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Intro Biol Anthro

by: Genevieve Rippin

Intro Biol Anthro ANTHRBIO 161

Genevieve Rippin
GPA 3.8

A. Frisancho

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About this Document

A. Frisancho
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Genevieve Rippin on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTHRBIO 161 at University of Michigan taught by A. Frisancho in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/231563/anthrbio-161-university-of-michigan in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
AnthroBio 11172009 41500 PM HominidHominoid fossils 78 mya Hominid very bipedal o Austrilopiths o More like apes though bc they have smaller brain size o Gracile 9 homo habilis more like us 0 Good with their hands Tools oldowan SP 0 Brain size relative to body size o Homo Erectus 0 control of FIRE move to colder areas better nutrition from cooked food easier to digest less bacteria More calories from cooked food Digestive system gets smaller Colon gets smaller long intestine gets proportionally longer Smaller teethfaces don t have to chew as much 0 Tools achulean found in France 0 Migration Found everywhere took about 10000 years to move from one place to another one Africa Europe Asia etc o Bigger o Some of them become Neanderthals 0 Short and stocky 0 Big nose and brow ridge 0 No chin 0 Large occipital lobe 0 Had burials art etc o Homo Sapiens 0 Continue migrating to the New World FOOD is the driving force 0 1St Migration Beringia land bridge amp pacific coast 0 2nd Migration Berinigia land bridge amp Inland 0 During the Ice Age o AMH migrated from Asia to the New World 0 Are they related to Neanderthals Heterodontic kselection care for young few offspring Skulls gorilla vs human o Sagital crest with gorillas Humans have highly evolved cerebral cortex broca swernicke s area occipital area vision Importance of molars Y5 thingy Eat a lot of insects Fruit frugivores Tools with homo habilis aldubai Homo erectus achulean Neanderthals Mousterian Plant foods large stomach and large colon Neanderthals buried their dead Robust and Gracile austroliopitheces o Rugged features 0 Diet hard to chew foods use a lot of muscles attached especially the robust Jaw of chimp vs human c U shape vs V shape Distinguish 2 legs vs 4 legs o Pelvis foramen magnum shape of feet big toe Hypothesis for explaining features that distinguish primates from other mammals o Arboreal Explains the larger brain of humans How many migrations from Asia to NW 0 2 o Linguistically 3 Consequences of Bipedalism Childbirth Major differences btwn Humans and other mammals o Brain Size Teeth of austro to ours o Ours are smaller less pitted shape of the mandible Austro may have used tools o No modified tools but they Prosimiians survived bc of isolation and many other factors 12 point question Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium 11172009 41500 PM


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