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2nd Yr Hindi I

by: Mariana Lang

2nd Yr Hindi I ASIANLAN 215

Mariana Lang
GPA 3.65

Pinderjeet Gill

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About this Document

Pinderjeet Gill
Class Notes
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This 76 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariana Lang on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASIANLAN 215 at University of Michigan taught by Pinderjeet Gill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/231612/asianlan-215-university-of-michigan in LANGUAGES & CULTURES OF ASIA at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Asianlan 11603 List of words used in the class till 18th Feb 2010 Along with this handout there are some handouts from the Teach yourself Hindi book Both these are very important Abhisheka 31 free BET medicine x ml meamqu n it is knownrememberedregrethappiness ElqulI smart W regret sinair El l r water 39g isoil WQTsky 3Wfire W3 mountian HEW river W a fountain 24333 sea W road RWYHT a way RTST a squareintersection of streets W alley Eli moon Asianlan 11603 List of words used in the class till 18th Feb 2010 Along with this handout there are some handouts from the Teach yourself Hindi book Both these are very important Ahhisheka 33 sun F563 difference HTU start CRT fullcomplete winhalf Em round am to shine el r light x r Fi like X U r a watch W time W monday 313139squot place S Ff n therefore WE EHT what happened ll a meat WNW pronunciation Etch FT Elm FIT to hate mm guest WET host Asianlan 11603 List of words used in the class till 18 h Feb 2010 Atong with this handout there are some handouts from the Teach yourse f Hindi book Both these are very important Abhisheka am tired qgr lying m tasty m an indian bread prepared wtih oil WWII spicy 131E taste marsweet Ia gTsour F EIT hot m bitter a kpotato mar to sing 2mm a song gag morning an afternoon rm evening UH night WET to cry 31m sound Asianlan 11603 List of words used in the class till 18th Feb 2010 Along with this handout there are some handouts from the Teach yourself Hindi book Both these are very important Abhisheka rm to listen T that as a conjuction BTWnecessary ERRsure mar m to dream m to knock Gila to search WT a wocked person Wm worried I13113 BRETT to make someone worry Fir true 3335 fasle W WET to clean EFFHER clealy a 39em of a very cheap quality 31 to smile WEST 31133 to beg pardon 3MB often EMT n ews Asianlan 11603 List of words used in the class till 18th Feb 2010 Along with this handout there are some handouts from the Teach yourself Hindi book Both these are very important Abhisheka HEW newspaper m to keep an TEET to take care of VET TEET to keep dirty tarT attentively 33f WW loud music Xavm raagm due toX W W to create uproar 133 much 6139 EFT everyday113T HEW favorite SHIREbuilding BE Fwindow W stern aG la tailor W sunday Ea agar115 3 mriafr e 39FlTr m W a rm a l e Asianlan 11603 List of words used in the class till 18th Feb 2010 Along with this handout there are some handouts from the Teach yourself Hindi book Both these are very important Abhisheka viii WNW E JamW Fi mm an WW H r m f EFT GH ciT QH cit Kim20 0111 30 We re 4o WITH50 quot813 60 FER 70 W BO W QO E Moo WET 12 SHIT 1000 wa 100000 W341 fe HINDI 20 W 34375 3m W slam tv 3T 0 armquot erg Trrs W 393 Pratap namasz e mm me p 1117 kyri rip szml jf hm Kamula jih tnnTKnmal hi1 Izamzzste yah lark Raj hai Prat p namaste Raj tum thik ho R j 1 hi sfukriy ma k hi ky p grez haf Prut p jifzahi mai grez nahzzh hilzdust nih 7 Rdj tlcch Lip Itindust ni hail Prat p j hi ky vah g y t j p nihai Rdj 711th val j p ni 711111711111 val M ruti hui an namaste hello 3 ho are 1 mai I 3541 s ukriy thank you i hf am grez English WT ky question marker 31W Lip you formal E j respectmarker hai are jihz yes 113 yah this Wm larkd boy huz is I tum you familiar 91 1 7 111 11 jinah no Fi mzhzz not W hindust ni Indian W acclui goodreally1see E hi7 yes 33 wk itthat W1 g ri car W j p mquot Japanese mf m ruti Mamti make of Prat p Kamal Prata p K11 mal Pm trip ky ya burialMir Igg li 11m jz39 I15 zar r don alzn riy kl lz hmquot aur yalz ek mez mr do kur sz y luzi kyd pmzkhi