the University of Michigan School of Public Health alumni staff and friends Others may order copies from the editor Articles that appear in Findings may be reprinted by obtaining the editor s permission Send correspondence to Editor Findings School of Public Health University of Michigan Room 3508 109 S Observatory Ann Arbor Ml 481092029 or phone 7349361246 or send email to staintonumichedu 2002 University of Michigan Printed on recycled paper The Regents of the University of Michigan David A Brandon Ann Arbor Laurence B Deitch Bingham Farms Daniel D Horning Grand Haven Olivia P Maynard Flint Bebecca McGowan Ann Arbor Andrea Fischer Newman Ann Arbor S Martin Taylor Crosse Pointe Farms Katherine E White Ann Arbor B Joseph White ex of cio The University of Michigan as an equal opportu nityaf rmative action employer complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding non discrimination and af rmative action including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 The University of Michigan is committed to a pol icy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race sex color religion creed national origin or ancestry age marital status sexual orientation disability or Vietnamera veteran status in employment educational programs and activities and admissions Inquiries or complaints may be addressed to the University s Director of Af rmative Action and Title IX Section 504 Coordinator 4005 Wolverine Tower Ann Arbor Michigan 481091281 7347630235 TDD 7347471388 For other University of Michigan information call 7347641817 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH From Our Readers he lead article in the spring summer 2001 issue of Findings was a pleasant reminder of the good old days when I had the luxury of many hours of thinking and talking with colleagues and students about evaluation of health services I found myself writing marginal notes and then going to the few remaining les I ve kept to look for copies of corre spondence with Dr Donabedian and related materials These seemed especially relevant to Bodney Hayward s comments as to whether de nitions of quality have changed since Donabedian s work in the 1960s and 70s Dr Hayward suggests that in a few instances we have measures of outcome of care that allow us to use outcomes as measures of quality but that directly measuring outcome will rarely work It s not clear whether this is because we don t have acceptable measures of outcome for many types of health care or because using measures of process is more statistically ef cient Dr Hayward goes on to say that once you know an outcome process link it is preferable to measure process directly But of course we can only know the nature of the link when there is an acceptable measure of outcome available for use along with an acceptable measure of process Professor Jacobson raises the issue of the relationship of costs to quality and he suggests that we cannot afford to provide the highest quality of care to everyone in our population As far back as the 1970s we recognized that we will have to lower our aspirations for assuring the highest quality of care for everyone Hopefully this recognition will lead to more research that will provide a clearer understanding of the quanti tative relationship between the level of care and the level of outcome so that more explicit choices can be made about the level of resources to devote to health care That under standing would also allow more informed discussion about whether there is some minimum level of qual ity to which every citizen has a right regardless of ability to pay I hope that in future issues of Findings we will be reading reports of further faculty research that shows progress in implementing Dr Donabedian s model O Lynn Deniston Associate Professor Emeritus Department of Health Management and Policy MPH PhD 75 Students seeking internships need you SPRINGSUMMER 2002 You ve quotbeen therequot Our students are seeking internships and job opportunities They can make a difference in your organization If you have opportunities please contact the Office of Career Services at 7347633155 or email at swilcoxumichedu ith reference to your arti cle Tips for Kids from Nurse Bosy Coodhealth fallwinter 2001 I would like to note that I am the founder and CEO of SchoolCare LLC which also owns the rights to the Nurse Bosy character I am a 1994 gradu ate of the School of Public Health I founded the company in metro