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Section 5

by: Intisar Ullah

Section 5 MTH142

Intisar Ullah
GPA 4.0
Calculus 2
Dr. Hassard

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About this Document

Calculus 2
Dr. Hassard
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 8 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Intisar Ullah on Tuesday January 20, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to MTH142 at University at Buffalo taught by Dr. Hassard in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 139 views. For similar materials see Calculus 2 in Mathematics (M) at University at Buffalo.

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Date Created: 01/20/15
55 The Substitution Rule IEEiEILxagnmlziaule i1 Stzllibsquot1lit1ntiJuninn Innd leafi1IIquot1it asar Irmtejiegalggrajllls quotquotquot 7quot 7 a 39 Cl IJIIICJJIIC dx ue galu 3 dgm illl v l gzl 155 vp 1 2 1r 3in 395 25quot 1fo Eggfiffquot 2 122 Jail 211139 I Mm 14494 muff J C 0quotin gi f 39 l 39139 at 32 djll v m quot 1 a 4 I 0 IX atX w iiiiilfquot wu39 lw HIE Jquot 155 1 ETHIme Z 39 39 39 A W if xiiiW L I quot quot 39 39 a quot 1 gt inquot 1quot5 W39Hlf7 quot1 ZAPf HMS III ti I quot quot39I III 29 1quot gram ailiEL quotmlD39Jfim t a iilffilz quot 39939 hiquot I I I p 72 quot139quot lgwilfdii H Et39 d Allquot fault 6 132an mi j39 g w 81quotquot 71 ZII39JT39 7 quotiii 22 Gil JENia zlprler 2 SUIJititfllltil021m inn Illjmzjlez lifinjibe Illf ltIEEEEg IC39a115 quoti l i 39 1 ll llll l quotquot Ex 3 S 2 6 uti 39l Z11 iities Ji 42quot1e al1 iusftquot 415 45 L 49 W M e 5 EEL i j 4 1 I V I 9 It 39 JE quot Il 115 Sm C W1 2 1P MEX null397 w r We r f carw 39 1 u f ifquot P rquot I W 5 m 1 52 415 ER 1 111 391 J 451 54150115 1b if will I If F 491 t1424tuwrf 4 62 3391 4quot quotF I quot39 l M ILJENE JLl Cfccummarms Jun511111stirlu39liltcnn 1In You Wizaunrt 130 rlmeanse a 1112Eiti1t1LJl1tle u s 301t ha1t1the egglnggjgggiii1ndegr39e l can be 1 ewuriiwhen inn 1t21E3EtTII11 3 of u and duh I You want 11119 u i171berggre l to be 152152 I hamthe 01er nal jun1333715111 Iquot 7 t a a n q39 fquot 45 c3 22 15 Jay39wc22z25u1 A42245 m 15 it 139 r In t J 85 54 4 2 J m Answer im 1191711115 01 the Ozr39i g1 flat wuri ddle Sizzxaeumqpl35 3 Eu 4 Snutbs ti nut iiDan inn lhnrcileri tnji 1b a Imbeg 73L s I m 1 quot f I m 11 005 quot 1 I 1quotquot1395HC 2quot 13 3913 32675 157 d a I I F 63 395 15 45 M ka 47 239 a r q 1 w 1153 m I 39 r f quot 1quot 1m 1quot Ji 39539 we I M l 394 4C u r a a If r n r K r p r quot W 397 I 1 artW milH k I 11 CCCC 39 cullm 139 f iquot m 39 L1 22 h 5 41 InII 1quot 1 12172 lr nunII I IT P I P 4 45 m2 1 w 1 quot139quot fl 4 I j 1 IIEEIJcmr11Jrue 1 iEEi1u b sitj39lu1tin in llZIefiniL1te mute grams 2 1C 3 dart F quot2 III J rlr l I It f 39 39 1 3 0 quotI in F ii i It 39 P f 3 lab 39I P I quoti F I I quotF L r r f 241 gt 4 1quot I g 039 1 4r 7 I 1 at 1 If 1739 X W 5 I 60139 11 quot155 1 I u 39 r 1 r I 33132 21 5quot 41 It i 4 F li r 39 I I 39 if I 39 f p 39 I 57quotI53aLfquot mudI if 411 is u 2 I t I i I M f H am am X 2 12 13443 11391P39If 33quot 139 If 39 r 39I39 1quot III Iquot I r 51342 739259739 A 39 5 J 22 lt 31J139 J 42 I l cullI r 4390 2 1M 6 JQ r Exzzaunnple 2 Sub Ei ti 1trlL1L39 tji cm in ICJ39ceiEinistne Iljnrtnegarzall3 GE a l Add 1 139 I Iquot 39139 jammxmx ah 3 2952u d J ad 039 0 Pti r dz I 4 Xr tzrui39zf ll C 1119 12 39 0 f f n l39 L 4 39 f f 1 V r quotquot a r n r 44 44 2 A 41 A at X 1F2r39j 42 7 r f Ill 1JL ESI4i71V1r 391ZAL J I A Julr f f Zr fr 39 39 39 1 1K 57 l quot39 w r t l quotquot39 quotJ 2 4 If EX 2 jmhmum l 2 X l 474th 37 yr I i a quotquotquotf39 39 S W 39139 l 139 1fo iii1531f 0 f r iiiL2 Ill2 1W 1quot 3 39 lt5 i C l I 1 1 f 1 1 f39quot up 5 E 1 x 1510 X M1 fr ammple 3 SubStigturleCIn in DtEir ilf39litJEE Iiruteeygprals 1251 393939quot 539 Zquot 27 a t c 39 239 Nquot X z j I IIquot a I f 5quot l39 4512 quot3 Z 75 quot 17 22 j r quot39739quot a J 5quot 5 4C


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