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Human Physiol

by: Tomas Windler Jr.

Human Physiol PHYSIOL 201

Tomas Windler Jr.
GPA 3.76

Elizabeth Rust

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About this Document

Elizabeth Rust
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tomas Windler Jr. on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYSIOL 201 at University of Michigan taught by Elizabeth Rust in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/231562/physiol-201-university-of-michigan in Physiology at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY 201 Course Syllabus Fall Term 2011 COURSE DIRECTOR COURSE ADMINISTRATOR Elizabeth M Rust PhD Michele Boggs Office 7708b Med Sci II Office 7744Med Sci II Phone 6153173 Phone 9362355 EMail emrustumichedu EMail mboggsumichedu Office Hours TBD TEXTBOOK VANDER S HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY The Mechanisms of Body Function EP Widmaier H Raff and KT Strang McGrawiHill Book Company 12Lh Edition 2011 I About CONNECT this McGraw Hill site will be used for study quizzes and resources Nothing on the site is absolutely required I Many Winter 2011 students felt it was a useful resource I You can purchase a hard copy of the text or just an online version of the text page numbers are the same on online version as hardcopy version 0 If you get a CONNECT ACCESS card hang onto it for whenI post the information about how to register for CONNECT I I don t know if the prices have changed but for the Winter term you could purchase 0 Connect 20 which includes just access to the online resources that are posted but not the online textbook 0 Connect Plus 10150 which includes access to the online resources that are posted and also the complete online textbook I By the first day of class Iwill post information about how to register for the Physiol 201 site on CONNECT LECTURES MWF from 1230 7 150 PM Lecture will start promptly at 1230 PM First lecture is in WLH Med Sci 11 Building on Wed Sept 7 2011 COURSE WEB SITE Go to ctoolsumicheduportal Login Click on the Physiol 201 tab LECTURE FIGURES Available on the CToolsweb site Contains most of the gures used in lecture Each unit will have its own folder You may print or download them for class ONLINE INTRODUCTORY COURSE MATERIAL RE 2UIREDSee page 8 DISCUSSION SECTIONS Meetings begin during 2quotd week of semester See page 7 OFFICE HOURS Listed above are my open office hours for which you do not need an appointment If you cannot make these scheduled office hours or if you have a matter to discuss which requires privacy you are welcome to make an individual appointment with me at another time RE QUIRED ITEM Flash Drive or Jump Drive or Thumb Drive or CD some sort of mass storage device Homeworks should be saved on this device often Computer crashes virus on computer U computer discarded your paper etc are all unacceptable excuses for not submitting or late submission Revised 09062011 Policies and information are subject to revision andor modification at any point at the discretion of the course director Pnynology 2017 Fall 2011 207 Med Sm 11 the circular pomon on the le s where N39LH W39LH and SLH are located on 3quot oon 203 Med Sn 1 location of 3330 and 5330 on 3quot and 5m oorrespecuvely xbrary Parkmg areas are open to the puble at 6 PM Doors to Mad SmH are locked by 6 PM but can gam access vxaTaubman berary doors which are open Take hallway to nght than doorway on nghtmto Med 5111 Physiology 2017 Fall 2011 Lecture Schedule Unit 1 to FrameworkHomeostasis Neural Tissues and Synapses I are DueNervous System Structure Sensory Physiology Intro HypothalamusPituitary Cortisol Sarcomere laments mechanics fatigue Homework due on today Important Due Dates Unit 1 Fri 9w9ww Tues Tues Tues Wed Mon 12 1 15 12th 142 147 12 147 155 12 156165 206216 12 169181 187196 12 202 212 342345 12 312 331 12 251 259 12 259269 12 269274 12 279285 Med Sci 11 BSRB 5330 913 Content Quiz 1 916 IntroductoryQuiz 1 and IntroductoryQuiz 2 920 Content Quiz 2 927 Content Quiz 3 928 Homework 1 30 points 103 Exam 1 11 lectures 46 questions Physiology 2017 Fall 2011 4 Lecture Schedule Unit 2 system ECG Cardiac Cycle Cardiac Muscle 368382 12 285287 CO SV HR VR 12 367375 hormonal inputs Capillary exchange lymph 12m 377395 12 397402 Content available m RespirationMechanics Compliance 12 39 43539445 airway 12 448459 12 460468 Video Everest The Death Zone EXAM 2 10 lectures BSRB 300 and Important Due Dates for Unit 2 1 Tues 1011 Content Quiz 4 2 Wed 1019 Content Quiz 5 Fall Break weekend 3 Fri 1021 Homework 2 20 points 4 Tues 1025 Content Quiz 6 5 Fri 1028 Homework 3 20 points 6 Mon 1031 Exam 2 8 lectures 45 questions Physiology 2017 Fall 2011 5 Lecture Schedule Unit 3 Glucose Nar and H20 handling 12m 476491 Lb Content 7 available 12 491503 Problems 12 quot 506511 2 t 523525 Lament Quiz 8 matable 12m 3453487 12 quot 517528 12 quot 528544 12 quot 555560 No class Diabetes CaseProblem 12m 560567 581583 1 Exam 3 12 lectures and either 5330 or 3330 Important Due Dates for Unit 3 1 Tues 118 Content Quiz 7 2 Tues 1115 Content Quiz 8 3 Thurs 1117 Homework 4 25 points 4 Tues 1122 Content Quiz 9 5 Tues 1129 Homework 5 15 points 6 Fri 122 Exam 3 12 lectures 46 questions Note 1 quiz score from Content Quizzes 19 Will be