Detroit Schnnl launches Binlermrism IlIi alive Schnnl launches Eenlerlnr Gennmics and Public IleaIIh Wham An and Stunts Mm Forum Examines Public Health Response lo Biological Chemical and NuclearTenorism mm M Sudan haw M a xnmmm 1mm nmsm Ndmannnyzmk mg a W m Cmmymny mudanks ma ma a WormLs Bf 1mg yulenual thI an m Ihnzls whallnnk 53m W Wk Amanda M W 51 57 124 23 mag 22 am when laud mime Bf Liliana an luath communal Iluzs puhlm heanh havezvallzhlg 1n addmsslhnsuhualsznd whaunle shnuld puhlm hnallh expm nsks play In mimingm mm mm mnnva m ymdanl for mg a ma cao Bf um um Halli m vmvnwm wehcaxlcan hemmedmn mme wwwsnnumcnmu newsgvemx lnmmml Global Issues The Public Heallh Respnnse In Binlerrnrism Value Issues m m Emma sysltmzm m 1 due Lil mmwmwsmxm mm mm and a mm 5m 2m Rm m mm in mm mm m gamma w mum Mums sums mam Mama mm mm be mm museum am uimd i madnm mw W W need m xesgond39o me cunent cm 6 v e e 394 H In the health eld As mthe CIA we seem far he ghts es ue Unwantny Why Me med Kudzu2k Lillle Becomes Remington Collegiate Plolessnr of Bioslu hammer sum ALn res hee unsands men Imm is pqu healthessues 1n ourwor 7amp4de L21an WE M 239 me hmnmmhlmb 1 32 V gaterfesstfEmsunmcs mg nemd ehu ywneuf 7 Swm WW The zypmnhnent s l eakhud ez um playmgm 12 me Kmhard mgmn e swamquot nmfmus ME recenmmmeakm hwhnd mum dmasg m Engbnd wmoh resuMmm mg m unmermmamn SPH wh Subiequendy Servedm Subi 2 D5 517991515 whim me fanul me Depzmn 11th l eakh ampxm M II hank Bmmhshm befuze 52 en menu chem tymdthexr breach me 5ka he 1974 m m Bf men mmxests 5 men 1 A dmrgmsl edfanuky membee atzumvezsx hie M dunnth ed a u v m m fur hm hem can but Unwexsm and hm M khzuryandzyphnzhms Bf mum m dagees m mum hequot Aszfmmdbxufd e elm I Um x yuf cu m neehmeneue and mm m emeeme new We have my nee mm bu Mm m a we Unmatny Memem m man we mweemeMeeme ermnermm We mm on m 21 2mm ssmmchanuf pram m 155 chm Bf gmeuumeehe servean thde he more dun Imam inky at me Unwesz as e Ln Angles thml DfMedmme med the Kamrgnn Canegeee Musmg pm pm Wm Dumld u v I I I I II I I mmhexwmds nmmlmln mlk LIMEMIEIIWDIIIIE e m s hmrzlAsnuhmmdzm ex Uncle Who Dfd e Lemma Shawna Inmme he Om Dune m efbemgemme me Brmsh hum Rudamklmle vmwand h h m w 4e e e 4e a m M M m mmy innerm felde we thde hasmswxmhmmrmrs H5 mm Momanna Unwexsxty e meememeuc ee h h u n M A M e w e n n A e mh h n n yi 39 h h spaWe WW we E 1 23 th Rebhzn 1 Med mmvhm Wemm Vwraa am e m1 re An eeerm schmlufpub red W B M h E quot ng mnme C 7mm SMSPH DmNmena Ik eee mm m gansw eeweem WIDE mwcmui fgrewm 7 If mm WI I III m Ind And we meeu nweeymmweemmne ammueeme mmgnm k smemmwhatkndhnbeen Dth rs tmnkwr msaradwand at momma ham m aughs meesim Schnnlwide Sympnsium Examines GMOs T Distinguished Universin Pmlesmr What39s Mm in Ihe Fight Againa Smnking Jmmmmmam m mues Names mg mg Nnusq 30m Anmversary HMP 0 00 RH 7mm mmmnn man We mm mm mun m Wemvmmnhmu m mgsbzvnnhm mmvsn Wm umzh Mummy lt3 mm Kalhileisch Heads Biostat Department Kaplan Elected to Institute of Medicine easiertruer new tancee etten tett hrnae Statretrce was my weret enerect But Kalb etech tevee hre mxki ef the rntereet efhreetatrence let rethatrt e rnteractrve tnteracnenre rncr 1 a tn fact ene efkath erech e and ecc ce ufvznaus kinds etdreeaee evente and denetepe trtt e e eaderehrpj Ka eech eaye rn eearch naede ter eeverat new ente One area ufpaxhcular strength re etataetacat genetace where xelattngthase te passtble treatnaente ether tactere The general mme he eaye re te and envrrennaentat er enente and rn what way and there te Lke naeet etataetacrane tact pnmaryxesezrchfacus re enrvrvat er naectrcat and eptdanmlagmal reeearch k t F and l appamte v Kalb etech re needte getting Wentrhtstaxy analysts One teetce at As charr afthebmstahshcs I ment 39 l 1 blank etareewhenever he nree hew the sequence etevente eccrrre rn department he ptane te centrnne 39 current totvt r r r r A an 1 r 1 m r H r r r Rm r r r r r r henetee wrth a laugh newacqumnr tn naectrcat and healthrxelatedxesear strengths tt e a very eeeng dep t Inmahve 39 v t I l H na elaped extremely 39 391 M I t t Academy ef Sumces center en Secrat inequalihese 3244 terhre etndree etthe eecrat secrat Eptdanmlagyand Papulahan an 11 ll r Wand kt htt H FtihHMnti mhealthe andhaepnhtrehed Electrente toMre anhener r r U r r rn the ztet century the safety and ter the u s mthtary the caneee and shudder health rnenrance H ch ea ex mtezm seattte Washmgtme and ae a neeng preteeeer at bath the University af Auckland New