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10/29 Notes

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1 review
by: Vincent Tran

10/29 Notes Engl 22

Vincent Tran
GPA 3.8
Fantasy and Science Fiction

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About this Document

Riddles in the Dark- J.R.R Tolkien (272) Darkness Box - Ursula de Guin Red as Blood- Tanith Lee Malaysian Mer- Jane Yolen
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Class Notes
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1 review
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"Why didn't I know about this earlier? This notetaker is awesome, notes were really good and really detailed. Next time I really need help, I know where to turn!"
Conner Halvorson V

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vincent Tran on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Engl 22 at San Jose State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views.

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Reviews for 10/29 Notes

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Why didn't I know about this earlier? This notetaker is awesome, notes were really good and really detailed. Next time I really need help, I know where to turn!

-Conner Halvorson V


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Date Created: 10/29/15
October 29 Riddles in the Dark RR Tolkien 272 0 Mock Epic don t ght with normal epic weapons like swords but with riddles Q Gollum lives on an island in middle of lake eats goblins eats hobb s Q Bilbo hobbit lost in cave Q Fights with riddles O bilbo wants a way out 0 Gollum wants to eat bilbo Q Riddle Answers chestnuts mountain teeth wind sun on the daisies dark eggs sh time 0 Neck Riddle riddle has no answers 0 Ring of Gyges british ring old stories 0 Bilbo felt pity for Gollum so didn t kill him 0 Lost his buttons when slid through tight door Darkness Box Ursula de Guin 0 At the beach with no sun 0 Son of the witch nds a box 0 Rikard prince ghting his exiled brother protecting his kingdom 0 King throws darkness into the sea and is sel sh Q Darkness made Rikard s gri on turn on him Red as Blood Tanith Lee 0 magic mirror 0 Bianca means white snow white is a vampire Q Bianca s mother witch who came out at night 0 Witch queen bothers Bianca Q Huntsmen Witch queen orders him to watch him but Bianca turns on him Queen takes matter into her own hands shows her power Lucifel god that changes her into an old person Gifts witch gives Bianca comb apple gridle Resurcat to rise again Prince revives Bianca when queen gives her the apple solar time seasons theme of the book Christianity good vs evil one cannot exist without the other 0 women in charge Malaysian Mer jane Yolen Ms Stambley from salem massachusetts England where the shop antique Treasurer of group Likes to buy sea magic had a book of spells Transports to ocean uses wren feathers keep the mer at may seven small bones from a horseshoe crab creates a maze silver coin attached to knife signi cance of moon strong against sea pushes the tides Q stabs that damn malaysian mer and breaks spell and goes back to shop and walks out like a bitch and is like im so strong look at me independent black woman k 0 Mariana Trench Q Britannica spell book


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