nahzzhai pm39lkh mllzf39hai Iekin khirkz39k ba hai buhut ed k mm39 s faur balm Imvzid r hail r Wm kamr room agga bahut Very 523T bard big HIT dzisr other quota clzoti small l 5177 only W ek onea Wf almizri cupboard W 1111 empty vacant at war and 143 yuhi here W a do two W kursz Chair Wm pmlkhzi fan W lekin but Wf khz39rkz window W k quite m mez table Wequot zarzir of course HTFE sif Clean W dam both m hav d r airy Pratap This room is very big Are the other rooms small Kamala No Only one room is small the others are big Pratap Is this bi g cupboard empty KamaLla Yes of course both Cupboards are empty Pratap And here there s a table and two Chairs Isn39t there a fan Kamala There s no fan but the window is quite big Pratap Very good The room is clean and Very airy quot3 Grammar o 1 11 MM IAMPRATAP 27 m EXEREISE 1b Translate this entry from Pratag ggaryN MAW Wlt W th a r n rma Wagagr l Wmm m l wm m WLWW R W Q I raviv r 15 janvari Kamal aztr Pmkzis Kum r balmt acche log hm tin bacce lmf ek lurki Sangit am 10 lafke Rgi llul R X Sangif balmt smzdar luzi RSI bani Imi R j Clzof lmi dddijz b17th Izazglekin balm acclzl39 hmz maka nl 55f hai aur bagic bahm smu iar hni mer kman k bani hni ek palng db alm riy 10116 1110717 ek Chafi nzez do kursz ya hm pzznklzzi nahflzai lekin kamm Imv d r hni 6k safed M ruti g 111139 11704711 pur ni siiikz39l hui 3 Vocabulary mm39f zigrez English person W kyti question mailer Watch goodnicerealiy Iglyilz39 empty vacant olsee Wf thz39rki Window W amrikan American f g rz39 car 3mm alm rz39 cupboard FRY gujar tz Gujarati mm Mm mannersnn Wm r r hafnmahmnla nal z no jihi yes 31 thz39k all right OK E H11 rthree tum you familiar 1 hi you intimate arcfrf W MSW other second a do two dam both 337 namtlsfe hello goodbye Ha nah not dad grandmother WT m pankhzi fan pmzja39l Panjabi W m putthur stone 133quot m palng bed VFW ptikisr ni Pakistani mrm W pm rz 01d0fthings SIT Cf pmti copy my lmgiczi garden WWI Child HST luzu z big pit father Jami r mm mm In mziruti Maruti car make 31 nuirti statue image a mez table i ma 1 1T3 ya thishe she it YETquot yah here ii ye these they he she formal mind human being raviv r Sunday Wm refa king 7511GT r125 Wm larka39 boy Wf lurk girl 3W3 la red mel log people 1393 Duh that he she it a we BRIT s ukriy thank you 8 safed white ma a Russian those they he she formal s ikil bicycle W s f clean f sirf only I szmdnr beautiful HINDI m we a iaz a w vwa g m v Prat p adhy pakaquot yuhi kitne vidyirthz39haz 7 Sarina j abhz cnudah ItalL mm lurkiy aur p c lurker P111th ytll l 39 c yorselflzindi kaisIcifdbl1ai kyd yall accl hai Scmmijf h lmrz 1mh7hai lekin sashquot nah mi lai malzdgilmi Prat p kyri ye Siabdkos bzfnmhzige hm garm ji nahi bilkul nah bahut saste hmquot Pram aur valz m0 kit b la hm kyzi val bhf s nbdko hai 7 garmdjf 11121171111117 valz s abdkos 11111171201 r mdyxm hail W m adhyripak teacher W sastd cheap WT kilmi how much many maluigd expensive Wm39f vidydrthl39 student W abhz at the moment just now E q g caudal fourteen 3 mm39 m39ne WT p c ve 3m km ofwhat kind what like WW kit b book EU buri bad Warm s ubdkos 39 bhi also too My bilkul quite airwaif bilkulnahf notata zv mof fat thick WT kya what W3 r m ym Ramayan dictionary epic poem Pratap Prafnn Teacher ji how many students are there here Shanna ji At the moment there are 14 nine girls and five boys AIhaF Marl r Lmnl n an TAMI vemmqrrr J39a r 1n PM My Pm hip R631 P11111111 Rdj Iquot uIQ iaa39e n fw wmi g q a m m1 13 w m 1 7 W 1wm251w1agagmm agWTTsr wwga39gaa 39wifywaw ma wirw W ms i 1 111111 R1171 11171111 11111 5111 1111 11m 1117 51111 1111 111111 111111111 111151 11111 111111 1111111111111 1117 f111y1 1y111 R91 11111 S1111g115 Anise 11111 R51 1111111711111 1111111 5111131111nut11111111711111 A y Icy1111111111117 139y11111111 11111111111111 1111111 quot01111 11111172 11111 111111 11y13k111p11111511111 111111117 yalz 11111111111111111111111 p111 S1111g11171cy6p11139c 1711 11111 11111111111 1111117 111111 11111 1111 W 1111111 hello Wm 11111 condition state 131 51111 everything all W11 1117 why mf Mt matterthing W 111111171 111 W 11111112 angry displeased W Icy ki because ER 11111 but m para n troubledupsef 11111111111111111 Hdon t know PI 