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Intro to Sociology

by: Amely Sawayn

Intro to Sociology SOC 100

Amely Sawayn
GPA 3.93

Luis Sfeir-Younis

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About this Document

Luis Sfeir-Younis
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amely Sawayn on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 100 at University of Michigan taught by Luis Sfeir-Younis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/231473/soc-100-university-of-michigan in Sociology at University of Michigan.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Unit 6 Reading Notes Jim Mason quotDominionism Identified 0 Agriculture is the process of taming and ordering plants animals and natural forces to make them more productive and beneficial to human beings 0 People have farmed for nearly 10000 years 0 Controlling nature is second nature to us we are people of an agrarian culture and have the eyes ears hearts and mind of agriculturists 0 Land exists solely for human benefit and any lives in residence on the land are unworthy of his consideration 0 The Westerner thinks virgin land needs to be improved and not let to lie there untouched o Uncultivated land meant uncultivated men 0 This mindset gave European pilgrims in North America the mindset to take land from the Indians 0 European s attitude toward the New World was contradictory One hand they were driven to escape the rot of the old world along with its fossilized institutions Christianity and royal power on the other hand they were driven by a desire to extend the influence of these institutions to the New World 0 Argues that the European invader s religion was not genuine and fueled much bloodstain 0 Earth flesh and this life are seen as base crude and contemptible based upon the bible o The bible suggests Use animals and other living things and if you do it carefully your wealth will increase 0 Dominionism a supremacy in determining and directing the actions of others the exercise of such supremacy o Dominionism is a fundamental belief in societies that have a history of intensive agriculture 0 Agrarian Dominionism is a basic element in many religions and cultures around the world 0 Most of the world has become infected with Western culture and its dominionist ideas 0 Benevolent stewardship supporters are apologists it s too late dominionist dirty deeds have already been done 0 Dominion just means a license for bondless human exploitation of the rest of the living world 0 We need to get away from it before it destroys not only the living world but also our quality of life within it Peter Singer quotAIIAnimaIs Are Equal o Sexism is considered by some to be the lllast remaining form of discrimination 0 Author is urging to extend to other species the basic principle of equality o This extension of the basic principle of equality from one group to another does not imply that we must treat both groups in exactly the same way or grant exactly the same rights to both groups 0 Whether we should do so will depend on the nature of the members of the two groups 0 Since humans do not use others based upon their level of intelligence how can it entitle humans to exploit nonhumans o Speciesists allow the interests of their own species to override the greater interests of members of other species 0 The act of killing along with the poor conditions we keep animals in when they are alive is a clear example of our speciesism 0 We can replace the protein from meat in our diet by soybeans and other highprotein vegetable products 0 Discrimination can also be seen in the practice of experimenting on other species to see if certain substances are safe for human beings or other experiments like psychological theories 0 Adult apes cats mice and other mammals are more aware and at least as sensitive to pain as any human infant 0 There is no concrete difference between humans and animals that will do the job without undermining the equality of humans 0 We must realize that humans are no more than a small subgroup of all the beings that inhabit our planet o It is unfair to take advantage of something that is not responsible for their mental level Tom Regan quotThe Case for Animal Rights 0 Many people believe we have no duties directly to animals so we owe nothing to them that we can do nothing that wrongs them o If your neighbor kicks your dog many people would consider it a direct insult to themselves not the dog 0 Some believe that only humans feel pain and others believe only humans pain is relevant 0 Pain is not considered wrong if nobody cares about them 0 Contractarianism a set of rules that individuals voluntarily agree to abide by those who understand and accept the contract are covered directly and contractors can have protection spelled out for others like baby and cared for animals 0 Crueltykindness view we have a direct duty to animals and a direct duty not to be cruel to them 0 Doing kind things and preventing cruelty does not ensure he is not doing wrong 0 Some people think we are looking for utilitarianism accepting two moral principles equality and utility Everyone s interest counts and an act that will bring about the best balance between satisfaction and frustration for everyone affected by the outcome 0 Utilitarianism can be illogical at times like sacrificing a person for the betterment of other people 0 A good end does not justify an evil means 0 The rights view one that denies the moral tolerability of any and all forms of racial sexual or social discrimination o The case for animal rights show that the animal rights movement is part of the human rights movement 0 According to the rights view the best we can do when it comes to using animals in science is not to use them


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