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January 20th Notes

by: Caroline Welch

January 20th Notes SOC 2101

Caroline Welch
GPA 3.4
Social Research Methods
Antwan Jones

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About this Document

all of the power point slides put into note form
Social Research Methods
Antwan Jones
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Caroline Welch on Tuesday January 20, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to SOC 2101 at George Washington University taught by Antwan Jones in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 94 views. For similar materials see Social Research Methods in Sociology at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 01/20/15
1 chapter 1 ct the purposes of social research 0 mapping out a topic that may warrant further study later exploratory o describing the state of social affairs descriptive 0 providing reasons for phenomena in terms of casual relationships explanatory some dialect of social research 0 idiographic and nomothetic explanation idiographic an approach to explanation in which we seek to exhaust the individual causes of a particular condition of events nomothetic an approach to explanation in which we seek to identify a few casual factors that generally impact a class of conditions of event example GWU l idiographic why did you choose GW nomothetic what are some of the overall factors that led people to attend inductive and deductive theory 0 induction the logical model in which general principles are developed from speci c observations 0 deduction the logical model in which speci c expectations of hypotheses are developed on the basis of general principles qualitative and quantitative data 0 qualitative data non numerical data 0 quantitative data numerical data 0 variables and concepts can often t in both camps age can be quantitative or qualitative attitudes toward the death penalty can be qualitative and quantitative pure and applied research 0 pure research gaining quotknowledge for knowledge s sakequot 0 applied research putting research into practice 0 DO YOU RECALL QUESTIONS could be on tests Ql two foundations of science A1 logic and observations QZ social scientists focus on what A2 relationships Q3 explanations seek to exhaust the individual causes of a particular condition or event A3 idiographic chapter 15 o the importance of a literature search 0 nd information on a topic percentage of people who own a home descriptive 0 nd research conducted on topic home ownership among recently released criminals exploratory 0 nd other things related to your topic are racial differences in home ownership affected by credit scores explanatory reading social research 0 organizing a review of the literature determine key words a key concept or population 0 practice identify key words if you were interested in criminal behavior among female college students 0 practice identify key words if you were interested in cohabitation among gay and lesbian couples 0 conduct a search library of congress school library online search snowball search journals versus books 0 reading a journal article read the abstract a summary of a research article states the purpose of the research the methods used and the major ndings skim the article noting section heading and tables and graphs continuing in section headings read article in its entirety review the article sandwich method read intro and conclusion rst then middle 0 reading a book research monograph a book length research report read preface or introduction read the book in its entirety with each chapter read opening paragraph and conclusion due to length it may be okay to skip sections of book evaluating research reports 0 O O O O O O theoretical orientation which is being used and what manner research design what are hypotheses and howwhat data used to test measurement what are major concepts and indicators sampling representative samplewhat population methodology is it qualitative or quantitative What major methodological strategy is used data analysis what sort of analysis was used Omitted reporting any shortcomings suggestions or policy recommendations 0 Using the internet wisely 0 Evaluating the quality of internet materials whatwhat is the author of the website Is the site advocating a particular point of view Does the website give accurate and complete references Are the data up to date Are the data official Is it a university research site Do the data seem consistent with data from other sites 0 Writing social research 0 General guidelines Proper grammar and spelling Use a style guide Understand functions of scienti c reporting 0 Some other basic considerations 0 Audience Who will read it Knowledgeable but ignorant 0 Form and length of report Research note working paper research presentation journal article book 0 Aim of report Explore describe explain


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