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Intro To Linguistics

by: Chauncey Grant

Intro To Linguistics ENG 320

Chauncey Grant
GPA 3.95

Cala Zubair

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About this Document

Cala Zubair
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chauncey Grant on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 320 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Cala Zubair in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/231714/eng-320-university-of-north-carolina-wilmington in Foreign Language at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
ENG 320002 Introduction to Linguistics Tu amp Th 930 71045am Morton 210 Cala Zubair Office 123 Morton Hall Email zubaircuncwedu Phone 9109623703 Office hours Tu amp Th 24pm or by appointment Course Description We begin with a brief introduction of speech production or how speakers organize and produce sounds Then we examine sentence structure and word meaning learning to extract regularities from linguistic data We conclude by discussing how knowledge about language patterns can be applied in context This involves topics such as how English is spoken differently on the East and West coasts of the US or in Britain vs America how speakers may talk differently to single or mixedgender groups or how President Obama s speech might be perceived differently by varied populations of speakers Prerequisites none Learning Goals This course provides an introduction into the scientific study of language 1 You will learn various approaches to studying language including linguistic sound structure and meaning 2 You will become familiar with topics at the intersection of language and social use such as linguistic variation and topics in language and culture ie intercultural communication language and gender 3 You will study linguistic terminology learn methods of linguistic analysis and practice applying them Evaluation Homework 45 Midterm 20 Final essay 25 Participation amp Attendance 15 Required Text Bergmann A Currie Hall K and Ross S eds 2007 Language Files 10th ed Columbus OH The Ohio State University Press Assignments 90 o Homework 145 You will be given 10 homework assignments each worth 5 of your grade with the lowest grade dropped Homework will be due every Thursday starting the second week of the class and continue through the twelfth week I require both a hard copy and an electronic copy of each assignment The hard copy is to be handed in at the beginning of class on the day it is due The electronic copy is to be emailed to me before class NO EXCEPTIONS I do not accept late homework If any credit is given it is at my discretion 0 Midterm 20 Following your rst eight homework assignments you will be given a midterm currently scheduled for October 25111 but subject to minor change This midterm will be administered in class Makeup midterms are at my discretion and only allowed in extreme circumstances Do not be absent on midterm day If you have concerns please come talk to me 0 Final essay 25 Your nal essay will be a take home exam to be handed in during the nal exam period for this class More details to follow Participation amp attendance 10 0 Attendance and being one time are mandatory Your attendance in this class is vital to your ability to learn This class revolves around inclass discussion which entails being present I will deduct 1 from your grade each time vou exceed your 3rd absence For any absence I expect to hear directly from you regarding the reason Please do not miss class unless absolutely necessary And do not be tardy Though your grade will not be directly penalized for tardiness or the rst 3 absences frequent tardiness and absences affect your homework grade see my no late policy above and it may figure in to my assessment of your willingness to participate Please see me if you have any concerns Coursework This is class involves both careful reading and time spent solving homework problems On average I will assign you up to 3 hours of readingstudying for every Tuesday class and up to 3 hours of homework for every Thursday class this means you will often be spending 6 hours on this course each week While I cannot grade you on whether or not you complete each reading assignment your ability to participate and complete homework and exams will suffer if you do not have a handle on course material Do your reading and homework and do not fall behind We will be moving along at a vigorous pace gt NOTE Please bring your textbook to every class If I have posted readings on blackboard please print these and bring them Correspondence The best way to reach me is email However I do not plan to check my email any later than 7pm Please plan ahead if you need to reach me Grading Scale A 93100 B 8789 C 7779 D 6769 A 9092 B 8386 C 7376 D 6366 B 8082 C 7072 D 6062 Blackboard Learn I will post certain class readings and materials on blackboard learn httpsleamuncwedu You are responsible for navigating this site and accessing materials I post For assistance see the Technology Assistance Center 7 TAC located on the rst oor of Randall Library wwwuncwedutac 9109624357 Academic Integrity You are required to follow UNCW s Academic Honor Code for this course The policy is documented in the Undergraduate Catalogue and in the Student Handbook Please become familiar with this document Academic dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated in this class and will be reported to the appropriate university authorities Plagiarism Please be especially familiar with UNCW s position on plagiarism Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty in which you take someone else s ideas and represent them as your own Plagiarized work receives an automatic 0 for that assigpment and will be reported to the appropriate university authorities Be smart Do your own work I am here to listen to your ideas Here are some examples of plagiarism 1 You write about someone else s work in your paper and do not give them credit for it by referencing them 2 You give a presentation and use someone else s ideas and do not state that the ideas are the other persons 3 You get facts from your textbook or some other reference material and do not reference that material Students with Disabilities Students with