zeatanct and the Nataenat University af Smgapaxe Tenn gthe decreren te cenae te 21b c ernnapte a eeeng Department af Stataetace and nanch etatretrcat expenr n r r r t n rn SPH and the Medrcat Sch A nanerc a cmnadae Kath erech re nanercat rrchee en eeer rn Ann Arher Ae a statistician Kath erech e where he wae a member af a enaatt bmstattshcs gzaup wrthrn the etatretace department Fer erranapte caee centret and caee cehert etnaree er ether mute general tzeerdeenanerc he mjays gudi r i 39 1 images l l stmnedrglass etere he 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Department af Statretrce and A r ncean centt aedeanet eFacultya athernatace Universily nt Miehinan Exeetttive Mmers Prn tam in Health Management and Pnliey meme appmarten my rat was my EXm v2 Master m GimmeRenault Dengt and semen Analysts Enwnmme and Uppvpznanaam Enwwnmema Med m ma Heam metma WEEt9 e e CLASS ACT A bold approach to education is opening new doors for students and showing them the public side of public health It s a R o M T H E 0 U T s 1 D E the Michigan State Public Health Laboratory in Lansing can be a forbidding sight especially on a raw inter day The tall brick building sits back from the street on a windswept lot just behind BioPort Corporation makers of the anthrax vaccination Cipro Under a state of heightened securi nce last September 11 Bi xunded by private tour of iat is effectively the nerve that she spent the next t 390 cente i 39l 39 ast public health lobbyingr Boulton i system job quotI had no t l like this Th 1 public health g DEV a decade 01 of Public te epidemiolor 9 students to V 39 PH believes iand unong the more rppeared to dim the fthe student in Dr Matthew made their ll 39 r health dep tment levelithis and up a 39 39 experience make r quot MMEH EHHl 7 7 25 37 r1 rag 271 7 125 g 5 z 577 7 737 77 5 9593 72 1 17327251 x a 57 7 E7 7 ii gt a 3 7 p17 9 gm 0 5 95 is s i 3738 0535 moiiigx gagsan 177 a 9 3 as 55107332337 an 2522 Ensign 5 is 7 3 7 5 5 a 7 737 7Lzr7if 577 is 7 7 3 ES 533 V 239 37 77 5573 33 2 27 7 xi 6 7 famaaisaii saz 57337255521 Emu 2 iii 53 25 zinggaiu is i s 31 573535 aa i i 5 iii EX wa7iir in 9955a Siaziaz aii 5 7253527 7 sai ag SEE ii 7 1133 7 in 923 7255333 757 an s a E a zz 25393 E 5 76 Eu 7 25223 73 73372 x 7 as x a 11 32 It s astounding to me that the public is largely unaware of what we do Vle need to address that Matthew Boulton most dif cult thing is getting a handle on all of the myriad activities that are going on around the state I also think that acknowledge mentofthe central role of public health in planning for and respond ing to a bioterrorist attack is absolutely critical F There s a saying that public health is often invisible because when it works you don t see it Is the profession to blame for this quotinvisibilityquot MB thinkwe are to blame In the public health community there s been a disregard for the political process and that s true at the national level We have not been engaged We sometimes feel that our motives should not be questioned that the programs we carry out are always good and always effective But in fact good intentions are not good enough anymore We need to evaluate our programs and have datardriven intenentions It s astounding to me that the public is largely unaware ofwhat we do We need to address that We need visibility and we need advocacy if we re going to survive and thrive F Where does bioterrorism t into the broad spectrum of public health today MB We re striking a balance What we really need to do is improve the public health infrastructure and by doing so we will improve the ability ofthe public health system in this country to plan and respond to a bioterrorism attack F How has the public health profession evolved in recent years MB Public health has changed dramatically in terms of its focus and its mission Our mission today is not so much to provide direct clinical services as to assure that somebody somewhere in the community is doing it It doesn t mean we ve gotten completely out of directrservice provision We still play a big role in sexually trans mitted diseases family planning tuberculosis and that will probably always be appropriate F Lately you ve been getting a lot of requests to speak to physicians about such issues as infectious disease suneillance Should public health be a standard part ofa medical school education MB It needs to be and it s not You can easily go through medical school and never hear a word