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Des & Mfg I

by: Esteban Kautzer

Des & Mfg I MECHENG 250

Esteban Kautzer
GPA 4.0

Kazuhiro Saitou

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About this Document

Kazuhiro Saitou
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Esteban Kautzer on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MECHENG 250 at University of Michigan taught by Kazuhiro Saitou in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/231630/mecheng-250-university-of-michigan in Mechanical Engineering at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
ME250 Design and Manufacturing Winter 2011 Course Syllabus Lectures Tues and Thurs 130 pm 300 pm in 220 Chrysler Chesebrough Auditorium Labs Mon and Wed onehour sections select one beginning at 930 am in 224 EPB before Spring Break and in 1185 GGB after Spring Break Instructors Professor Kazuhiro Saitou Mr Mike Umbriac kazuumichedu mumbriacumichedu Office 3211 EECS Office 1107 66 Brown Office hours Wed 300500 pm Office hours Wed 900 am1200 noon in 2289 GGB Graduate Student Instructors Serge Gregory Kang Ching Jean Chu Jungkap Park sergeumichedu kcchuumichedu jungkapumichedu Sections TBA Sections TBA Sections TBA Office hours TBA Office hours TBA Office hours TBA Unless otherwise stated all GSI office hours will be held in 224 EPB before Spring Break and 1185 GGB after Spring Break ME Machine Shop 1119 GGB Director Mr Robert Coury hornetumichedu ME Design amp Systems Engineer project support Mr Toby Donajkowski tdonaumichedu 1107 66 Brown Course objectives and outcomes Course pack The lectures will follow ME250 course pack which will be available at Dollar Bill Copying Lecture PPTs and supplementary materials will be posted at course CTools site MECHENG 250 001 W11 Grade breakdown Exam 20 Exam 20 Lecture homework 10 Lab 39 39 10 Project 40 Lecture and lab homework Late homework will not be accepted unless you have made prior arrangements Questions on assignment scores must be brought to the attention of staff within one week after the assignment is returned Lecture and lab homework are to be completed on your own unless specified as group assignments This means You may discuss the subject matter with your classmates this is encouraged but not allowed to work out the details of the problems You are not allowed to discuss the problem set with previous class members nor anyone else who has significant knowledge of the details of the problems set Nor should you compare your written solutions whether in scrap paper form or your final work product with other students and vice versa You are also not allowed to possess look at use or in any way derive advantage from the existence of solutions prepared in previous years Violation of this policy is grounds for the nstructors to initiate an action that would be filed with the Dean s office and would come before the College of Engineering s Honor Council httpwwanDin Ilmirh quot 39 quot J If you have any questions about this policy please contact the nstructors Project The course project is on design and manufacturing a simple mechanical product done by a team of 45 students The project deliverables are two design reviews 5 total a 2minute video clip 5 and a prototype 15 and a final report 15 Details of the project deliverables will be provided separately No late submission will be accepted Since team activity is an essential part of this course you will be asked to submit a peer evaluation sheet at the end of the semester in order to evaluate participation of each team member including yourself to project activities Peer evaluation form is available on the course Ctools site Lab safety Safe use of the ME 250 lab facilities and equipment is a primary concern and responsibility of ALL users Everybody is expected to follow the safety and equipment procedures without fail If these procedures are not followed you may not be able to use the lab facilities 0 Everybody without exception must undergo the following shop trainings to work in the machine shop 0 January 10 21 Machine Shop Safety Training Lathe Mill and CuttingDrilling January 24February 4 Precision Measurement Lab Training in using Calipers and Micrometers etc 0 January 24February 4 Lathe and Mill Exercises 0 Training sessions will take place in ME Machine Shop 1119 GGB Contact Mr Bob Coury hornetumichedu for further information SAFETY GLASSES ARE A MUST AND ARE REQUIRED UPON ENTRY OF THESE LABS One pair of safety glasses per student will be provided Proper attire is required Some types of clothing that will NOT be suitable are 0 Open shoes and sandals 0 Loose flowing garments that may catch in a machine 0 Shorts or dresses less than full length Keep the work area clean and report any damaged broken or unsafe tools to GSIs


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