1111 not1sn tthatso QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 37 Vocabulary Wm uk b r newspaper 3W dlzanyavdd thankyou WWI adhy pak teacher FT na not is itnot so 3373 ath at the moment right 3W mzmusk r hello goodbye now WEN nm nae m1 new m j today W n r z angry displeased 3T Hur more else other air mm nine Wm k gaz paper a piece of WT path thin paper 3 par but WT kitmi howmuChmany WW purest troubled upset gmaf km book at pic five WT Iq39payxi please W pdgal mad crazy 353T kais of what kind what Wm prmi g m pollution like how 31 bnhin sister 51 kaun who V Wf bit matlerthing EMT kyri what lilkul completely a ky why bilkulm notat all WEE ky ki because W bfnuir ill m ggar lz bad gm m bad 1317f M115 happy g heft son WT gmuld dirty f befz39 daughter WE cuppa sandal W Efm bhm brother Egg Ci lzz39 lefter note Chit 39 b alsotoo Wm r mdyau Ramayan epic poem rim lanzb tallhigh Wall vidy rthi student Tmm abdkos dictionary 95 sir Mr Lord with deity ma s rfmn Mrs W snlglgt strict severe HE sub everything all W sar sir Wm 5am question WT sast cheap Wm silhab Mr sir Wm somvrir Monday WE solah sixteen Q39smash halaJlela hello a ham air 3mm htil conditionstate W hind Hindi 40 HINDI O WT tumh r Your Iou 3 rs er tabiyat health Wm ghar house home Wm pariv r family T fm pail husband I patni wife Eli39s kai several 83 chah six HRT s rzi all whole Wm 3mm furniture things g vagaimh and so on etc 35f ab now gmf fars floor a f Liar oor rug mat Anita A How are you Pratap Your health is OK isn t it And what s that house like Pratap I m absolutely fine Mum And this house too isn t bad Anita How big is the Kumar family Is it just husband and wife or are there children too Pratap There are six in ie family Prakash and Kamala Grandma a girl and two boys Anita Oh it s quite a big family How many rooms are there in the house Pratap There are nine big rooms and one small And the furniture in all the rooms is new Anita And your room There s a fan etc in the room isn t there Pratap Yes there s a new fan on the table now And there s a new rug on the oor too Grammar 31 Simple postpositions In English words like in and from are called prepositions because Pmk Ri Praktis Rsi Pmkxis 135139 Pmk s 1 WW emi a w ia q z vwim n 3mm Wf a m agam a imema l Rgi 0 R51 tum 7x11715110 mambhichofe bdthr nz m h pit ji ky ky b t hat I tum subah se mini10 Iglmz39rm men 1527le MILEmi re bar rwz par IlaWall y 145 Clu z alnt rinl we Immrc m mains111139 s17sz llllllll l kmme mg Imi 1min pifc zjz39 mere kumrc mC39 sirf nsz Casim Imi pk nah am lmnlz r lm z m bhinaithai lm11mari dur z m bLlIHFSJI Z cfze 1sz par Lipu mgrlit Ila1711012 men your yours ROOMS IN THE HOUSE m EXERCISE 3212 Describe a room using at least eight sentences based on the format of the descriptions in Dialogue 3a EXERCISE 3b1 Translate H D g 1 O 1 00 U3 this bi g room those black chairs this dirty oor these old tables that big garden these new rooms the old city this little village this Clean kitchen 10 those tall boys in this big room on those black chairs on this dirty oor on these old tables inthat big garden in these new rooms from the old city from this little Village in this Clean kitchen from those tall boys The boys are in this big room The Clothes are on those black Chairs There39s a rug on this dirty floor The books are on these old tables There s a car in that big garden Are there fans in these new rooms Those girls are n from the old city ls that boy from this little Village There39s a table in this Clean kitchen This letter is from those tall boys 1 AWM W v S 39 0 0 Wm Icapr cloth garment W T mf qalmn pen Elme ktil black WI kis oblique singular of 3133 mun and OfEFJT ky f kin oblique plural of W mun and MW kya39 55 k0 t00nat a klgm39r well anyway Wm git Village Wm gusullgh mi bathroom 3R1 guzr house home WW a air four mf ciz thing 61 a mk up t0as far as afm mbiyal health Wf tasm39r picture gs W W1 mf cas mzi glasses Chah six tu l oblique of 1 12 hullid39ni your yours dLlI U Z door J 4 J Awmw HINDI cr r ura f CFC pm on ml Wm Winf far oor If bus bus W m Wm billlrfun bathroom Wm 1211mm India 15 mujz oblique of ma 3 ME in 3 mequot 56 from pati husband pat wife pard curtain pariv z39 famin IMzul is r