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Int to Intnl Studies

by: Jessyca Schmitt

Int to Intnl Studies CICS 101

Marketplace > University of Michigan > OTHER > CICS 101 > Int to Intnl Studies
Jessyca Schmitt
GPA 3.95

Bradley Farnsworth

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About this Document

Bradley Farnsworth
Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessyca Schmitt on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CICS 101 at University of Michigan taught by Bradley Farnsworth in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/231640/cics-101-university-of-michigan in OTHER at University of Michigan.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
inamp 3 J UH n17 T l39 Jim 397 V H 7 erwh l V m4 1 Q m mg 7mm 39 11 P cllrsm nr v quotn mhkd mg 39 A G11 259 A may I i 9mm 5 Us Affirm C 10611 CREATIVE MAP ON EU LECTURE Andre Pamela Heon Molly Noah Grace History Franco Prussian oGerman defeated The Allied Won including France sace and Lorraine rich in iron ore oDemanded Large War Compensation France and Germany were always on the opposite of the conflict Versailles Treaty IFrance took back Alsace amp Lorraine IFrance occupied Saar rich in coal IPunishing the Loser mentality is the cause for wars Marshall Plan lPlan that US should help European countries to rebuild Schuman 1950 Treaty of Rome ECSC 1951 19 60519 705 Treaty of Rome EEC 957 IFree movement of goods within Europe ISpecialization of national economy will end the motivation for war IEconomy as means for greater goal of European integration IGermany France Italy Benelux ICoal and Steel Commission ECSC expanded into other aspects of the economy named EEC IGreat Britain chose not to join IStrong economic growth among EEC members outpacing the nonmembers ie UK I UK tried to join EEC but rejected EEC 0UK was nally accepted to the EEC followed by oPortugal oCountries OEEC was oEuro oFormer Iron Greece and who were named EU currency Curtain Spain were neutral A signa entered countries are welcomed to during the towards circulation considered EEC after Cold War more into EU they became joined eg integration democracies Finland Denmark and Ireland oStrengthen the anti federalist opinion within EEC and federalism INSTITUTIONS European Union is a supranational entity with a federal system of government EU government system is similar to US system however with more sovereignty retained by each state The similarity lies in the fact that if state legislation conflicts with EU legislation on matters within EU dominion EU legislation trumps over national laws ECONOMY A Customs Union Theory a Elimination of all tariff and quotas between member states b Free movement of goods within the union c Single rules about goods coming from outside the union to the union d Effects i Trade Creation if increases standard of living ii Trade Diversion detracts standard of living B Optimal Currency Area Theory a Money was impediment for the European integration because it acts as transaction cost b Adjusting price of goods is one way to adjust the economy during shock c In 2002 the Euro was introduced d Major countries of EU in exception UK use it ACTIVITY ONE I History 1 Origin of EU FrancoPrussian War W1 W2 2 Spirit of 1945 quotNever again France V Germany Irreparable Damage a Two Mistakes ofpast Making the loser pay Resources to be shared b Solutions to Mistakes 47Marshall Plan winners helping losers 5 O French foreign minister proposed that European resources be pulled together Free trade formed the European Coal and Steel Community FR GR IT Belgium NE LX formed during treaty ofparis in 1951 3 Treaty of Rome in 1957 Same siX countries integrated all goods into the European Economic Community England not involved because separate from the Europeislandcolonies 4 Entrance into the EU brought in through clumps dictatorship states were ignored until 80s and Soviet states were ignored but could join after Cold War until 90s II Institutions 1 EUGermany as USTexas 2 Judicial review and supremacy unlike any other treaty states lose sovereignty because of their membership III Economics A Customs Union Theory definition CU is a group of country who agreed to two things eliminate all tariffs and quotas internally and have a single policy that applies to goods from external countries things to ponder trade creation v trade diversion B Optimal Currency Theory Euro allows different geographical regions to trade more easily prestandardizationpunishment for translating money caused by taX incentives presence oflabor union migration new employers government transfer purchases ACTIVITY TWO A Nation s Security Alan Stam 1 Once a state fails it is incredibly difficult to put it back together 2 Latitude that failed states normally end up on Equator or below 3 States care for people people care for states 4 All parts ofa state are interrelated so fixing one part will only be followed by a need to fiX something more 5 Legatum scale SILK ROAD AND PORCELAIN Silk road runs from China through central Asia Taklamakan Desert Middle East ends on eastern shore ofMediterranean o Oldest symbol of cultural exchange 0 Camel is enabling technology that makes the silk road possible to get through Thanks to Chinese paper and invent ofmass printing Buddhism spread across the east Eastwest movement is easier than northsouth Very basic