dropped Physiology 2017 Fall 2011 6 Lecture Schedule Unit Final Exam Lh Male 12 587600 12 quot603614 12 614 627 parturition and lactation Content Quizzes 10 and 11 available CAAWOT BE DROPPED Important Due Dates Unit 4 1 Fri 129 Homework 6 20 points 2 Tues 1213 Content Quiz 10 and 11 worth 15 points 3 Thurs 1215 Cumulative Final Exam Physiology 2017 Fall 2011 7 DISCUSSION SECTIONS Attendance at Discussion Section is optional HOWEVER attendance will be taken and you can gain up to 025 extra credit for attending the section for which vou are 39 J based on the following attendance schedule 015 01 You will receive the extra credit only if you attend the section for which you are registered You are permitted to miss 3 discussion sessions for any reason and still receive full attendance extra credit With more than 3 absences extra credit is reduced as shown with no quot or excuses 39 39 39 The extra credit will be added to your nal course grade Unfortunately you may occasionally meet in different rooms than the one listed for your first meeting Your graduate student instructor will provide you with a schedule of meeting locations FSSC stands for Furstenberg Student Study Center on the 2M oor of Med Sci II bldg 207 on the map 1 Section Day Room First Instructor Sept 15 Mertens 400 PM 15 2817 II Jun Y THE FIRST DISCUSSION SECTIONS WILL MEETON Wednesday September 14 2011 Thursday September 15 2011 Physiology 2017 Fall 2011 8 ONLINE REQUIRED INTRODUCTORY TUTORIALS AND QUIZZES On the Physiology Ctools web site in Resources there is a folder titled A Introductory Course Materia Within this folder are four les two of slides and two of associated notes for this background materialThe slide and note les list text readings that coincide with the slides and notes You should study this material ON YOUR OWNand then take the quizzes that are located on UMLessons Introductory Quiz 1 has 20 questions and is worth 20 points Introductory Quiz 2 has 10 questions and is worth 10 points The quizzes will be available for you to take between September 8 2010 and September 17 2010 You MUST submit the quizzes by 1159 PM on September 16 2011 You can take each quiz as many times as you want until you achieve 100 or an acceptable score for you These quizzes are REQUIRED Ifyou do not take them you will lose 30 points This introductory quiz material is NOT questioned directly on Exam 1 ONLINE COURSE CONTENT UIZZES At the end of most weeks an online quiz will be posted on CTools You will have from the posting time Friday or early Saturdayuntil Tuesday due time will be posted with the Quiz you must pay attention to it See the Lecture Schedule on pages 36for the quiz dates Quiz material will cover untestedunquizzedlecture material presented prior to the quiz openingdate You can take each quiz one 1 time in the time period that it is available These are untimed quizzes other than they must be submitted before a final due datetime You can save and go back as many times as you want but you can only submit once 0 Quizzes 19 are worth 5 points each 10 questions per quiz 0 1 score from Quizzes 19 will be dropped Quiz 10 and llwill be your exam over Unit 4 0 They will be worth 15 points total and CANNOT be dropped 0 Quiz 10 will contain 10 questions over the general material plus the male and female reproductive system lectures Quiz 11 will contain 5 questions over the lecture material on pregnancy and parturition 0 These quizzes will have a TIME LIMIT to make them more examlike Once you login to the quiz you must complete the quiz within a given amount of time Detailed explanation will be available at the time of quiz posting EXAMINATIONS Course examinations will be based upon the subject matter presented in lecture and test questions will be drawn from the lecture material The textbook is highly recommended but lecture material and figures should receive priority when studying for the exam There will be 3objective examinations in class during the semester and a Final Exam which is cumulative over Units 14 Exams 13 will have 46 questions each the Final Exam will have 72 questions These objective examinations will consist of multiple choice matching and truefalse questions Statement on Cheating Cheating will not be tolerated If cheating is suspected for any reason students may be asked to move to a new location turn in their exam as is or leave the course After review students may receive 0 s on the exam and cases may be referred to a student s dean for consideration of Academic Misconduct charges Physiology 2017 Fall 2011 9 Exam Lectures 56 lecture In class lecture In class 46 2 2011 5 lecture In class 72 15 2011 130 PM7330 PM EXAMS ON FILE Copies of the exams from Winter 2011 are on the Course Web Site for you to use as a study tool EXAMINATION SCORES It is recognized that an occasional question may be unintentionally written or interpreted in an ambiguous manner It is for this reason that an extra question is asked on each exam For Exams 13 your percentage score can be determined by dividing the number correct by 45 1 extra question For the Final Exam your percentage score can be determined by dividing the number correct by 70 2 extra questions Examination scores number of questions answered correctly will be posted on the Ctoolsweb site in the