about public health never hear a word about communicable disease reporting or surveillance or epidemiole ogy Ithink that s changing in some places but that s generally the exception rather than the rule F What role should schools of public health play MB Schools of public health can ful ll a critically important function by providing ongoing public health training and education for the public health work forceiand I de ne that in the broadest sense including individual citizens communityrbased organizations local and state public health and other agencies and physicians all of whom might be involved in the delivery of public health services F What do you nd most gratifying about public health work MB A while back we did a Salmonella Infants investigationiwe had people all across the state sickwith Salmonellaiand we were able to trace that back to a single facility and discover that handling baby chickens was the source of the infection We went to the facility found the organism on the facility were able to clean it up and didn t see another case of that illness That all took place in about three months time So there s tremendous satisfaction in that in being able to track it out That was very exciting There s a tremendous power behind populationrbased interventions that really can t be realized by clinical medicine It s a very very different approach UNlVERSiTV 0F MlCHlGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLlC HEALTH faculty who must initiate and oversee student collaborations with community organizations but for outside partners as well who must devote time and energy to explaining their programs and evaluation goals to the students quotNot every course in the school fits this model Lantz says Few biostatistics courses lend theme selves to a practicerbased approach for instance although faculty who teach Biostatistics 699 quotAnalysis of Biostatistical Investigations use data from real studies in class and the department is seeking other ways to incorporate practical learn ing In the Department of Environmental Health Sciences both Srimathi Kannan and Anita Sandretto have begun using practicerbased methods in their nutrition courses Sandretto admits though that her students have had both good and quotnot so good experiences and she needs to spend more time working with both stur dents and their community partners Institutional barriers can also pose obstacles Because major research univerr sities commonly emphasize research in making tenure and promotion decisions institutional priorities may need to be reassessed Cost is another challenge And lately the Institutional Review Board which monitors the use of human subjects in medical and other research has tightr ened its restrictions to such an extent that it s not feasible to undertake some practicerbased courses Nevertheless for those who persevere the rewards can be tangible Several years ago students in HBHE 641 quotMaterials and Methods in Health Education Programs taught by Assistant Research Scientist Patty Wren developed and pro duced a CD jewel case packed with infor mation on lifestyle choices and distributed to teenagers throughout southeastern Michigan as part of the Midwest AIDS Prevention Project Last year students in Wren s course created a deck of saferrsex playing cards for use by the HIVAIDS Resource Center in Ypsilanti Michigan This year s class is working with six differ ent agencies to develop materials related to lF lllEllllllllllll lelli CLASS ACT I everal years ago students in HBHE 641 developed and produced a CD jewel case packed With information on lifestyle choices and distributed to teenagers throughout southeastern Michigan alcohol and drug use maternal health alternative transportation depression and health promotion Students in Assistant Professor Edith Parker s course on program development in health education routinely work with agencies and community groups to identify health problems and design health promor tionintervention programs Barbara Israel 25 6 5 me E E 343 39 3325 m 5 5 525 as 5 we nevi 5 rogwnruin a 5151 4 325 733 52 E 23 s 9quot 515 55 9 E 5325 p ig fixg 15553 2335 V E5 5 Efafirg a 5 5 2 23532 2315 313 2 25 93 g 7 Ea SE wmnr no Marci d g F 53 Egg 3 2 iv 3 3 as 9 333 5 2 8 3 S S a NEE 235352353352 Sufign aaiiuanaE E53 25 52 3132 223 s Basic Training For mdem m HMP s90 dimmer reliefquot 1 much more thaw a Lexlbook Lerm 1 H mm WM Wm mm M a mkmcmilym mkmcwm M 1 mm a mm mm