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Intro to Env Justice

by: Riley Renner I

Intro to Env Justice ENVIRON 222

Riley Renner I
GPA 3.75

Bunyan Bryant Jr

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About this Document

Bunyan Bryant Jr
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Riley Renner I on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENVIRON 222 at University of Michigan taught by Bunyan Bryant Jr in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/231466/environ-222-university-of-michigan in Environment at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Ijqairr 1391 Nonviolence resour rwg 1m zll mza t i n Ann Afbor39ras a case study I Moral quiva lfent of war Conflict Lin ten sie Public relations war First Assumption Power comes from the top People depend upon hierarchical systems Power is durable and selfperpetuating Power not easily controlled or destroyed First Assumption Social Change Armed struggle and Violence may result g7 39 ll Second 39 Hier by Popular suppr t needed flor system to e X ist Power based Upon consent of people Power fragile and not durable Second Assumption Social Change Withdrawal of people s consent Inability for people in power to rule l 1998 event Klan Game to town Ministers encouraged people Two years before the l to stay away Cneatod a political void NRO O filled that political void and L I I g 7 Ann Arbor greatest resomee mobiliZa tion effort Press Conference and Debriefing SNRE Two dozen organizations met weekly Representatives of organizations met with government officials Training and orientation of demonstrators Two events planned simultaneously Wheeler Park event of 1000 people Anti Klan demonstration at City Hall F A Confuse the adversaries Bring but the best in people Bring people over to your side Create moral dilemmas Broaden the arena of conflict L Gaining and maintaining the moral 7 high ground a Moral equivalent of war intense conflict L t LAW i in le leapla function best Smaiil groups and Situations iof familiarity trust ongoing feedback ongoing decisionmaking Introd v e Occupation 39 Purpose of affinity group Provide support and protection for members 1 Encourages risk taking Keeps track of provocateu rs 1 Nonviolence is a vliay of life for courageous people seeks to Win friendship and understanding seeks to defeat injustice not people holds that suffering can educate and transform chooses love instead of hate believes that the universe is on the side of jus ce Skilled 39 Hand lienogilquot W Conq Emmy and detending 39ar a mfe tie vfs quot l Unskilled at Handling people engaged in nonviolencelnon cooperation 1 Handling unarmed people who fall to defend themselves against violence Nonviolence can be used by an army against an occupying force I39D 7 Lecture 11 i Nonvi gjeng a v It mealrriysr hexprobabilitybf quot quotq causalities will be less than if retalia39tory violence is used


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