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Appl of Integrated Circuits

by: Miss Felicita Stiedemann

Appl of Integrated Circuits ECE 775

Miss Felicita Stiedemann
GPA 3.8


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Felicita Stiedemann on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 775 at University of New Hampshire taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/231694/ece-775-university-of-new-hampshire in Computer Engineering at University of New Hampshire.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Nutio n at Semiconductor LM380 25W Audio Power Amplifier General Description The LM380 is a power audio amplifierfor consumer applica tions In order to hold system cost to a minimum gain is internally fixed at 34 dB A unique input stage allows ground referenced input signals The output automatically self centers to onehalf the supply voltage The output is short circuit proof with internal thermal limiting The package outline is standard dualinline The LM380N uses a copper lead frame The center three pins on either side comprise a heat sink This makes the device easy to use in standard PC layouts Uses include simple phonograph amplifiers intercoms line drivers teaching machine outputs alarms ultrasonic driv ers TV sound systems AMFM radio small seno drivers power converters etc August 2000 A selected part for more power on higher supply voltages is available as the LM384 For more information see AN69 Features Wide supply voltage range 10V22V Low quiescent power drain 013W VS 18V Voltage gain fixed at 50 High peak current capability 13A Input referenced to GND High input impedance 150kQ Low distortion Quiescent output voltage is at onehalf of the supply VOHage I Standard dualinIine package BYPASS r U ra vs uuumvznnwo INPUT 2 13 m 3 rz GM 4 ll GND 5 1n mvsnrmnmrur 5 9 N min 7 x vDUT 39Heilsink Pins 00697701 Order Number LM380N See NS Package Number N14A connection Diagrams DuallnLine Packages Top View quotcr 3 BYPASS N NlNVEFlTING INPUT 2 INVERTING INPUT 3 E VouT END 4 END 00697702 Order Number LM380N8 See NS Package Number NOSE 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation D5006977 wwwnalionalcom Jerindwv Jemod 0an MS39Z 088W39l LM380 Block and Schematic Diagrams LM380N LM380N8 BVPASS Vs uwnss Vs GND GND 00697703 00697704 A vS 1M I I 1 5 a 25K 25K o OUTPUT quot quot 39 us BVPASS V m 5 I 25K 10 IF I Ivyr 0 quotquot p Omu 6 Z 150K quot150K 1 v 39 E GNI 3451n1112 00097705 wwwnan39onalcom 2 Absolute Maximum Ratings Note 1 Operating Temperature 0quotC to 70quotC If MilitaryAerospace specified devices are required Junction Temperature 150 C please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Lead Temperature Soldering 10 sec 2603 Distributors for availability and specifications ESD rating to be determined SUPP39V V0tage 22V Thermal Resistance Peak Current 13A edc 14pin DIP 30quotCW Package Dissipation 14Pin DIP Note eJc 843m Dlp 37vCW 7 saw eJA 14Pin DIP 79 CW Package Dissipation 8 Pin DIP Note 7 167W eJA 8Pin DIP 107aCW Input Voltage 05V Storage Temperature 65 C to 150 C Electrical Characteristics Note 2 Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units POUNRMS Output Power RL 89 THD 3 Notes 4 5 25 W AV Gain 40 50 60 Vv VOUT Output Voltage Swing RL 89 14 VPp ZIN Input Resistance 150k 0 THD Total Harmonic Distortion Notes 5 6 02 PSRR Power Supply Rejection Ratio Note 3 38 dB VS Supply Voltage 10 22 V BW Bandwidth PoUT 2W RL so 100k Hz IQ Quiescent Supply Current 7 25 mA VOUTQ Quiescent Output Voltage 8 90 10 V BIAS Bias Current Inputs Floating 100 nA SC Short Circuit Current 13 A Not mrl39 39 hmquot h rl h d g h d in Operating D M d d 39 Which the device is tunctional but do not guarantee specitic pe r10rmance limits Note 2 VS 18V and TA 25 C unless otherWise specitied Note 3 Rejection ratio reterred to the output With CBYPASS 5 F Nole4 With device Pins 3 4 5 10 11 12 soldered into a 116quot epoxy glass board With 2 ounce copper toil With a minimum surtace 01 6 square inches Note 5 CBYPASS 0 47 utd on Pin 1 Note 6 The maximum junction temperature 01 the LM380 is 150 C Note 7 The package is to be derated at 15 CW junction to heat sink pins tor 14rpin pkg 75 CW tor 87pm wwwnationalcom OQSW39I LM380 Heat Sink Dimensions i i 15quot I 55 00697706 Slaver Heat Sink VV7 Slaver Company 41 Saxon Ave P 0 Drawer H Bayshore NY 11706 Tel 516 66678000 Copper Wings 2 Required Soldered Io Pins 3 4 5 1o 11 12 Thickness 0 04 Inches Typical Performance Characteristics Maximum Device Dissipation vs Device Dissipation vs Output Ambient Temperature Power 4Q Load 10 9 A s g 5 E s 7 E E 6 a E 5 E E 4 E 3 1 a 3 g o 2 a c 1 o n o m 20 30 4o 50 so 70 50 90100 n n5 Lil l5 20 2510 35 an a UTPUT POWER WATTSI 00697713 TA AMBIENT TEMPERATURE C Note 2 oz copper foil