pottery existed in the middle east so when Chinese introduced porcelain it was a hot commodity Iraq tried to imitate porcelain but it didn t work so they adapted by using cobalt o It takes a stimulus by an outside force to create innovation China then adapted by adding blue to their porcelain is now a Chinese quotstaplequot commodity CINEMA Cinema is an agent of globalization and was also affected by globalization Causes for ow 0 Cinema exploded because oflow production costs 0 no language barrier due to lack of sound 0 Cheap entertainment Barriers to ow 0 Patents and lawsuits o Expertise not everyone was capable Sound presented a new barrier made it hard to adapt to new cultures 0 Various ways of getting around it Multilanguage re ected intersection of industrial and cultural confusion and desires Articulation meaning the form of the connection that can make a unity of two elements ie your elbow is the articulation of the two parts ofyour arm Media imperialism entertainment products ofwesterndeveloped countries have negative effects on everywhere else because media is a major vehicle for cultural identification 0 Disseminates values that can be contrary to local traditions Remakes ofmovies in different cultures can be seen as either cultural homogeneity OR as innovative 10042011 the European Union HISTORY Where did the complex set of institutions we call the EU come from Big complex event with many different causes and interpretations there is no single cause Overwhelming line of thinking in Europe as of 1945 was quotnever again in terms ofwars There must be a way of avoiding the mistakes of the past 0 00 France and Germany always against one another During WI and WWII and in1870 Franco Prussian must not have any more wars that pit France against Germany two fundamental mistakes were identified as causes ofwars I First quotmaking the loser pay not only did they lose they had to repair things both in their own country and in the winning country Created a real burden on the losing country Happened to France after 1870 happened to Germany after WWI 0 just creates resentment sews the seeds of the next con ict Second it is an illusion to try to control on your own national soil all of the natural raw materials you need eg Germany taking Alsace and Lorraine from France for iron ore France taking the Saar from Germany for coal How do you avoid those mistakes 0 1947 Marshall break the cycle of the past US as a winner of the war helped Europe reconstruct 1950 Schuman French counterpart to Marshall allow free movement of goods across national borders which reduces the need to go to war over natural resources I each country will be too specialized and dependent upon the others to wage war on its own 1951 ECSC agreement 6 countries agreed to Schuman s quotpoolquot idea France Germany Belgium Luxembourg Italy Netherlands I these countries immediately tried to expand the pool to more parts of the economy sign a treaty so that it applies to all goods and services 1957 EEC deal Why did UK sit out 0 View of quotnever again was not as pronounced in UK Although they received a beating in WWII they were one of the only countries fighting the Germans who were left standing Also didn t view itself as just another country in Europe but rather as the head of the British empire an imperial power with global aspirations Standard ofliving and economy in European nations grow rapidly as opposed to in UK where it grew very slowly Decolonization occurs India becomes independent UK tries to then get in on European deals and eventually get in bringing with them small countries like Ireland and Denmarkin 1973 Spain Portugal and Greece were not welcome until they were made democracies in the 1980s 0 1990s Finland Austria join EU because ofthe end of the cold war they didn t want to appear anything but neutral during it o 2004 a few countries that were behind the iron curtain join EU Institutions I EU is much like the federal government in the US where the union itselfis sovereign in some circumstances and individual nations are sovereign in others I Iudicial review 0 If congress passes a lawbill and president signs it and there is later discussion or controversy surrounding interpretation of the law the courts settle it It is the same in the EU I Supremacy o If there is a state that has certain provisionslaws in its constitution that con ict directly with federal constitution federal always wins as long as its acting within its domain of authority same with EU I In EU there is also a legislative judicial and executive branch but they are called institutions Economics I Customs union theory a set of countries that have agreed to o No more tariffs or quotas for countries within union free movement of goods Countries that are not part of the union will be dealt with in a single way according to laws and regulations that apply equally to all 0 Countries within the union will adopt the same tariff for trade with countries outside the union 0 If countries are to join the union they must weigh I Trade creation a good thing enhances standard ofliving with I Trade diversion a bad thing decreases standard ofliving I Optimal currency area theory when do you want two areas to use the same money and when do you not want that 0 Migration between European countries is much less likely than it is between American states 0 Also