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Regnl Geography Western World

by: Keyon Bergnaum

Regnl Geography Western World GEOG 401

Marketplace > University of New Hampshire > Geography > GEOG 401 > Regnl Geography Western World
Keyon Bergnaum
GPA 3.59

Blake Gumprecht

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About this Document

Blake Gumprecht
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keyon Bergnaum on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 401 at University of New Hampshire taught by Blake Gumprecht in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/231697/geog-401-university-of-new-hampshire in Geography at University of New Hampshire.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
GEOG 401 Regional Geography of the Western World Fall 2010 Exam 4 Study Questions North America What are the distinguishing characteristics of North America s eleven landform regions How have the Appalachian highlands been important in human terms What is the Fall Linequot where is it located and why is it important What landform process created the Pacific mountains and how is its influence felt today Why has the Clean Water Act been ineffective at cleaning US rivers and streams What were the attributes of the three stages in European settlement of the region What explains the checkerboard pattern of land use west of the Appalachians What three factors stimulated EuroAmerican settlement of the Great Plains and West What have been the four most important internal migration trends in the region Why was North American transformed from a predominately rural to urban region after 1850 When and why did the black exodus from the US South occur How has the structure of North American cities changed since the 19th century What transportation innovation led to the development of the first residential suburbs What are edge citiesquot why have they developed and where are they typically located What were the attributes of the region s native population at the time of European contact What was the impact of European conquest on indigenous groups in the region How and why have the source areas of US immigrants changed over time Why did US immigration decline dramatically from 1920 to 1970 and why has it rebounded How has the Canadian immigration experience differed from that of the United States In what ways have the political histories of the US and Canada diverged How and why have USCanada relations changed over time What contemporary challenges exist in relations between the US and Canada What are the distinguishing characteristics of the region s industrial form of agriculture Why is energy such a vital issue in the region and how is energy production changing Why is coal considered a problematic resource despite its relative abundance in the region What is meant when it is said that North America has experienced a sectoral transformationquot How and why has the focus of the region s economy changed over the last 150 years Why is hightech development important and what factors shape its geography Australia and Oceania Why is Australia a stable land mass with little tectonic or mountainbuilding activity What are the characteristics of Australia s three landform regions What is the Great Artesian Basin where is it located and why is it important What two factors explain why much of Australia experiences dry climates Why is New Zealand so geologically active and what are the impacts ofthat activity How do New Zealand s North and South islands differ environmentally Why does New Zea land possess such a diverse range of natural environments What are the attributes of the two main types of islands present in the Pacific Why has the introduction of exotic species been damaging What have been the negative consequences of mining in the region Where did the original inhabitants ofthe region come from and how did they get there What environmental change made possible Aboriginal migration to Australia Why were New Zealand and the Pacific islands settled later than Australia Who were the original inhabitants of New Zealand and where did they migrate from What group settled large parts of the Pacific and exerted the greatest cultural influence Which European countries sought to colonize Australia and New Zealand What was Australia s original purpose as a British colony and how did that change How did the British treat the Aboriginal peoples who inhabited Australia when they arrived Why did the British have difficulty colonizing New Zealand Who were the first Europeans to establish a presence on the small Pacific islands How are population patterns in Australia and New Zea land typical of wealthy states How does the environment influence population distribution on Australia and New Zealand How are the population attributes of many Pacific islands similar to other poor regions How have the characteristics of Aboriginal and Maori peoples differed What European groups have been most prominent in Australia and New Zealand and why What is the nature of contemporary immigration in Australia and New Zealand What are the cultural characteristics of the Pacific islands How have Europeans impacted the cultural patterns on the Pacific islands How did the colonial histories of Australia and New Zealand differ How did colonial patterns shape the current political structure of Australia and New Zea land Why have foreign powers sought to establish a presence on the Pacific islands How have the Pacific islands evolved politically How has Australia s treatment ofAboriginal peoples changed over time How has the plight of New Zealand s Maori differed from that of the Aboriginal peoples What are the distinguishing features of the economies of Australia and New Zealand Why is manufacturing relatively unimportant in Australia and New Zealand How and why have trade patterns changed in the region Why are economic indicators for the Pacific islands deceptive What are the most important aspects of the Pacific island economies What is the MIRAB syndrome and why is it relevant to the Pacific islands


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