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SOC-S316 Week 1 Notes

by: Kyra Strzelczyk

SOC-S316 Week 1 Notes SOC-S316

Marketplace > Indiana University > SOC-S316 > SOC S316 Week 1 Notes
Kyra Strzelczyk
Sociology of the Family
Patricia McManus

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About this Document

The first week of slides and lecture notes from Sociology if the Family at IU Bloomington
Sociology of the Family
Patricia McManus
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kyra Strzelczyk on Tuesday January 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC-S316 at Indiana University taught by Patricia McManus in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 48 views.


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Date Created: 01/20/15
SOC5316 Poverty 09172014 What is poverty 0 Poverty as we measure it income thresholds 0 Absolute Poverty Level Orshansky Food Measure 0 Relative Poverty Level Less than half median income 0 Subjective Poverty Level Survey responses People who have income below a certain level can be considered poor What would you say is the poverty line in annual income for a family of four in Indiana 0 Poverty as quotCapability Failurequot Amartya Sen 0 Focus should be on deprivations that are intrinsically important wellbeing rather than instrumentaly important income 0 Income is not an end in itself but something that allows people to live satisfying lives and participate in political social and economic life of their community or country Why are poverty rates higher among 0 Challenge of supporting a family on one income 0 Finding and paying for child support 0 Educational differentials by family type 0 Women earn less than men 0 Often too little child support from absent father 0 Some argue that poverty rates could be reduced with greater government support Three Theories of Poverty 0 Culture of Poverty 0 Theory the poor are essentially different governed by a code of values and behavior that differs from the rest of us 0 Culture refers to quotnorms values and aspirations that underlie behavioral patternsquot 0 quotCulture of povertyquot An eroded work ethic Government dependency Lack of educational aspiration Low achievement Deviance criminal activity drug abuse Teen birth and poverty transferred to next generation 0 Working poverty Low wage work 0 Theory deindustrialization low wage work job insecurity O breaks down families Feminization of poverty Less educated men poorjob opportunities Less educated women earn less With few quotmarriageablequot men marriage weakens Less educated women struggle caught between low wage work and welfare 0 Edin and Lein 1997 Making Ends Meet Book compared lowwage working mothers to mothers on welfare in four US cities Working mothers had MORE TROUBLE making ends meet because working mothers had more expenses a High cost of clothing transportation a Child care expenses and poor quality care 0 Racism mass incarceration amp urban policing 0 Theory lnner city AfricanAmerican poverty is perpetuated by O 00 urban policing quotMass Incarcerationquot 30 of Black men without college educations have been to prison by their midthirties One in four Black children born in 1990 had an imprisoned father by age 14 Employers don t want to hire men with an arrest record Alice Goffman 2014 white blonde woman living in allblack neighborhood to write book On the Run Fugitive Life 18 months on quot6th Streetquot 7 Years visiting neighborhood 71 times saw women get the news that a loved one was either arrested or sought by police Only once did she see someone successfully wait out parole Crimes were sometimes big often small Group 4 Presentation Marriage used to be about nancial resources rather than love Back then marriage adulthood Someone living in a suburban house driving a car with a seemingly nice job is not necessarily welloff Could still be in poverty By of cial standards they could still live in poverty


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