unlike states Europe does not share taX revenues ifwork moves from France to Germany the tax money Germany gets does not come back to France I Since 1957 17 European countries have changed to the euro but the euro is in crisis what will happen to the euro 0 Some say Europe is not an optimal currency area it is just a matter of time until it falls apart 0 Others say that economics was never the catalyst for the EU it was to avoid more con icts and where there is a will there is a way A possible way is better distribution of taX revenues European Union Guest Lecture 1062011 64800 PM I History II Institutions III Economics o IIIA Customs Union Theory o IIIB Optimal Currency Area Theory History The Spirit of 45 o never again o in the previous decades numerous wars many countries on continent of Europe 0 France and Germany usually involved on opposite sides WWI WWII FrancoPrussian War 0 we just can not have a war every generation that puts France against Germany gt too much damage gt unacceptable o What were the mistakes of the past Making the loser payquot after wars losers had to pay for everything that happened in their country and for everything that happened in the winner s country too a generates a lot of revenge feelingsanger it is an illusion to try to control all of the strategic natural materials on your own national territory a after FrancoPrussian Germans took back parts of France that were rich with resources a after WWI France took back those lands and more from Germany c 1947 John Marshall of the US Harvard commencement speech 0 proposed the Marshall Plan in essence the US stood ready to help financially those countries in Europe that needed help in reconstructing post WWII financial support for winners and losers alike a they were winners trying to break the making the losers pay tradition a US is helping out or it s looking to buy friends for it s own purposes multiple interpretations out there a many take him up on offer 1950 French Foreign Minister Schuman O O O let s get beyond this illusion that we need to possess all the natural resources in our own country gt pooling inside Europe of resources allow resources to flow freely across boarders larger economy this would help prevent war will be unnecessary and unfeasible 6 countries agree to go into pool 1951 ECSC treaty of paris France Germany Italy Belgium Netherlands Luxemburg 1957 Treaty of Rome EEC expansion of goods that are to be covered by this integration geographic expansion today 27 members two major reasons that England stayed out at first in 1945 didn t see major reason for changing UK did not really think of itself as being part of Europe a it was imperial nation with global ambitions In the 60s British begin to change their minds 1973 They join a smaller countries come along as well Ireland and Denmark 9 countries Spain Portugal and Greece were not welcome not democratic 1980s politics change able to join Cold war is over more countries join iron curtain lifted 2004 10 othersjoin Political Science Hat o Judicial Review 0 like the US o Supremacy 0 EU is supreme Institutions o Europe has branches 0 legislative 0 executive o judicial c not just an ordinary treaty 0 Shared sovereignty o surrendered a lot of authority to a more central authority Economics o Customs Union Theory 0 agreed to eliminate all tariffs and quotas on movement of goods between them 0 common tariff for imports o 2 kinds of effects that occur when a customs union is formed trade creation good enhances standard of living trade diversion bad detracts from standard of living o Optimal Currency Theory 0 gradual enlargement of which functions are going to be performed at European level and which are going to be performed by the nation example n originally controlled by the nation gt every country using their own money o money was an impediment to integration 0 when do we want countries to use same currency and when a different keeps economists up at night adjustment mechanisms available in some places aren t available everywhere n if they don t exist gt you need a different adjustment mechanism gt 2 currencies Jim s Lecture 1062011 61300 PM History o spirit of 45 9 never again o 2 big mistakes that created conflict 0 making the loser pay 0 contested territory resources o solutions 0 Marshall Plan US gave financial support to help rebuild Europe after WWII o Schuman Pooling natural resources a Every country will specialize comparative advantage o 6 countries agreed to pool resources 0 France Germany and Italy Belgium Netherlands and Luxemburg o 1951 treaty of Paris pooling of natural resources for coal 0 1957 treaty of Rome creates the EEC o Slowly more countries joined 0 Gave legitimacy to the EU Institutions o EU acts like a federal government 0 Concepts Judicial review Supremacy All states were willing to surrender some sovereignty to the EU 0 Economics o Customs Union Theory 0 All countries agreed to eliminate tariffs and quotas No import or export taxes o Optimal Currency Theory 0 Monetary crisis around the euro 0 By everyone having the same currency it decreases the tools of the government to manipulate the market 0 Some people don t think Europe is an optimal currency area why the euro may break up and countries may revert to national currency Dalal Henry Tim Shana Tiffiany Lorela 0 EU as the historical o Sprit 45 mistake of the past 0 