lots of among out of rr merit mym39me W m mf re eh hey 6mm W 3 67 111 W H Wm rasuighm kitchen nit night lulldmz London vugrzimz etc and so on cau there almr town city s fzyad perhaps sarluzy time D 6 HM WW Ia g mm wag m f m r yr w m z wwg aaff w vwiw m n iwaa We 313W I 39 wwww WU a a m n w 6 Pink Sangft if tum kids nz ky Ila213th tum lmlza thzc Sungftzi nuzz ghm par thl Suluis b Hui d src log b har the hi Prattip bhz th vah Pink Suhtis 221211 52511175171111 idlm val kmm 1111i 7 dost y ris tedu r Sanng ris tedcir to 1111717 0011 men balm purimi dost hai Pink yalz tmnluir dost umr me tumse k bar Imi Sang u in mujhse ban to lmi pm39 balzut py r cidmz lmi Pink kyd val dillTSe Izai yd vides se Sungftu ve 10g palzlc lmzdmz mg the mm matth Izai b lbacce bhf the par ab t0 Suh s akel hai Pinkz39 aur S ulzzis sirf nun111171 dost39 hai ky Sangria In Pinki Duh sirf men dost Izai mm mitr Izaz39 fraud mil WE mf kl s class 313 mm umur age W W3 5T th thi the tin was 12111139 pylirti dear lovely were w vide foreign country it 391 ghar par at home abroad W bah1r outoutside 511333 Iglg bs mt beautiful 13 pahle previously Wm nmtlub meaning 54 HINDI 3 WET W E EST I vah pahzir 5ch 56 17a hai That mountain is the highest milb Khanna ji at the of ce WG WWQT l3W fffm l a g r r mm 7wmwm w7 wing m mwml wm a n wt mWwWafisrmy g WH W W w mm r K111111an j139 C110sz ky tumko m l m mi ki Ra39mdds kuth Juli 110th Khan1717 Rtinnids ghar parhai usko zuk m hai Khmlmi 1391quot am val kul bhi bim r tin am Prak kahi hm Chot sar j Prak jz blu yah nal hazquot Khann jt ky ky b t Imi kyti usko bhz zuk m Izai Chow kn f0 unko buliyir Hui ve s yad j 17717 bfm r hm Khanmiji y usko k m pasand Ithhai yud Chof vaz b f nuhz hai Khmm Pmk jz bahut mclmatz dmz mi Khmm jt tum acche hzrke ho Chqt lekin tumko kuclz 1111127711531th hui W moil m known Wm bukh r fever 9 mm 15 1 7 LLA L 0 131139 Silver Wm aim paternal uncle 3171f C y tea Wm zuk nz acold SHIRT zyadti morevery SET i lmizgl cold E 39 ta soetcsee42 W 11 3 2139 film rhz the Hz was were 3 bill117 office 313 am daul entils Wf duka shop mm f dost friend W quotE pamsi neighbour W pusuml liked pleasing q palzle previously T613 pizll r hill mountain TR T py r dearlovely 51 My dear El baud clusedshut Wm b z r market arm Wmquot lzleAbucce Children RTE bihm39 outoutside Wm bulduir fever W mnzb t strong Wm mallab meaning Eganquot muhul palace Riff mi MaMotler W m liim known l a m mitr friend 39 W mclumtl39 hardworking Wm ri tezl r relative W zv r yasi Varanasi Banaras Wm vides foreign country abroad Wm sumas samosa Wm 5amp1 year Wm 50m gold H 5m hundred l hosier Clever intelligent 2 a www wq a a g g a WWHWE filmlire kmnre me kiln kursiya hm kyr umh rc paras lzindustdllilml ky tumluiri kit b tumh ri mez par hai ltsz tumhrirc lazpj e 55f hat lile hunkv mt m Mi ki m mI rc paws ublu39 kah Izaf UXUTFKQJNN tum1717 mbz39yai kaisTlmi Iver tumku zuk m Ill1i EXERCISE 4133 M rite a postcard as from Pratap to Muhan g Molmrz in Varanasi dm r 39 ULlI39IiUflST Pralap tells Mohan his reactions to Delhi He hopes Mohan is well he wants to know about Mohan s family and whether he knows where the palace W rmzlml is in Varanasi Begin priy Deam and end WW Prat p Vocabulary 7 m Ilkel alone ft ki that Wm afsos regret kudl 1min nothing at are olilwliat Wm kl s Class 3331 zum 1mtar age Wm HumI food W ekdam completely 3 am more 13 Ijms f happiness pleasure W kh bs mt beautiful W 1mm lesslittle handsome W lial yesterday tomorrow W garmn warm hot Wm kfzm work Wt golf tablet pill Wm Iailej college WW glut 11 aflmme J PLEASE SIT HERE 6 st a m ag a m zmwm w z war WWW TW T WWW F 2 Kamulri die Sure khzimi fan39er hai buifhie Sures s ukriyri acch to tum akeli nahfho R biz hai d sre bacce kahE hm Kamald ve to ubhz b lmr hm kh market m6 R j t lmi z idlzur 71mtbaith udhtzr baigfh Rtij 111111115 mujlzko My do mujhko dLZdh pasmzd nah Kamulu t1 c y mat pf dad1 pi it to abhibahut Choir hai beta Rdj Sures ankal amm se kaln39e ki mle Clzot bacc nahfh l Sures nahR j tum to balmt bare dmfho Kamul Raj s hab k0 55y do Kamala szmie Sures R j bani dmi to Izai lekz39n bani s m t n 17h hail W 16 36 W 3395 idhm mat With udhar baifh an ideal sentenCefor practising the difference between dental