mi 41 We mm mmmmanmm cwquot mm wuqv MxlwnL Mmmmb 71 quotmama nuewmfd n v mm m m mama my mmmmmm Mum mm mm mm mmhmam X m In ma mam mm min mmmm m we mmvm mmmh mm mm awn mm mm mman mos4m mm m mmmmw munmnwmmMm mvzwnnmougdhn u m Wmmummym m 2mm mmummm m Mum mm mm mumquot m mnnaim Humming mmxmmmmmm mumsu xu l vcmnnmumu man mmsawxmi m mvm mm mm m amnmm may mmm mm lu mum mww memnuugmvw mm mmmmmmmm mmwgmmmmm mmmmmm mm mm in mm vdmmvmav mmmm mmmum than human mm m um balmsa mm 525 a mum Muslin mm menam 1d nzs manmum m mam mm mimwmw imwe mm mm ummva amammmm mums Wigwam mums m u o w uquot may n m iv 1 mm Manama mm a 1 m we 1 i a m km H mm mm m Mum m YMWMWDWWWM mimcwmimmm mm A course like Sowets s Epid 552 or Boulwn s Epi 607 says student Andrea Bumem reinforces Why We re hm mm Wm we m M 1mm 1k mm mm Wham Wham Hammad mmmsmm m mummy mm mm Cu mm Mumquot M M kw m am mmmmmdmm igmmmw vmwmmmmm MWHMMWW owinmwmwm nnmmfmww M Mmumm m Wm mymhd WWW Mamm mmvm mm m mug N n W V mumquot mm u it MMR mm m M um human M w Mm whnkyh Ammmgsm mm mmnwm rmuvwlm M m xmmmmmmm m Emu My in nvwmagm m magnum kaDCAIw A I Iii mum i L39lxlwlc through Pictures SPH Student Helps Afghan Refugees Document Health Conditions mum mum N u L H I I l n I l taxmsefundstahelpthem Tum Theywere ableta tuptureexpree uutertuu Thebestwe tun dais t v k a h ta 1 u u r L 1 she H 1 said Iwm t eurehuwtu use this u rut get she said rhutue qufgham that they an ure mnacentwchms af 1 H She v r ru 1 Thu WM r l l v l Afghams had been eemgthek heme fut example but because miner refugee wuh thern r z r 1 WW 1 r a phmwphs r v z r v v v r r r v r r r v r r r v I A health I v l l truu r w t and Detrurt e Swaxds rutu mutehuree the eputhght u v prurett had uther heuehte besides the R R F M ii rates afdehydnhan Dry in mud dust ti refugeee makinng euey truuerrue u r Df neaxmzkeshxft etrutturee created re bums maulm sinm N39wJJnnl Mugquot My puuusuu Anam 2m 1 h thutthey tun autumeut an thrueruthe everyday ti neighbaxs md taut with pahcyrmzkexs umwznsiw u Micwnnm 5 theme I l l l Chaudhxy returned tn the UM mm u wan mm the piduxes Althuugh she was tune Chaudhxy gnduated hum SPH m r L r F k and shelter muterule rhutuvurte prurett develuped by refugee shat a run af 24eexpueure piduxes th 1 calm lm 1 l quot 39 VVnhaut Burdere a aoeyeureum axgmr pnde afmvnlvement m an ruterrue Canadian Bmadcashng syeteru and v v v 1992 r u r v r H r 1 rr r h r M H e r v v v th I L r the t r a A u r r r r u r r r 1 1 1 pie u avanety uf ertuuuuue hum 39 l I M n euru l u i t President B Jaseph whrte trted akm by peere wuh explanahans svnwnsumwn m1 plajed prugruruhet eururuer she rutee The pidures are ruure relevant and 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Campbell MHA 7 president and CEO of St Vincent39s Medical Center in lower Manhattan re ects on life during and after September 1 n the morning ofSeptember ll 200l David Campbell president and CEO of SaintVincent Catholic Medical Centers was in the midst ofa management meeting at the organization s St Vincent s Mannattan Hospital At approximately 845 am he and his staff heard a plane overnead A minute later they heard a blast Witnin sece onds the director of the hospital s emergency room came into the room and told the group that the north tower of the World Trade Centerijust 20 blocks from St Vincent s7 had been struck The hospital immediately went into its emergency operations and Campbell abruptly found nimselfat the helm of a crisisrsupport and information center serving all of New York City By phone this past February Campbell spoke with Findings editor Leslie Stainton about the events oftnat day and their emotional afterr math With him was Bernadette Kingnam the hospital s vice president for communications Findings What were your priorities in the minutes after the rst plane nit David Campbell We immediately set up a command center in the board room and what would ultimately be the equivalent of six addie tional emergency rooms Tnatwas completed within approximately 25 minutes The expectae tion was that there would be thousands of patients needing care We put all of our emery gency command center operations in place both here in Manhattan as well as in our nose pitals in Brooklyn Queens and Staten Island F How many patients did you treat DC We started receiving patients within 45 minutes We had over 300 patients in the rst 90 minutes but after the buildings collapsed there was a large gap of time before we saw anybody