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Week 5

by: Ebony Bell
Ebony Bell

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About this Document

Hi! These are the notes for Week 5. Thanks for using them!! Good luck with your studies!
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ebony Bell on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Chem 1A at University of California - Irvine taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
VJWU afa ltt x u a 413351 U u 1 r 7 H J mp fk gt3wa Maw 391 Wemed m k V V f 77 1 yi Wilt 39 quot a M30 39 M iE Elimmlmv 3 Emma quot C C Emma 100mm 39 quot aw mm QUEW 63 mum mm I f Ha EEC q bomg HE Wm LM Ex l eiev W lamaquot H v i WWW7E E39W Ei kwf V30 ENE WWW WWEdi a m ERIE 34m um quot M m 46 iixm i WUUM hwi 4km WEE ch 2 5 13 539 w mam WM 1 a Sikm mm 514 mm ri x W a 3139s 3 1 1i 391 mam 6quot Fewm k mummy ESEhm 5 Nam ije nce SW2 Hemow ch W Mmsibw wethng W gamma04i Mo CU 3 39 5qu Papa equot m4e museum Named wq w 1me sqg as gm Om M Wm man DM ev m 39Ppssible wequot 993 3910119 moer apus 10y 39 quot1thWQ WCYS TW quotpeheqfed rw some CA3 chume wands K Mpte boil rjlols 39 39 quotShem nom6139e39i39dr5e 0 bonds Pre9ai rs quot Comamow member2 330 oomoi Pd o vms v 39 CUQ IQWMWA number 3 quot E H I H S cwuwmmv p 39 n f S Qvi t MUMWY a el 39 A 39 a fC I 1quotquot U quotI P quot0 coovdquot U I LN 5 93 I 39quotvwnq Md 2 mam cmw w 39 7 Q00N 10 Q l xhy 0mm Ebmomgnei cm t mo Mhevmw mch nuces mm gm on uvo 1TM mow enem A man Wemw QMQv waiHM axmove tlt icmuvqe msgmv Ammom pmvx Yawn moY poav17wo im f quot 39 39gt0owfvz39mc5 Qowevrw hmr 8536 CWSQMDM mu ys Wu ckevslms CleWC ck onequot 14 kavaepoomwam w mvueuslgtess Q swans Tquot7VLWBV XDD0UIWQpDWGV i39 oxmou Hamme higherpm wl awnWOW vai 10quot LV3903VeVHgouv391fmc5 QDWEV a Move DGV110 45 31P xqu l ifu quV QVnoef ovum c ummn News m o WORM I MaxCK vsqu 3 WWW Whmowz ame chumuw me 39 Whh39v M03 WM mow vomvm uq pDWWWCLV1 Naquot S39MLe A v3k x 393qnevmeqednncl msmYL gtoowmbiix3imn STVLfi m39momftsvxeshm W was ssnwmmmmm A 739 0x w A mvida chvs hwwmwww is dH evwm m EN bit MD ewmms o 39 39 o1 ltemv1ce710Y36 399903 i c 9oos d1ampampuemw gamma bond chickevwcei L chwf LOU0 l ooind g j A DWL muvmuev mc qwemw memwmumem quotf 1v4 moM pmqual1cmhsmuvmgis k v xomxcgaawt w3 5 F3 LU v s M wwun has move iumc CVLVOLC tev13wmx4 CU WAS ox osvealcev EN diHmamw Mmvde W 6quot WM he SVWNQC WWWI 33 equ alltd 39 1 W1 aimquot i0WCquotC LW EV 5quot 3 3 039539 3 29710 39 HM Camm 0mm WCKS W WOW 3quot 0 H ume on Muemvm almmao 4mg mon 3 pmav 739 I My mo wow bowl 3 PM H35 I k DA DDKW OO OCLS H H I H quot h i i 2quot quot 39 Ir Xe mv oowds 1 SFto 21 U H I k 7 1739 pomv bond 8 41 I if 39 A I 5E1 x 9003 10quot H 6quot P CH DOWVWOVWS m 1C 39 39 39 quot gt vow wows 5 99 quot AM mm mm 06 R thv WORM5 all r gt n 9 WWW QWWWE Mm qu 14 am mu 239 WM ST w mum r39mmv mu Ha WSW www WW dww r 5w g 39 1 m 5 bran cl mew 2 GalWW ma mm H w V H 1 1 4h BM 11 HaNHH Wm ME hm C5 VJIMWH lm L i 1 n I I quotI MEI as Wmm ad l h 1quot Cj w h i a W rw i till i M W bi iskllm 3 gm ll I 93 quot I F i a II Dame Mm gtWu IF 39P E xm di mm 4w mmqw ghf anmw me band 3 1 KEEN WH MEU39anE H bum 301 a v J WONG i gt 139 m 1 a WOW CmE quota E PERM hm 01193135 m f Al N 5 H v I 3 F m a m vHKEDWC39E FOG WWE Elm m mgpl fmc 1 b wm 21 W A I m I quot39 bmdg 1W Dymii amtHOW mmm Wm EH can 139 in ma d it 1 F Ex F 39 113 L quotwmm E m 0M Wm mum 39a u W WWW WWW lm H1 W3 WEN QUEEN Jim W m ale 1mg H k Maw HE JI 6 mt Eh i 19 04 qv EEw m M u quota MIME Ea HM 5531 WUWMWW EQUIP Eggaga i


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