and refro ex consonants For convenience this vocabulary listing shows commands in the forms found in the dialogue not as infinitives aquot do give quotgum d dh milk W mat don t W 331T faiy r ready W buifhie please sit Life please come Elm kh market Khan 39 pi drink MarkeHin Delhi mm ankal uncle a bum sit EFFQ Q kahz39e please tell A N r W g 39mg m g s m mv f q a aqn mn r w w m 3W3 slim i39 T TET 2mm a m m m fa rn m39 f EW W WEWT WW WWq g Bgi R j tmnlz m l m hai ki Arm C c k c biy kah hm Rdj kmmsi C biy g k7 Ct lbiy y glulr k1 Rsi ghar ki kal to Sangft ke kamre 11148 fhlz uskimez pm ab ltlllfllflf Rij to mujhse maf p cho Salgift SE mic10 mm Sangl l la tmzzluir I117 ky 135139 IthR j naukar Izallfho mm to sncmuc ra39jaquot ho Rdj aur is 751quot 10 ya bllfrlelzfzm39l m ki ghur kz39 nibin Icahn hmquot Arm are Imam jlmgf ma km o mujhe ghm kic biy jahlhlo Rgi udlmr Licklie ankal darvize ki aibz p p k1quot mez par par hai lumhe thnko mm fgi sage seer Wf C bi key Wm jhagf quarrel row kakfke s apostrophe s jiulgftikam to quarrel hzzuzs sfsc which m jald quickly W m naukur servant ET pan lying W sacmuc really Wm pfzpfz Papa Father Rishi Raj do you know where Uncle Arun s keys are n an M7an 1mm Tl m My Lane 111 Hm Lnnm nacv EXERCISE 5b3 Translate the questions then answer them What is the name of Kamala s brother inlaw Wm 2 Is Rishi at home just now See Dialogue 5a 3 Who does not like milk 4 Why does he not like milk 5 Where were Sangeeta s uncle s keys yesterday 6 Who knows where those keys are today 7 Do you know where the Kumat family s house is 8 hi your opinion mm are these questions Wm simple V ro a1bulary NWT tini to come W calm tomove 32R idlznr here overhere W16 Clibi key 33 udhar there over there 1quot claim to touch mm rsi sage seer WW jagdnd to arousefromsleep Wm kamlml blanket W zani justalittle WT karmi to do 7 W jazldz quickly soon early WET kulzmi to say to W j n to go k kike s indicating WW jhugrd quarrel row possession W WT jhag i karmi to Wf k quot coffee quarrel WV kutt dog 63W tlmlzm mi to stop wait Wm kurt kurtalndian shirt dh rn tolook fortind WETtill kauilsdsise which calm miv r ready WITFm Libyan attention W dhytin se attentively 3 m1 don t in commands Wm Wm r part lying 138139 pa m to read study mm Wm Wm v pimi to drinkt0 smoke WT p clmd to ask of a per tree Wm hundredth of a rupee Wm phal fruit WW bandkarmi to Close na39rd slogan Imukar servant p n paan p m water p p Papa Father aisa39 mone aisa P Y shut WT battimi tote W bul n to Call invite 3137 bui m tosit WT balm to speak Wm bhaiya39 brother 13 mai don twith commands WT W W l n to bring rm a Zena to take receive Wm W W WW Wf W 7quot hami to bebecome m rna to heal t hit raklm to put keep liklm to write uit n devil S L HlltC really 3am simple s fkarnd to clean sigre cigarette sumui to listen hear S mr a mx gist area Wwa T wg mwwa 39w gw as meg W mam Rat amma wmwwamw s seam mwm q n W W VWW4 maria27W Q39Wm guest WT to think WWI private school Wm love BCTGF39IT to learn a m always Wm pronunciation a to stay F mm pronunciation f 5139 all day WT well am to play 3 actually 39 Hi to sleep 1331 promising m mischief WERE m hate dislike WET to leave W thus so like this W m mind VFWquot to know W m father Suresh Prakash tell me your guest Pratap a What does he do Prakash He s a student He learns Hindi in a private school Suresh His pronunciation is very clear What s pronunciation called in Hindi in ran Wimgw w WWW 7 smgm w WW a ra 39il Where s your father What is in your hand Whose clothes are these They re not mine Word order look back at the points made about word order in 15 and 32 then see the difference between the following sentences Ug mil Ham n m6 IW d T 331 This is my Of ce This office is mine Pratap and Sangeeta w m fww wr a m m a gammir www a g m fiz vm gl WT T EWB W g WWi me r We wwdmy yg w fm zm Wm e wmiv figtg a ffz Ma a ewmq wamva e h y mam mm aru r a mm n nm ii star to fear Wm postoffice 3U your trom rp 91337 alittle amday fawn all day Wf Devanagari script EFT WW 390 take Care of mind mi hale dislike Wait tr todislike Wm love affeclion Hal WW 390 love lib thwhigain Wm childhood 3 0 clock 337 52 Congratulation it WT to talk converse Wm father m twelve Wm