and then we started seeing only rescue workers F Did your emergency plan work DC For the most part everything worked We put a major priority on assuring we had blood medical supplies and equipment Everyonei particularly the community and other nosin talsipitcned in on that Our major suppliers showed up without being asked with truckloads of medical supplies beds and equipment We were slightly impacted by phone disruption and given that our water supply was connected to the main supply that went underneath the Trade Center we lost water temporarily here at the Manhattan site F Would you change anything in the future DC We ve identi ed a couple of areas One is coordinating our response to the community and volunteers The number of people wanting to volunteer to help triage patients nurses and physicians from other hospitals was overe wnelming We had over 800 individuals who wanted to donate blood in the rst few hours UNIVERSITV alone Itwas a major coordination challenge The second area was dealing with families tryr ing to nd information about individuals who were in the World Trade Centers and might have been admitted Did we know where they had been admitted Had anyone been saved F How many people turned up at your doors wanting that kind of information DC The demand led us to set up a separate crisis center using space at the nearby New School University We staffed it up with about 50 people who manned phones and saw peor ple 24 hours a day for three weeks following the event Initially the center was designed to help get information It pretty quickly evolved into a counseling center as the reality and magnitude of the disaster took hold We saw over 7500 people personally and in addition took about l0000 phone calls through our call center F What effect has this had on your staff DC It was signi cant and the rami cations are still with us When you walk outside the emergency room and look to the leftdown Seventh Avenue you don t see the buildings anymore You still see the posters of missing people taped to the walls of our hospital In my of ce my administrative assistant s husband was one oftne people wno was killed So we live with that every day Bernadette Kingnam We were trying to deal with the thousands of people who were prey senting at the hospital but then we d all get personal calls from our family and friends about people close to us The intensity of the emotionsiit s still wnat everybody s dealing with F What did you learn at the School of Public Healtn that contributed both to your ability to run St Vincent s and to respond to Ql l 0F MlCHlGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH DC Micnigan provided a base to learn a framework within which to continually develop what you need to do to get tnejob done I learned dispassionate clear and welleorganr ized decisionemaking Second that health care is a team approach And I learned the value of having a welleexecuted planiyou can give Jonn Grif tn credit for that one As I look back and reflect on wnat happened at the World Trade Center I realize the school taught me to lettne basic processestnatyou have in place work Don t try to redo what you ve already planned for Altnougn flexibility and some cusr tomization will be needed based on the situar tion overall ifyou ve done your job correctly you should have solid plans and approaches in place that allow you to deal with crisis and operational issues that arise F What kind of nancial impact has September ll nad DC In the community there are 30000 families that have been disrupted in southern Mannattan that previously looked to us for their health care and they re no longer there In addition l00000jobs have been lost We still have subways that aren t working for us We still have pnysician of ces that have not reopened near the site and our patient volume is still well below historical trends Our estimate is we re going to be somewhere north of l8 million by the timetnis is all gured out and that s assuming we get backto some kind of normalcy this year F Looking ahead when do you anticipate things might be backto quotnormalquot ALUMNI NETWORK DC Idon t know what normal will be Maybe that s another reflection that Qll has certain ly 111211111 M51911 21 1111 1992 111111 151 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11m c was 15191111 99 9911 1 1919 112111 mmmrown 15191111 59 11115 2 1991 11111 M 211111g M1911 51 129 12 2991 19111 1 1911171 15191111 51 1119111119 