Gradebook T001 Exam scores cannot be given out over the telephone or email MISSED EXAMINATIONS MAKEUPALTERNATE EXAMS For all exams approval for a Makeup Alternate Exam will be given to those who must travel for Universityassociated business or those who have a medical or emergency situation which can be documented for me arise before the exam quotVacationquot type trips are not valid for an excused absence at any time I MUST BE CONTACTED BEFORE THE MISSED EXAM AND NOTIFIED OF THE PROBLEM TO DETERMINE IF IT IS VALID AND WHAT TYPE OF DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED EXCEPTION IS SUDDEN EMERGENCY SITUATION REQUIRING YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION THAT DEVELOPS JUST BEFORE THE EXAM IS SCHEDULED YOU MUST THEN CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO EXPLAIN AND DISCUSS THE OPTIONS AVAILABLE Except for documented Universityassociated business or documented emergencymedical situations all students must take the exam when it is regularly scheduled This includes the FINAL EXAM Early exams are not offered before the scheduled day of the exam The Makeup Alternate Exam is a different exam similar difficulty level from the scheduled exam and occurs after the original exam time Depending on circumstances same day but earlier time may be possible for an alternate exam The makeup exam Will be scheduled for the earliest possible time after the original exam The Final Exam must be completed by 12 PM on Dec 21 or an incomplete I will be recorded for the grade and the exam will be taken in January within the first 3 weeks of the semester Physiology 2017 Fall 2011 10 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS There will be six 6 homework assignments The assignments will be available on the web site The value of all the assignments combined will be 130 points with between 1530 points per assignment Assignmentsmust be submittedelectronically via the web site After submission you will receive an email from CTools verifying successful submission If you for some reason submit by email to me I will reply to con rm receipt of your assignment It is the student s responsibility to verify that hisher assignment has successfully submitted If you do not receive a veri cation email then your submission was unsuccessful and you need resubmit Speci c details about submission deadlines late submission with deductions etc will be posted with each assignement Absolutely no leniency on submission requirements will occur unless you require hospitalization or another similar major r misiswhich you can A atvery near the time of submission In such a case you must contact me as soon as possible to discuss submission of your assignment This DOES NOT include computer emergencies you must have a backup le so that computerrelated problems will not alter your ability to submit Examples of invalid late excuses this is NOT a complete list I thought I clicked submit It is YOURresponsibility to con rm that your assignment hasbeen posted to the web site Check that it posted after you click submi to be sure I submitted the wrong le Open and check the le after submission to be sure My computer did something weird and the assignment disappeared Always save a backup copy on disk or ash drive and save often My intemet connection failed or My computer crashed or I pushed submit at 1157 but it didn t go through until 1201 Allow extra time for submission as it is not always instantaneous CheatingPlagiarism Statement 1 You are responsible for the security of your electronic les and of hard copies of your documents Do not send or lend your submitted homework document to anyone else If another student or students submits your document you will be held responsible and all students involved will receive a 0 Academic misconduct charges may be brought against students in such a situation You may work together on the written assignments but answers must be submitted in your own words Each of you has the responsibility of writing your answers in your own words Each of you also has the responsibility of protecting your answers and not allowing others the opportunity to cheat off of you Do not give your nal answers electronic or hard copy to another student If multiple students submit identical or nearly identical answers they will ALL receive a score of 0 for that question Academic misconduct charges may be brought against students in such a situation Plagiarism copying of intemet textbook or other resources without proper paraphrasing andor citation is also not permitted All answers must be in your own words Academic misconduct charges may be led if plagiarism is discovered It is also unacceptable to quote resources even with proper citation You must write the answer in your own words Although not an academic misconduct issue a quoted answer with citation will receive a 0 for failure to follow instructions N E Grading 0f Assignments The assignments will be graded by the GSI s or Dr Rust Each GSI will grade one 1 question for all students Due to the large number of students in the class grading may take 23 weeks to complete Grades will be posted online on CTools once all assignments are graded Assignments will be returned via the CTools website


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