mind W WT to feel experience 39 Wm boss W Mound iiichiduie or liule boy 3W dillicult g uest serif height length W m Lucknow W script 31 expresses admiration or scorn wonderful W m f foreigner 5 actually 521171quot m sarcasm mf alcoholic liquor W f miSchief W m Friday 1113 pure unmixed 13 Sanskrit W girl s female friend HEW sari W m year W to learn a Vial before W to think WT to sleep 3317f m station 36 to laugh m to make laugh m our ours EMU always WT promising EXERCISE 6b2 Translate They call me Rishi Raj is my little brother he s a bit crazy He39s in in his room at the moment he s in my roomi And m not in m room I m in his room He doesn t know that I know that he s in In roomi Here in his room there are several old newspapers but don t know whose they are they39re not his Raj doesn39t read book or newspapers He plays with his friends but he doesn t talk to me His friends are not my friends I like Pratap I go to the cinema with him and we talk about films I seems he s quite bright He speaks good Hindi Even hi pronunciation is quite good He doesn t speak like a foreigner Vocabulary W m loneliness 3quot g behind W often usually 37 W after W well proficiently 37 31 ll about concerning 3W7 one s own a 31 outside i c 39 twenty one 3i at the place of Wm pronunciation 3 WI for m with in company of m nineteen a W facing opposite Mi company firm W W to take care of sm39i 39 sometimes E mind E3 3 lot well am to get up rise never Riel W towards WWI gossip 3 RE like Wm meat 3139 3 inside ill moon 3 SlTil in front of ahead of Ti silent W on lop of fourteen vii beneath below to leave la Elia before W to know 3 TS near Wm piece bit P m Airquot FATHER USED TO TEACH URDU WWWW E WI Wm ma la g e wa 2f a e t rmma rs ia rmfom q7 36 a m fa m q ET31WTT TT WIH 3 arm m 1 W oblv of some a certain Bil Urdu 3 every each Wm Saturday f5 Kanpur some somewhat something WET to teach W Muslim anyone some about any Wm doctor near ETG39 special particular Cinema Tf delayawhile Sangeeta Dadi ji Sangeeita Dadi ji Sangeem Dadi ji Sangeeta Dadi ji Grandma in your childhood you people used to live in Kanpur didn t you Yes child my father used to teach Urdu in some College Mother used to teach too Did anyone speak English in your home Yes Father knew some ve languages But we mostly spoke Hindi Was there any cinema near your house Yes we used to go to the Cinema every Saturday with some friends Tell me something about your friends A Muslim doctor s daughter was my special friend She was a bit older than me O 0 EL HINDI h 3371 Fla which various people WEIIT first EXT second 531T Clerk Ellen third 311quot is needed 31 33 any other all yes W necessary urgent Wf heat summer W fourth n March fifth 25 am to begin EST sixth 3T3 later on W separate different Prakash who works in all these rooms Sir in the first and second rooms the senior clerks of the office Khanna ji Prakash work Khanna ji And whose is this third room Prakash There s nobody in the third and fourth rooms yet sir Khanna ji So which is you room The fifth The sixth Prakash At the moment I work in Ramdas s room Thinks to himself I need a separate room 1 The third room s vacant take it Do you need anything else Yes sir a new fan39s needed in that room It s very urgent the old fan doesn t work The hot weather doesn t start before March Get a fan later on Yes sir Khan n a ji Prakash Khanna j i Prakash r WT are if G thejn nitive verb 5W is here used as a deferred command ie one which will be acted on at some 1 FATHER USED TO Wm 95 m EXERCISE 7b1 Rewrite the following sentences in the past tense then translate them a 3WTWQ WT WW QET EEWW I 2 Wmm s m w n m m w g l a m a wm m i q mm mm rgw g mmm l a mW m w mm ww twsv 9 wws ma rm w am ms m sm i w m mm a a s Wmir mm WWWEHW EW 0 W g m m tmwa g mis 39 r EXERCISE 7132 Translate IN THE HOI EL I Boy Come sir What would you like Khanna I want some hot food and coffee Boy 39 Sir the kitchen Closes early on Sunday There isn t any hot food leave any untranslated Khanna All right give me some fruit And Clean my room tomorrow morning it s very dirty Boy Sir tomorrow is my holiday Please tell m someone else Khanna But I need the coffee right away Bring it and Close the door n A r n 7 