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Consrv Bio Diversity

by: Riley Renner I

Consrv Bio Diversity ENVIRON 317

Riley Renner I
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 22 page Class Notes was uploaded by Riley Renner I on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENVIRON 317 at University of Michigan taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/231467/environ-317-university-of-michigan in Environment at University of Michigan.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Jobs in Conservation Biology Overview Why Jobs in Conservation Biology Employers by Sector Nonbiology Conservation Jobs Useful Websites v Questions 6 Lynn Rogers Why Jobs in Conservation Biology Current Job Market Time Experience Job Skills Location g f Employers T Federal Government State Government Academia Private sector Nonprofit sector Federal Government National Park Service NPS National Forest Service USPS Bureau of Land Management BlM National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration em mural Hammers Consrreatlm Servict Federal Government EntryLeveljobs Careers Biological Science Wildlife Biologist Technician Wildlife Fish Fishery Biologist Plants Botanist Forestry Teclr39tniCIan Ecologist R nge Technlclan Entomologist Fire Technic1an Forester Invasive Species Specialist Endangered Threatened 39 39 s peeialist 7 Park Ranger la Federal Government Unique Opportunities for Students Student Temporary Employment Program Undergraduate Student Career Experience Program Undergraduate Federal Government Why work for the Federal Government Impact Credibility Job Security Career Development Student Loans Tuition Assistance Benefits Vacation tirne Health Insurance etc g3 nationalatiasgov FEDERAL LANDS AND INDIAN RESEVATIONS H l l f WE Airy 39V p MINHESGTAJW I 1 I jLLLINm wAD39IAHA Y a quot MngSDURI J I 139 it 39 r N E DALAHimmA 399 5 E sj39 i Bumnu ndm lm 3mm a Land hmmmm Emmi F dum h El P m e a1 m39l39mm al u and Wdlulll39le SumHrs me Samara Himwml Hawk Sewcu I Mummm Valid Huh2m and area pmjkuiun 1 391 0 mi Lftj 02 uw f 39 a 4 LLS Department a me Im arioer u5 G evnloqicm Survey State Government Examples of Agencies Department of Fish and Game Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection Dept of Conservation State Parks Academia Job Field Assistant Research Assistant Help a PhD student or Professor with their research Why work for a PhD student or Professor The pay isn t great r quot 39 Location location location 13 Aoadem Private Sector f 39 Environmental Consulting Firms Environmental Companies Ecological Restoration Firms 0 Example Ex Biological Field Technicians for was and Private Sector Example North Pacific Groundfish Observe forlaa W Observers Inc Observers work and live aboard domestic fishing vesselssamp1e catches for species composition Private Sector Why Private Sector Salaries Job skillstraining Location National Organizations NonProfit Sector WWW The Nature Conservancy WLDLIFE W F d FEDERATION or 1 1 e um TheNature Conservauon onservancy J International Protecting nature Preserving lifequot National Wildlife Federation r CDNEERVATION 39NTERNJ LTIDNAE EHLJITT wwwmacanrg W V 9 1 NonProfit Sector my 395 anquot 39 39 39EC quot And more examples Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory CO Legacy Land Conservancy formerly Washtenavv Land Trust MI Huron River Watershed Council MI Jackson ole g quot 39 t Entrylevel JobsInternships PI NonProfit Sector Why NonProfits Ability to specialize ie interests location etc Flexibility ie fewer bureaucratic restrictions More independence More casual work environment Work with people who really care about what they do not Service Organizations Student Conservation Association SCA provides hancls on conservation service opportunities in virtually every field imaginable Partners with federal agencies l Nonbiology Conservation Jobs NonProfits Feds Environmental Defense US Environmental Fund EDP Protection Agency EPA Natural Resources Council on Environmental Defense Council NRDC Quality Sierra Club Dept of Energy Erth Justice to StateLocal League a fate r Useful Websites Texas AampM University Wildlife amp Fisheries Job Board httpwfsctamuedujobboard Society for Conservation Biology httpwwwconbioorgJobs The Nature Conservancy httpwwwnatureorgcareers


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