2999 111111 1 11119 M1911 52 11 1 1991 121111 111111 19m M1911 52 11 19 2991 111111 1 11111111 15191111 52 71 25 1w1 1111 c1111quot JD 1 A genuinely public dialogue By 0mm SPH 03122 1 09791719112121 P1912 Hmhh 19712711177719211 11197 979991 7219179299911 21 91921171 11w 7 7117127 19999111191197919 9111119997999171 19711197 9 11179111111771271 91191 7991 92721919219 79111717111279 91197191219292 97 111991 9112911 79119117111111991271 29911112199H11911172m91e997911111 11279901791971912119177919211 279 17211199 7917219 9 19219 9911972171 7 1 112791119121119171 119111 97171 17197911979191 97917112771991797 1117111 7191711 eww299917191 191171197 11911711 wax 19119171711197171 21 1 711 71 71 171 197799111197 9117111927111 9711 1 97191991 7117127 11117171717111917 2171712212 91711119291 27911711717 19177 1921 971797991 119911 9199111712711 1919971119117 7112717 1711119119711 2711 99271219711 19 977929991 2 19771271 1919191 9991 92199111 112119721 9712711211971 27 19971979121921 171717 19121 17291171 1c 71 7112717171 972111971711799192v 27a M12172 2711 2 7719121 117111 171 797111997712991171 11799 911911 71997911279127 979929 9111127919711 71997211 1711 91119111971 91791 929111 199119912111979919171 97 11117212791129 12171 111217 77 9 91119 a 1 779971 771 77 91191 97112711211971 111791w717199m97111 211711 711111 279111911711 197171 1111 97719121 91199171 7191111 727911771197119177a17177 171 79191111 1171797991111717 99171 271171111 97919191112791 977299 11197111111717 191111111129 91191171119129991 29 7911911712172711 1717192112197 2711 9171799711 7121117119 11111117177 7 77211711211 27a 7911112119711 17271119777171 91197191219999 797727711971 1219711119119191171 119171 1927121119 1199717119 91211 9 m mamas M ti il WI W MUNJ E3 our classmates would like to know where you are and what you are doing Please send us information and a photo of your self if you have one for Class Notes Information can be in the form of news items press releases written on the lines at the bottom of the page Or you can send this infor7 mation by email to sphalumni umichedu The form is also available at wwwsphumichedu Please complete this page and ll in the circles if the information you are providing is a change in address or title if you know ofjob openings for students andor if you are willing to be a resource person for SPH studentsalumni R E T U R N T 0 2 Of ce of Development Room 3 508 University of Michigan School of Public Health 109 S Observatory Ann Arbor MI 4810972029 NAME EMPLovER TITLE OTHIS IS A NEW TITLE PROFESSIONAL ADDRESS IcITv STATE ZIP OTHIS IS A NEW ADDRESS WoRK PHONE HoME ADDRESS IcITv STATE ZIP OTHIS IS A NEW ADDRESS HoME PHONE SPH DEGREESvEARDEPARTMENT EMAIL ADDRESS FAX OVES I KNoW OF SUMMER INTERNSHIPS ANDoR REGULAR JOB oPENINGS EoR SPH STUDENTSALUMNI OVES I AM WILLING To BE A RESoURcE PERSON EoR SPH STUDENTSALUMNI INTERESTED IN My PUBLIC HEALTH SPECIALTY ANDoR GEoGRAPHIc LocATIoN INTERNSHIPJOB INEoRMATIoN OIN THE BOX BELOW IS INEoRMATIoN IWoULD LIKE To SHARE WITH Mv cLASSMATES IN cLASS NoTES cLASS NoTE UNlVERSlTV 0F MlCHlGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLlC HEALTH Only the very wealthy can use their wills t0 1 he Charitable gifts Right Wrong SFRlNGSUMMER ZUUZ Bequests a critical source of support for the School of Public Health Please remember the school as ou p 11 your estate Your gift I ill make a diherence Forever When including the School of Public Health in your will we suggest the following language I give and devise to the Regents of the Universi For addilio al iIilorI r ralio of Michigan a Michigan constitutional corporation for the bene t of the School of Public Health or To learn liow Io rrrake a speci c desigrraliorr lo a A the sum of or deparlrrrem or program wilhirr Bl a portion of Iny estate totalling 7 llle lUUl Ul Pl lbllc Heallll39 please call The school s oi Developrrrerrl and Exlerrral Helariorrs 734164 ll us lo explore ollTer thereof or cl the following described real estate or personal property 7 to be used by said corporation at its discretion or D all or pl of the residue ofmy estate 95lal9 Plallllllltl GilliOils 35 both real and personal property of whatever WEll Will 65 Ellalllable kind and wheresoeyer situated which I may rerrIaierer lrusls lead lrusls own or have the rights to dispose ofat the or a dorrorrpooled l I quot time of my death lurid I Sl ll lhnllctin The Technology Connection SPH News on the Web Between issues of Findings be sure