singlesided PC board 00697712 wwwnaiionalcom 4 Typical Performance Characteristics Continued VOLTAGE GAIN I15 Device Dissipation vs Output Power 8 a OLod DEVIEE DISSIPATIDN WATTS 11 051015 2n 2510 15 40 4550 OUTPUT POWER WATTS 00697714 Power Supply Current vs Supply Voltage In A POWER SUPPLY CURRENT lmAl an 10 12 14 15 1s 20 22 v39 SUPPLY VOLTAGE V 00697716 Output Voltage Gain and Phase vs Frequency 40 1av 35 1 2 am 2 120quot 1 I lBDquot m m 1 2 0 301139 380 1k 10k lll k 1M 10M FREQUENCY 1H1 00607710 Tm quot quotMUN39C D39STUW39Uquot DEVICE msswmuu mans THO A TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION Va Device Dissipation vs Output Power 169 ad 0 N m N 1 Ln u 0 ll 0510 15 20 25 310 15 40 45 50 20 IE 16 I4 12 10 08 06 04 02 0 100 200 5W 1 2k 5k 10k 20k 10 90 80 10 50 50 Total Harmonic Distortion Total Harmonic Distortion Lo OUTPUT POWER WATTS vs Frequency 11L an 131 FREDUENCV HI vs Output Power I 1 kHz vcc22v an 01 Po 7 OUTPUT POWER IW TTS 05 10 20 50 00607715 00607717 l0 00607710 wwwnalionacom OQSW39I LM380 Typical Performance Characteristics Continued Device Dissipation vs Supply Decoupling vs Output Power 05 5015 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl E 04 g g Il z a e ll 3 3 III 39 2 quot2 S E II g 01 quot 1m No 3 a ii a u 01 02 03 04 05 In m 100 Hz 1 kHz OUTPUT POWER WATTS rREquucv 00697720 00697721 Typical Applications Phono Amplifier v5 1 M F 75x 4 25K 1 n5 5 m F p 1 CRVSTAL VOLUME WK I CARTMDGE CONTROL F new TOME I l CONTROL L 857 Bridge Amplifier AA vvv 00097709 wwwnalionalcom 6 Typical Applications Continued Intercom um I TALK I I REMDYE I I I I L J unwrale wnu nmucunnm LDADS 00697710 Phase Shift Oscillator lgt 4 kHz 00697711 OQSW39I wwwnaiionacom LM380 Physical Dimensions inches millimeters unless otherwise noted H373 4 04744010 gt 0090 gt 2206 0002 W m m m m 00320005 2337 L I 00130127 PIN No IDEN 02500005 HAD 1 T l s 350127 7 PIN ND 1 0507 00001 N 0 ll lLl lil Ill 0200 D m MIN lt 7112 0030 MAX 1015quot 39 quotm 007002 0702 9 014570200 0300 0320 M a mm 39 7524120 39 2 71 gt lt 3003T5000 0125 0140 w l 95 J 0055 1175 3550 39 quot25 1551 v M 0000 0015 3175 90 i40 0500 0229 0301 NA TVP MIN 0040 quotUM 001010003 0 325 ms 04570075 1010 010 1 5570301 00450015 11430301 man 50 1524 1270 0an m Molded DuallnLine Package N Order Number LM380N8 NS Package Number NOSE 070070770 m 0090 f2200 m quot lNDEX m I 1 32133 0000 rO i 0 pm XL mm n n u n a a mm 1139 u a n 2333 327304 070001 mm 02 01350005 01000320 B 73090121 W Tm as 55 7quot Il ly39 39ln i 39 quot65 0020 7 90 w quot 39H W 13 mime quot m 5 lt 73333535 7 mm Wquot i 010000 0 a lemtw Molded DuallnLine Package N Order Number LM380N NS Package Number N14A wwwna039onalcom Notes National does not assume any responsibility for use of any circuitiy described no circuit patent licenses are implied and National reserves the right at any time without notice to change said circuitry and specifications For the most current product information visit us at wwwnationalcom LIFE SUPPORT POLICY NATIONAL S PRODUCTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED FOR USE AS CRITICAL COMPONENTS IN LIFE SUPPORT DEVICES OR SYSTEMS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN APPROVAL OF THE PRESIDENT AND GENERAL COUNSEL OF NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION As used herein 1 Life support devices or which a are intended for surgical implant into the body or b support or sustain life and whose failure to perform when properly used in accordance with instructions for use provided in the labeling can be reasonably expected to result in a significant injury to the user systems are devices or systems 2 A critical component is any component of a life support device or system whose failure to perform can be reasonably expected to cause the failure of the life support device or system or to affect its safety or effectiveness BANNED SUBSTANCE COMPLIANCE National Semiconductor certifies that the products and packing materials meet the provisions of the Customer Products Stewardship Specification CSP9111CZ and the Banned Substances and Materials of Interest Specification CSP91 1 182 and contain no Banned Substances as defined in CSP9111SZ National Semiconductor National Semiconductor Americas Customer Europe Customer Support Center Support Center Fax 49 0 1807530 85 86 Email new leedbacknsc com il urope supponnsc com Tel 17800727279959 Deulsch Tel 49069 9508 8 English Tel 44 0 870 24 o 2171 wwwnational com Frangals Tel 33 0 1 4i 91 8790 National Semiconductor iapan ustomer Support Center Fax 81737563977507 Email ipn leedback lnsccom Tel 81737563977560 National Semiconductor Asia Paciiic Customer Support Center Email ap supponnsc com Jeiiiidwv Jemoci oipnv MS39Z ossw1


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