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Structural Dynamics

by: Karson Dicki

Structural Dynamics CEE 511

Karson Dicki
GPA 3.76

Jerome Lynch

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About this Document

Jerome Lynch
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karson Dicki on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 511 at University of Michigan taught by Jerome Lynch in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/231669/cee-511-university-of-michigan in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
6113535 4 Q 2 Mm 73m Megs feggbwga 5mg ggsri cy 1412sz Mu M0 a2 amast 2 3L S 3 will a a I L C gggwfgggm a m5 3w 93 a UN g 39 gag if 245418 26 3 3 gu g i 5 3333 magm 3A3 4 Agree 1 a g Damm m A A2 Cw gagWW gm ig g z 39 AsE UNbAMPab 0 0 C 31 z w 32 42 g 3539 w t 6523 5ka w mg m f 21 at 6 6 399 U U ml Z 6135 251 EAMFa j C Caar if CKWIQALW bAf g gt 2 w c kl sat 2 we 0 ant diogtj g a 2319 Ma a Mari 265 lbw1955 C gt Za 9 Gwamsvsgag C flt aef gt L 43 an 822 wgg jg2 J g w twnfzgg S gw f Um1324 4 Mamp A A U L i A n H S r w 39 413333 R Agei jig w wA1 lt 55 5221 a Mg 6 125336 v1 H f wa mm magma 6quot 003347 gmix 7 3m 9 MM mmmw w mem r w mm w 1 aw w fm wm wmmwm mebmm 336 gmvm u g w 52 3 x M em w M m M W myah Ag ngzx g 3 m 3 Saw a 3 3 a xaunwmmwgmw m 3 mm wwaw aw c K aw m u Q m 3 9 s m3 w m3 g L 0 g g 2 M 3 w x mexw W wmw mm mmg wm W w mom mmm mm mwm lm gmg g m mm xx 3M mmm wk gm sum mgwwm gmwmw 8 3 hm mmm w g mam u W m meka wwwmammm 3W3 d 43UNW W31 w mwv h w i meuAMn3 nEWQ L h g w gawk Kmwmgt Qmm 23 W ka NMIKQ umwasa wQ H 03 Raw 4 wmadsmm 335 Q w MMMW M M m 9amp3 m WNw amw 3w QM QHVANV JF W mm KVR m mm v mm W N mwymw WW gm 1 m 6AM SIMPLW J f 3 M a 2 6 414ng cub Q m 325a we 36 p w w 2m 43 Amym anb km 3 mete e W MM asmss my ame T7T7 t V 01 V 10 OSCIUMEHOKXS WFIMLD MM 44 69 M OWL T wdrmgg Effects of damping on free vibration U A um peCmnt Undamped structure uo Damped structure I M 7 t 7 peCwnt T 2n00n T0 21C0D Figure 222 from Dynamics of Structures Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering by Anit K Chopra PrenticeHall 2001 WQQWQS V 7mh3 Mad m nw w o w A gang N339 7 Wig m M Mmmr Siixavz e 9 Tijw g 9 Nafuraj FV W zis fy z 32 39rf X z aw i C Eng wg 5341 235ng 42 gfrma xw M g m M 5 xv w v W gm e 69 39 Fmgd lt9 ag wm 5 WA F K 838235 m 15 Eh m 295C D w 935 7 6 C13 F4 L K TQM a 5 emf a gm 55 wagm 39 gig 003 for We m W m 39man Vf v Magma M523 5232 gmagmggg 7 9 Td a wn EAaw Do 5 Max226 f gt A V at K j Miw Mm09 3 6113 23 b s aa 0 6 MK t i E E i i F 2952sz Sysw geyw ga gut Eva 33 m iwgi39 Mgima 2 W343 Mk 2 x 5 w 2 e 739 535 2 Q w Mrmquot rig 8 9 f WW 6 33 i2 2123 W C gig we 0 8 249 6971 2 liar O


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