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Intr to Info Studies

by: Yvette Hegmann

Intr to Info Studies SI 110

Marketplace > University of Michigan > Information > SI 110 > Intr to Info Studies
Yvette Hegmann
GPA 3.88

Robert Frost

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About this Document

Robert Frost
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Yvette Hegmann on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SI 110 at University of Michigan taught by Robert Frost in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/231623/si-110-university-of-michigan in Information at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
get both or a personal Financia Adviser MWMWW To prim this page seleu quotPrintquot from the File menu ofyour browser The devil is in Windows39 details ws Lhelmle Lhmgs hke mastered lelypes 39halalluWMmrusu lu mam39am us munupuly Wm me mun tackle Lham 7 By Sum Rnsenhuu on a 2mm Mmmsu arms Jusuce Depanmem eppenems are back m sel emennzlks urdered byU s Dismal Judge Culleen KullareKutelly Thelast semememreum urdered by me h h m m a m m geyemmem has dmpped us push m bmk up me eempany and nuW seeks a may er pruneduml rememes M quotWm essmually Eymg Expect us m are abuut sumemasly cum by being fumedlu m1 hrly wnh erauenges m 115 ladershm w m m an eempemers Take fur ms39ance me peeuuar matter er regsmred le types Tm ungamly phase 15 hardly a rammer me and w unnke lying bundling nelvmrk effed bruWSEr mtegahun and xnyum Ly Harm xLA n mm W WWW exleml n M err x uoc lU march Jues WJLII pluglmus nus is l guru as elegant as me Mac approach out it works uuui you warn lU swucu the program you use for a particular le type Then you39re basically at Microso 39s mercy Because Windows makes you go on a mad hunt through menus and folders and options to nd the dialogue box that lets you make any such change It39s not in the quotaddremove programs control panel where you39d expect it It s not under quotpropertiesquot when you rightclick on a le It s not in any obvious or easily accessible location For iture reference here is where it is In Windows 98 open Windows Explorer nd the View menu look under quotFolder Options then nd the hidden quotFile Types tab which may not even be there depending on what you have selected in the Windows Explorer window In Windows XP the feature is similarly hidden behind the cryptic quotFolder Options label Why does any ofthis arcane Windows lore matter other than as an example ofpoor interface design and what does any ofit have to do with the antitrust showdown at Bill Gates39 corral The quotregistered le type is in fact a power Jl innel for computer usage as it were and a key tool for Microsoft as it tries to muscle is way into new markets like control ofthe software people use to view digital photos and listen to digital music The courts are focused on quotbundlingquot the issue ofwhat pieces of software are included in the operating system automatically by Microso which for example has wrapped its new Windows Media Player into Windows to try to squash longtime competitors like Real Networks and to take control of the nascent online music industry The trouble is even if some court orders Microso to throw Real Player into the Windows package it doesn39t make much difference ifmost users can39t gure out how to switch the default player ofmusic les from Windows Media to Real When Joe User clicks on a music le even if he likes Real Player and prefers to use it Windows Media Player will open and play the le Unless Joe is a power user or an extremely persistent fellow he will eventually give up on Real The competitor39s software will sit on the hard drive unused while Microso takes over yet another market The remedy is obvious Force Mororo to make it easy to change registered le types in Windows It would probably take one of Microso 39s developers a short a ernoon to build a simple forthrightly labeled control panel that sits right on every user39s desktop and asks in plain English quotWhich program would you like to open Web pages Or text les Or MP3 audio les Or photo lesquot Then instead of Microso making choices for users to promote its new businesses users could decide for themselves quotwhere they want to go today The reason Microso has never done this isn39t technical its pure business hardball cowering behind the camou age of a technicality Alas the courw are unlikely to order such a remedy because it smacks of quotproduct design and the lawyers are understandably reluctant to get into the business of making such decisions Unfortunately it39s almost impossible to see how a wellintentioned court or legal settlement can bring Microsoft to heel without getting its hands dirty with such details Ifthe courts are to have any impact on the real world ofcomputing or make any headway against Microso 39s continued outing of the antitrust rules they will now have to bury themselves elbowdeep in stuff like registered le types That was why the breakup order though draconian in many ways offered a cleaner vision ofhow to curb Microso 39s illegal behavior than the mire of quotconduct remedies the company now faces If Judge KollarKotelly and the Justice Department take their work seriously Microso may nd itselfwishing it hadjust let itself be broken up Ifthey don39t we can look forward to another decade ofmonopo y Portxcript Several readers have emailed me to outline what they feel are holes in my argument They point out that in the most recent versions ofWindows a right click on le names will offer you an quotOpen with option and that ifyou navigate this properly you can check a box that says quotAlways open les ofthis type with this program thus effectively changing the default option This is correct but irrelevant to the point I39m making The power of quotdefaultquot settings lies in users39 ignorance and inertia There are millions ofWindows users who barely know what quotrightclickingquot is These users may be disdained by some ofmy correspondents but they constitute a critical mass in the marketplace Other readers have complained that I ignored the ability software developers have to let their programs commandeer Windows39 registered le types when programs are installed This is hardly a positive feature ofWindows39 in fact it is one of the problems with the operating system since courteous developers will ask users for their permission before changing a letype association but aggressive ones can just do so without checking Again this takes choice out ofthe hands ofusers and nuts us all at the mercv nfdevelnners who are trving to grab market share for their nrngrams Micrnsn isn39t the nnlv werw w m w my A w r 1 D Mam AM A mm rmsww mnswuuw mu troublemaker here My central point remains What Windows needs is a plainEnglish set of choices in plain view one that any novice user can easily nd and understand to tell the computer which program to use to open different kinds of les There is no good reason under the sun that Microso has not provided such an option About the writer Scott Rosenberg is Salon39s managing editor For more columns by Rosenberg visit his column archive He also maintains Wordyard Sound Off Send us a Letter to the Editor Related stories Slap on the wrist Is the Justice Department39s decision not to pursue a breakup of Microso a big wet kiss from Bush or just smart strategy The experts weigh in By Andrew Leonard and the Salon Technology staff 090601 Bill Gates Hero or fool A Wall Street Journal reporter says in a new book that even though Gates screwed up Microso 39s future he still might quotshoot the m ii By Andrew Leonard 083001 Game not over Microso broke the law says the appellate court But the company is still a long way from losing the biggest antitrust case in a generation By Andrew Leonard 062801 so To mgtgtTechnolog Salon Search AboutSalon Table Talk Advertisein Salon lnvestorRelalionS Arts amp Entertainrnent 1 Books iCornics im i News iPeooie Poiitios im i Teen amp Business and Tne Free Software Pro eot i Audio tetters i Coiurnnists iSaion Pius iSaion eear Peoroouotion of rnateriai from any Saion pages Witnoutwritten permission is Strictly oronioiteo Copyright 2001 Saion oorn Salon 22 4th Street16th Floor Sari Francisco CA was


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