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Solid&Struct Mech

by: Karson Dicki

Solid&Struct Mech CEE 212

Karson Dicki
GPA 3.76


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karson Dicki on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 212 at University of Michigan taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/231673/cee-212-university-of-michigan in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
wwwm Aw W mmmmmhw lt Av wawf h mmu m a m 9 Wg g m im gfm WWW wwmam way W mmzw wz NWkamamwMMww mgbm WQWcmmm I mwma amm mm mm mwm p3 V v f Elma mmmmm mmwmxaw mmmw wm m my Wmmwmmw mammwa W w W PW w4 rsigwg ii W a 9me Wag K3 W E w mamw m x wwwmmmmgwgw a m mWw mw m miaw w mwiw 4 w mgm mmmumorvw mEZ aMm Maw Wmmx muwxmm mmw ww w 3 Wm mm bm me mw Wmmmm Wm myg wm w w MWWmmv a m mmm W m km Wmmmg mw Mmm WWmm km mmm wkmm EMF Wm m mammvm ms FE hammme wwkg mwm Exmm Nmmm m ymm m mkg a mamm ma m mgmv MWWEAQ gm mw meykmm a a a W wwwwmfw mm w Mmme mme AW fww mwm wgwwamw A M M WWW iv mlmmwawwmmwr swgrm mam pm A mmmm w Exam mem m MWMWMQWW WW www wm e WWQWw w Q1 3 w L f 35 N mwwgm mwmw m mww w M m wwwmmwxmz v mw Wwa Aw m um m Mammy gm r wm mammva amp vgw mw i am A mmwy w WXWAWW mwwgmw LMQE Wsm 2 a mgb km g i k vgw ag i gagngkmf g a W Egg p w gmmm Problem 233 A steel bar AD see gure has a cross sectional area of 040 in2 and is loaded by forces P1 2700 lb P2 1800 lb and P3 1300 lb The lengths of the segments of the bar are a 60 in b 24 in and c 36 in 3 Assuming that the modulus of elasticity E 30 X 106 psi calculate the change in length 6 of the bar Does the bar elongate or shorten b By what amount P should the load P3 be increased so that the bar does not change in length when the three loads are applied 76 CHAPTER 2 Axialty Loaded Members Solution 232 Copper bar with a tensile load 1quotquot g T a DOWNWARD DISPLACEMENT 6 P 180 kN Steel L PL 180 kN post s 2 c 20 m L ECAC 120 GPa4800 mmz 1 0625 mm P2LS 90 kNO5 m 5 E A 200 GPa4500 m2 0050 mm 8 BC 65 0625 mm 0050 mm c 20 m 39 0675 mm Ac 4800 mm2 50 no em 13 MAXIMUM LOAD lquotmax 6max 10 mm Pmax amax 6max 5 05 1 Fwd AS 4500 mm2 P ES200 GPa Pm180kN 139933m 267kN 0675 mm Problem 233 A steel bar AD see gure has a crosssectional area of 040 in2 and is loaded by forces P1 2700 lb P2 1800 lb and P3 1300 lb The lengths of the segments of the bar are a 60 in b 24 in and c 36 in a Assuming that the modulus of elasticity E z 30 X 106 psi calculate the change in length 8 of the bar Does the bar elongate or shorten b By what amount P should the load P3 be increased so that the bar does not change in length when the three loads are applied Solution 233 Steel bar loaded by three forces P1 q 1 BL I 60in 24 in 36 in 39 A z 040 in P1 2700 lb P2 1800 1b a CHANGE IN LENGTH P32130011 E30gtlt106psi a AXIAL FORCES z E1 NABLAB NBCLBC NCDLCD NAHSP1P2 P3 32001b NBC 2 1 2 P3 500 lb W 3200 1b60 in Nan P3 3 1300 lb 5001b24 in 13001b36in 00131 in elongation lt Problem 235 A twostory building has steel columns AB in the rst floor and BC in the second oor as shown in the gure The roof load Pl equals 400 kN and the second oor load 1 2 equals 720 kN Each column has length L 375 m The crosssectional areas of the first and second oor columns are 11000 mm2 and 3900 mmz respectively a Assuming that E 206 GPa determine the total shortening SAC of the two columns due to the combined action of the loads P1 and P2 1 How much additional load Po can be placed at the top of the column point C if the total shortening SAC is not to exceed 40 mm


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