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Junior Laboratory II

by: Miss Felicita Stiedemann

Junior Laboratory II ECE 618

Miss Felicita Stiedemann
GPA 3.8

Daniel Brogan

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About this Document

Daniel Brogan
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Felicita Stiedemann on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 618 at University of New Hampshire taught by Daniel Brogan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/231686/ece-618-university-of-new-hampshire in Computer Engineering at University of New Hampshire.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
UNH ECE 618 Junior Laboratory H Spring 20097Lecture 4 February 10 Background for Lab 4 Oscillator Design 0 Feedback gain can be used to create an oscillator as shown in Figure 1 SYSTEM As FEEDBACK Bs Figure 1 Feedback system for use in building an oscillator o The transfer function of the system in Figure 1 is derived as VatltsgtAltsgtWsgtBltsgtmm w W o The system oscillates when AltSgtBltSgt140 ie when the denominator goes to zero 0 Loop Gain ASBS is called the loop gain 0 Design a passive feedback phase shift network to generate an oscillator for As gt 1 Figure 2 Passive phaseshift feedback system for use in building an oscillator The feedback network of Figure 2 is a voltage divider consisting of serial and parallel Daniel S Brogan 1 UNH ECE 618 Junior Laboratory H Spring 20097Lecture 4 February 10 subsections Its transfer function is de ned as L PSCP Z RP 1 RCP J 33F S P 3 PRP ZSZP R 1 lsCSRS RP Rsi l SCS lsCPRP SCS RPL SCP BS SCSRP SCSRP 1 SCSRS 1 sCPRP SCSRP 1 SCSRS sCPRP SZCPCSRPRS SCSRP 33 SCSRP SZCPCSRPRS s CSRS CPRP CSRP 1 Ifwe let RRPRS and CCPCS BSC2RZSZCJQ3SCR11 1 1 CRs3 CRS Thus the loop gain is A A As B s S S 1 3jCRa2 3j CRw i jCRa CRa In order to make the loop gain 140 As3 CRwO 0 a 1 CRa0 where we is the frequency of oscillation in rads o In simulation noise may have to be added to the circuit in order to start the oscillations 0 Solving a similar feedback network using matrix equations Daniel S Brogan UNH ECE 618 Junior Laboratory H Spring 20097Lecture 4 February 10 z mgtltscngtVl Vro 7 e t mltscugto m S 1 1 1 T V I SCllRa J SCllRa J Kn Cofactors Kn nv K7142 1 3 0 Determinat 0 SC12 Ra 2Ra Daniel S Brogan UNH ECE 618 Junior Laboratory H Spring 20097Lecture 4 February 10 T out SC RH 11 V l 1 3 1 1 out 1HJESCHJ SCHR V V quot 1 isC12 i anRa1isC12 i anRa 2Ra anRa Ra 2Ra Ra K7142 2lellea S 2lelleas V anRa 13 sZRaCu 2 3C11Ras2CnCuR sz 32C12Ras 2 m 2CRS 0 11 Vm 2C11C12st2 3C11Ra 2C12Ra s 1 Now put it in a form for nding values to make the loop gain 140 ZCHRH m 3C11Ra 2C12Ra 2C11C12stl S 11120 2C C st1 0 jZCHCuRaza0 j s we 1 and Am 3C11Ra ZCHRH Ra m0 V 2CVIICVIZ 2Allen 0 Some other oscillator types Wein Bridge Crystal Daniel S Brogan UNHECE 618 JuniorLaboratory II Spring20097Lecture 4 February 10 Lissajous Plots Find the phase difference between inputs of a single frequency FigllIPH15e a4 Lissziuus uszmv A u39 a 6039 a a or 330 c w m 21a ul5n39 or 2w a 42 mu 0 A 2D demo hffn39 fr nh39vier 39 39 quot39 39 39 him 0 A 3D dem01ht39rn39 WVan ir net rm quot i m39nn hrm Daniel S Brogan


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