to visit wwwsphumichedu for breaking news from your school and program You ll find Research headlines Events listings Alumni news Career links and postings And much more It s all updated frequently at wwwsphumichedu EMail Addresses for Alumni File this address in your email address book and use it to contact SPH sphalumniumichedu If you request it we ll forward your message to someone else in the school Career Networking Take advantage of Michigan s career network which is strong thanks to the nearly 15000 University of Michigan School of Public Health connections around the world Michigan s career network can provide you with alumni contacts in particular cities states regions and countries and in the various public health disciplines If you are new to the job market exploring career options or moving to a new city or state consider networking with fellow alums If you are seeking a career or job change Log on to wwwsphumichedu and click on careers and networking The UMSPH Job Bulletin lists research and summer positions avail able on campus in each of the health disciplines The ASPH American Schools of Public Health Public Health Employment Connection offers job opportunities and related information for public health careers Full and partitime job opportunities internships and fellowships links to various employment listings and sites of interest by discipline as well as job search strategies can be found at this site If you are seeking to ll positions for your agency company or organization Log on to wwwsphumichedu and click on careers and networking The ASPH Public Health Employment Connection posts positions for public health careers Postings can be done directly from the web site UNlVERSlTV 0F MlCHlGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLlC HEALTH If you are interested in enhancing Michigan39s Career Networking Log on to wwwsphumichedu and register as a UM SPH Networking Contact Networking contacts act as mentors in the field for students who are seeking information and feedback about internships job searches inter viewing and realiworld experiences For more information about Career Networking contact Shelagh Saenz Career Services Coordinator University of Michigan School of Public Health 109 S Observatory Street 3537 Ann Arbor MI 4810972029 Phone 7347633155 Fax 7347635455 Email sphjobsumichedu Datebook May 31 2002 Emeritus Faculty and Alumni Luncheon Alumni from the Class of 1952 and earlier and emeritus faculty are invited Contact sphalumniumichedu or phone Cindi Leacock at 7347649480 September 30 2002 5th Annual Schoolwide Symposium ltHealth Risks of Obesity and Physical Inactivityquot For more information contact David Perlman at dperlmanumichedu October 25 26 2002 HMP OnJobOn Campus Reunion It s OJOC s 30th birthday For gradui ates of OJOC and Executive Master programs in HMP HSMR MCO PHPA and the Pew Doctoral Program celebrate in Ann Arbor with a Friday night dinner football fun and friendship For more information contact Lynne Weber at 7347639900 or lweberumich To register online visit wwwsphumichedunews events133html November 9 13 2002 APHA Annual Meeting Join us in Philadelphia Visit our booth in the exhibit hall Even if you re not registered for APHA all alumni and their guests are invited to our KeepInTouch Reception on Monday7 November 11 from 630 to 8 pm in the Conference Center Watch for information on the SPH web site and in the fall issue of Findings magazine SFRlNGSUMMER ZUUZ July 7 25 2001 Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology Now in its 38th year the internationally recognized Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology provides instruction in the principles methods and applications of epii demiology Distinguished faculty from academic centers and governmental agencies throughout the United States offer introductory and advanced courses in epidemiology biostatistics and data management with special evening lectures by guest speakers as well as weekly social events Cuiriculum options include oneiweek threeeweek and weekend courses For more information con tact Jody Gray at 7347645454 gssumichsphumichedu or visit wwwsphumicheduepidGSS SPH BULLETIN mu HLFindingSV CleanerAu HealthxerWorkers wen m hmmgwkw m mmm MNWM mme va mmmm mimmmn mo Wish quot1 mbcr mm 5quot new 013 we mauwubmwwu unv WWW or w us a m ammu umch a m m m WWW mm a 11 gram he m m Mire A m omen


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