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Solid&Struct Mech

by: Karson Dicki

Solid&Struct Mech CEE 212

Karson Dicki
GPA 3.76


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karson Dicki on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 212 at University of Michigan taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/231673/cee-212-university-of-michigan in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
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WmH mm xm mad Wm WW 1ka mmwm mvm mm 3ampme mme mmw mw mWw MDEW wwmmmgw Wm M g m 3 Mm ww MM mm a WW 2 Inigo534W M mam mmwm few Wmmmm mem m m a w mammwwmwam mwmm am xvv mmgmacw mwmwmmmw m A KW VWXW m w W WU W am 1523337131111155 m mg Wmmmw mwi w mmmxm v d w WW aw kw M K mww ww www 2 MW x h s m 93 KW Xmmm my mg gag Kw Method of Superposition The problems for Section 104 are 20 be solved by the method of superposition All beams have constant exural rigidity El unless otherwise stated When drawing shearforce and bending moment diagrams be sure to label all critical ordinates including maximum and minimum values Problem 1044 A propped cantilever beam AB of length L carries a concentrated load P acting at the position shown in the gure Determine the reactions R A R B and M A for this beam Also draw the shearforce and bendiugemoment diagrams labeling all critical ordinates igt K 5 a x 1 12 32 3me Mg w w Ram w Q m Q ywd xw 9 gig Mqu Fwww x a QAQZ4 09 QW gam mwm mw W xwxmw mmmagmwm a g WQQ mm WAQE wd zvq gym 1 Wm wwww wwWwww mm m t MAG gyxxw ww gk w WWMQIW WW enm M m me WEWQW Maw 2x nuggxm me mug g w gd gawk meim 4 w k w ha mm mm a mgwww e gmxw m mw mb WRMQQ E g mz wa Q wmw mmg Mm mw St W a mm wwwwmmmm mwmmkwm amp my wmw me hug xmkuw xx wmham rm WWW wwwtmm WWW MW 3 gm 1 lt2 3 M me mm Mm mmm mmw mwww 74 away wxw w 2m m km 4 Q K3 1 RX kw 1 a 3wa Q wv ww w a mgnum 8mm VEQW MW IN 1 a 3 55 gmg 5 59m mga 1 4 yg g gyggt zm myag 595 ngg W 53 E g w Maggi Ea ix mgmggw Ti CIAW 5 33 1 if Qievzsss Wee21w y Problem 7211 A rectangular plate of dimensions 30 in X 50 in is formed by welding two triangular plates see gure The plate is subjected to a tensile stress of 500 psi in the long direction and a compressive stress of 350 psi in the short direction 39 Determine the normal stress aw acting perpendicular to the line of the weld and the shear stress 7w acting parallel to the weld Assume that the normal stress aw is positive when it acts in tension against the weld and the shear stress 7w is positive when it acts counterclockwise against the weld U36 MWK S milk6 Te govt P eeta P va l jwb MMWM Same Sweeps


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