n1 1 1 rtx 96h HINDI E6 some somewhat something 3 t something eISe some more 3 7391 3E something or other g1 near 35 W like equal to 33 anyone someone Some any about a g 313T someone else 33 Ft 33 someone or other no one 3 which Various people EET standing waiting EFT finished 33W m to nish EFT special particular Wt age fourth IVth Wm rice WEE is needed all fourth W 5 holiday free time will ground land mt heat summer sixth need compartment m I side direction WU third gem third 11nd 35 a dozen a3 distant far away HIT second a f delay a while W second Hnd 7 13 ninth m fth Vth W to teach WT rst WT fifth W rst Ist F im difference separation wit 311m clerk Wf electricity W useless at Wm Tacm later on seated sitting great War March FATHER USED TO TEACH URDU A e mx flw mf evening Tf walk trip a W to go for 915 W am to begin a walk trip Wmdream 373 to fm heaven dream Wm thousand W 555 everything ET each every 3 33 everyone Wm cinema Wm hotel cafe WT m a hundred WHALEARUN poms IN LUCKNOW 99 31W iw a a awmf g mmar m Rama a aa g g wm qamm vaeal magen mm v a lwia ffa l m m l tmmi a w il g r r m rzgri W m mm m TEEquot 0 of the heart39 intimate 3 WT to hassle harass 3le narrow WT to appear seem T 39 f lane Wf trouble distress Wf book a gr m a little W SHEERquot nowadays Wf tiredness a qrn delay to come go out Ra q Arun Rafiq Arun Ra q Arun Ra q An Aron my dear friend What are you doing here in the narrow lanes of Lucknow I m doing some work with a friend a book of ours is coming out So are you staying in Lucknow nowadays No no at the moment I m living at my brother s place in Delhi You don t have your own house in Delhi I don t but I was just thinking that 1 need a new home Prakash has three children they harrass me a lot Yes you are looking hassled Do you have any particular trouble just now A limp Hror lhocc 4 th nlco 0 HINDI Khanna Sahib s coming to dinner Wmmlt wmgau rmlt u wrwmmm mwg WET a wm w w zr g mzagmemw l W wwa a na mz 7wm we n W Sew as WW WWWT QWW I W iiiqtrme rfeae mlmmwa a e WT ms e q37E 3 rs W i wm t W WWw ma g WET a wmvleaml g m e w ir m xa mmm ne wm zmmm mrr atwraril iez mz g r W Wa fl 3 Oh Wf vegetables Wm God ism inour possession W eighteen 3933P wanton luxuryme 3T6 separately W above upstairs 41 below downstairs to live a life of pleasure m head R ETT39IT to pester W along with in company Prakash Kamala Prakash Kamala Darling tonight Khanna Sahib is coming here Oh God Is the whole family coming too Yes But he has just one son Harishl He is 18 Isn t Khanna s Vouneer sister coming What s her name w WHAT lS ARUN DOlNG lN LUCKNOW a Wamwaga m zwam rwmqw WSWWHT JHTSITWWW FW IE Ta 9 c WWWWW EI WWWi 2 am am if mm 3mm 1mm 7 3W quot539 7 go E aa qg rmwwr Wr Vocabulary W 3E inside Within Wm force strength 31715quot next emf branch of tree m eighteen EN narrow all WT to harass 318W separately mf trouble distress W m hospital EREf way manner STlE f eye Wm late STF39RT m Agra aT llf clapping W nowadays STW ordinary W a QT usually W affirm luxury WT to live a life Wf platter of pleasure WET a little W to earn lm political party Wag m Calcutta mi story El Ei WT to call names 31 WT to prepare above up upstairs Wf tiredness ari gar rightoppofleft WT to appear seem HINDI Wm moment Wm partoftheday W last previous Wf book inquot full complete mm programme plan Waf February WW ti make W later W left opp of right Wm God WT t0 sehd f May W39mm month W to dial phone Th m turn bend 33h m peacock 1241 m delay F51 m year of calendar or era Wf vegetables H373 m early morning W along with in company WNW care Rm head fa EMT to pester W straight straightforward r straight to the right W forty seven V mm hand Oh 2 HINDL n gm gmimnai 39miaea rw Iiia39 r ra39ran i m ET gerr WT iw a waam i 7 o e at W to bore W m harm 3 if W nephew WT innocent guileless m HT 943 scarcely quite innocth 3T4 f invitation to a dinner Pinkie Sangeeta will you come with me to the cinema tonight Sangeeta It s dif cult Your whole family is coming to our place Pinkie So you39ll stay sitting at home My relatives will bore you thoroughly Sangeeta All right I ll come But if Rishi or Raj tells Mother then Pinkie Why would they tell anyone They ll keep quiet They re quite innocent boys both