francoPrussian war the French and German on opposite sides as well as WWI AND WWII o 2 mistakes making the loser pay it is an allusion to try to control all the raw materials 0 1947 George Marshall 0 Harvard commencement I Marshall plan was enacted to fix the first mistake of making the losers pay 1950 speech given by Schuman says lets get beyond trying to control the natural resources By pulling the natural resources meaning allowing the resources to leave in and out of the country 1951 ECSC treaty of Paris formed the European coal and community 19572011 large geographic moment of the EU 1973 Denmark and Ireland join the EU 19805 Spain Portugal and Greece were allowed in the European union Cold war ends in 1990 Finland and Austria join Judicial review and supremacy costume union is a set of countries French Germany6 countries that have agreed on eliminating tariffs and free movements of goods with the respect of out the countries that implies the same common tariffs no tariffs among the customs union Optimal currency area theory when is it desirable to have the same currency and when is it not desirable to have the different currency Europe does not share tax revenues 1516 Bavarian peridy law in which had 4 ingredients was used in the beer CICS 101 913 Guest Lecture Herbert 1062011 641 00 PM Dan Herbert The history of transnational film remakes Today 0 0 Created M LV S Cinema as an agent of globalization Cinema is affected by globalization Globalization 0 Multi faceted event process Flows of people Flows of culturally significant symbols Flows of technology and technologies of flow The global market Flows of ideas put into practice Globalization in cinema 0 People all over the world make movies 0 Then there is the global audience we interpret films different than people in Sweden and Russia 0 Money is also important International funding Technologies Symbols Globalization in Hollywood obeys two logic One movie good enough for the entire globe Hollywood is looking out for the other movies across the globe remake Those images float out evenly or they get changed Conventions tells you how a good horror film should be tells you how to talk and behave o Genres gangster horror etc multilinguals aka FLVs Reflects intersection of industrial and cultural confusions and desires 0 An articulation What they did is write a script and then write them and 3 languages and then each of them are filmed separately 0 O O O O O O O O 0 On the American side o MGM Anna Christie makes the movie in German and English She plays the star in both About immigration itself 0 Universal Mummy Frankenstein Dracula Dracula English version is shot through the day the Spanish language actors had to shoot it at night And the director of the Spanish language one did not speak Spanish 0 Paramount Joinville brought together film labor and actors from all over the world making the films in 14 different languages constant rotation of actors screenwriters photographers etc c European side Germany UFA The Blue Angel shot in English and German The German version was more popular than the US Idea of being sophisticated European as an exotic film instead 0 0 Hollywood 2 o HW has dominated world cinema since the end of WWI bc of devastation in Europe o HW secured its European dominance after WWII o HW continues to dominate screen across the world Hollywood can justify the expense of a huge film and if you don t then you have the rest of the global world But also Hollywood sets the standard for what films should look like The movies would look cheap otherwise and that standard is based on a massive centralization of wealth Cultural Imperialism o Media imperialism paradigm Entertainment products of western developed countries have detrimental effects on developing non western nations These effects are manifest on the economy culture and politics 0 O o Imbalance is structural not temporary 0 Countries have the right to defend themselves The transnational film remake O O 0 What is important about MLV version is the simultaneous production from both languages But then with sound we have different attachment and redefine ORIGINAL v COPY What is more important is the process of how things come about The very idea of originality implies already that you have to have a copy So in some ways the remake produces an originality Origins at the the very beginnings of cinema mechanical reproduction Crisis at the coming of sound technologies MLVs Latest phase propelled by success of FrenchHW cycle Abre los Ojos and Vanilla sky Abre los ojos had funding from Spain other cultures Europe countries and they need to make a transnational fund to make a movie that can compete with Hollywood Transnational from the start Film starts with a nightmare and he is totally alienated First he tries to define himself through his physical nature The protagonist is trying to define themselves but then that is taken away in the film If you can t find yourself physically as a surface then you do psychologically O O O O 0 Blank canvas for identification Then there s the girl leads him through Literal and allegorical figure Cruz moved from Spain to Hollywood to make the two movies but they both girls are a symbol of a good girl in both movies Tom cruise in the Hollywood is part of the industry that makes the image


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