of them Sangeeta The thing is that Mother doesn t know that I m going out Pinkie What39s the harm to her if you go to the cinema with me San geela Mother sa ys I mean she knows your nephew is my a ge Pinkie Harish will hardly be coming with us He ll be going to your parents dinner party Sangeeta Then maybe it ll be less difficult But what will I tell Mother 3 Grammar 91 The future tense The future tense is one of the easiest It consists of a single word Villa no 211v er Hauln LLA 1 4AL1 v 1 IN THE FUTURE E 115 Wmma t ligz f q m m a tw Teaquot 3WW W 3WHW WW WW7 W i a mmij7m sr a esw q l W m wm a m l 3 f i e j3ma a r a mw ma airman NB Prem s English words are not given in the glossary WT to be printed mam really good TRE eleven 37quot 3117 to come to hand W hard difficult m a W at the most Wf mail post W worth doing W to order send for WT to like approve Wf arrangemends W true correct WT to stop stay on but F T to be sold Wf public the people Arun Prem Arnn Prem our book s ready for printing 1100 copies are being printed in Varanasi V 80 will you go to Varanasi to pick them up before returning to Delhi n ll I m haw Fnr mo in an H39unvo mu nnm wm n 00hr Iwa nmm 1m lN THE FUTURE 12 m m m WWEWl qg y WWIW W HW 7W WQWVHH IW me mw wr tmaga uga 39mmm a w a i w a am a mir w mzw W wm g m mlmmv w amr mwm Irma mmir vcr q ag wwa m w aiw io I w gwmm rm m qa z aw Wwwm wi w mwaml a qg mafg WWIWWW V m EXERCISE 9b2 Translate 39 1 Will there be any special difficulty E E EW f in learning Urdu 2 Next month our students will be going to Lucknow to study Hindi 3 Your brother must know use 3W 61 quite good Hindi by now 4 My friends father will come to meet me at Varanasi station 5 There are lots of places worth seeing near Delhi 6 We will go with you to Nfussoorie to see the mountains EXERCISE 9b 3 Fill the gaps with the direct or Oblique form of the 39 given infinitive verb then translate a fiagamiquot I mtostudy 2 ff im voter ma rl VET ITtosee 1 Wm 2 1 m to drive k x imVrt nBr mzqmm 213 rrrrrzrre xm o r wrampnnMn1n I Mwm llll A Ah Wm history afar 3 3T m intention qZ l wf EVe teasing sexual harrassment of girls amp women Wt 35 hard dif cult W W it W W mm is m W around in vicinity of WW to purchase buy fpl W wrong W1 m W2 313 lout hooligan 3131 hooliganism WIRE eleven rr W Wf public the people mm a rm dawn sometime at least to earn time period of day summer song to sing to shout to be printed 2quot Han man Vision of audience or auspicious meeting with Wf invitation to a dinner W are m m W m harm Wm m cm In Ti q but Rt W War again Wm lecturer W m pro t advantage point 33 WT to phone WT m m Banaras Varanasi rm to be 501d Elth Q30 0 m BHU Banaras Hindu University ah WT to bore new m m m to pay attention salt youth young man letter to like approve to recognise to arrive to play music nephew future IN THEEUTURE 30 WT to meet Wm 1T3 right here in this very place WI g uency WT to stop stay on Wm train Wf light W worth doing WT to return 33 right there in that very place mechanic artisan W m mf Wf understanding W 3 I to enter the understanding university arrangements be understood Fi true correct 391 mm aerOplane EFT WT to come to hand 317 to move stir 3139 only emphatic Wm j WHAT SHOULD I SAY p 9 EXERCISE 10b3 Translate 1 Kamala wants i rakash to do some shopping for tonight s dinner 2 Nobody knows why everything in the nearby shop is so expensive 3 it s possible that Pratap may return from Nepal by tonight 4 For some reason even Sangeeta wants Pratap to Come home soon 5 If Pratap s train is late someone might go to meet him at the station 6 If Pratap brings something for Sangeeta what will she say Vocabulary V 3W sill 5U this time Wf cow W certainly R f angry W 31339 impossible W m peon orderly 3111 after all W m spoon 3112 m autoerickshaw WT to want wish be fond of 3mm m half ig knife 333139 so as in so big so much W16 responsibility W m treatment Cure 315 m lie 3amp6 proper appropriate 2W twisted complex WT to take clown take off 1amp3 one and a half Wf hope immediately 337 high 3TH m price g miserly mean E otherwise 55TH m fork r m request r V 11 L M j b 3 cuisineindiawsrdpresscun1 m f D J16 j REEBy


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