diagnosed disabilities should contact the Office of Disability Services 9627555 httpwwwuncwedustuaffdisability If you require accommodation please come talk to me as soon as possible and give me a copy of the letter you receive from the Office of Disability Services note Disability Services requires you to present documentation for review and verification If you require accommodation for assignments please make sure I have the referral letter no less than three days before the assignment Zero Tolerance Policy UNCW practices a zero tolerance policy for violence and harassment If you are experiencing an emergency of this type contact the police at 911 or UNCW CARE at 9622273 Resources for individuals concerned with a violent or harassing situation can be located at httpwwwuncweduwsrccrisishtml Personal electronics No No phones no texting no laptops no ipads or ipods Silence your cell phones close your PDAslaptopsnetbooksiPads unless otherwise speci ed Eyes on me or your fellow students Frequent violations will affect your participation grade The UNCW Statement on Diversity in the University Community As an institution of higher learning the University of North Carolina Wilmington represents a rich diversity of human beings among its faculty stalT and students and is committed to maintaining a campus environment that values that diversity Accordingly the university supports policies curricula and cocurricular activities that J J39 of and J J 39 quot for all members of its community and will not tolerate any harassment or disrespect for persons because of race gender age color national origin ethnicity creed religion disability sexual orientation political affiliation marital status or relationship to other university constituents Students with Disabilities information and resources available at httpwww Imcw edn stllaf quot 39 39 Religious Observance Policy In accordance with NC SL 2010211 you are entitled to two excused absences for religious observances per academic year You must inform me in writing the first week of class if you will be missing any classes due to religious observance and using one ofthe two permissible absences for the academic year In addition please inform the Registrar the first week of class who will then confirm your intentions to miss class with the impacted course instructors Any absence for religious purposes will be considered unexcused unless you submit the request in writing the first week to either me and the Registrar Important Dates August 24Lh 7 30m Add drop period September 5th No class Labor Day October 11m No class Midsemester break October 25m Midterm October 27m No class November 17m Guest speaker November 24111 No class Happy Thanksgiving December 6m Last day for this class December 13111 1100am Final essay due Course Schedule subject to change Week 1 Class Introduction Why study language 0 Thursday August 25 Week 2 Good language Is there such a thing as bad grammar Language What we know 0 Tuesday August 30 0 Language Files Files 10 13 0 Thursday September 1 gt Assignment 1 File 16 pp 3031 12 3 amp 6 12 ae Week 3 Arbitrariness in language SapirWhorf hypothesis 0 Tuesday September 6 0 Language Files File 14 0 Language Files 9m edition File 153 o Pinker S 2000 The Language Instinct How the Mind Creates Language NY Perennial Classics Chapter 3 0 Thursday September 8 gt Assignment 2 File 16 pg 32 1921 Week 4 Phonetics 0 Tuesday September 13 0 Language Files Files 2024 0 Thursday September 15 39239 In class IPA amp Vocal tract relays gt Assignment 3 File 28 pp 8792 5 17 19 az amp 20 az Draw your own vocal tract Bonus The top two submissions may opt to complete only 50 of assignment 4 Week 5 Phonology 0 Tuesday September 20 0 Language Files Files 3035 0 Thursday September 22 gt Assignment 4 File 36 1 78 10 ab 27 Week 6 Morphology 0 Tuesday September 27 0 Language Files Files 4044 0 Thursday September 29 gt Assignment 5 File 46 25 Week 7 Syntax I 0 Tuesday October 4 0 Language Files File 5056 o Camie A 2002 Syntax A Generative Introduction Oxford Blackwell Chapter 2 0 Thursday October 6 gt Assignment 6 File 57 2 68 11 Week 8 Syntax II 0 Thursday October 13 o Pinker S 2000 The Language Instinct How the Mind Creates Language NY Perennial Classics Chapter 4 gt Assignment 7 File 57 1516 23 Carnie Chapter 2 problems sets 23 Week 9 Semantics 0 Tuesday October 18 0 Language Files Files 6064 0 Thursday October 20 39239 Inc lass Midterm review gt Assignment 8 File 66 1 3 Week 10 0 Tuesday October 25 o MIDTERM 0 Thursday October 27 0 NO CLASS Week 11 Pragmatics Discourse Analysis 0 Tuesday November 1 0 Language Files 9m edition Files 8186 o Tannen Deborah Discourse Analysis httpwww1sadcorg1infoling elds discoursecfm 0 Thursday November 3 gt Assignment 9 USE 9TH edition File 82 1 File 84 34 6 File 85 1 Week 12 Linguistic Variation 0 Tuesday November 8 0 Language Files Files 100104 0 Language Files 9m edition File 106 0 Thursday November 10 gt Assignment 10 File 105 14 1214 Week 13 39 in the quot 39 39 quot a 39 quot Field methods 0 Tuesday November 15 0 reading tba 39239 In class Movie Voices ofNorth Carolina 0 Thursday November 17 0 reading tba 39239 In class Guest speaker Donna Crowe Center for Leadership Education and Service Week 14 Language and Culture 0 Tuesday November 22 0 Language Files Files 130132 Tannen Deborah 1998 What other ways are there Listening to other cultures The Argument Culture Stopping America s War of Words New York Ballantine pp 208 236 O Week 15 Language and Gender 0 Tuesday November 29 0 Language Files 9m edition File 107 o Tannen Deborah 2000 You Just Don t Understand Women and Men In Conversation New York Ballantine selections 0 Thursday December 1 o Tannen Deborah 2000 You Just Don t Understand Women and Men In Conversation New York Ballantine selections DEC 2ND 330 7 530pm in Randall Library English in Action showcase httpImcw J english quot39 39 html Week 16 Practical Applications Class debrief 0 Tuesday December 6 0 Language Files Files 160166 FINAL ESSAY due DEC 13 1 1100am Anne McNeely 10 131 1 ENG 320 Syntax Homework 6 6 AGENT 9 hit eg The abusive husband hit his wife for no reason AGENT SOURCE 9 buy eg Parents buy Christmas presents for their children AGENT 9 trip eg Fifth graders trip kindergarteners on the playground AGENT 9 rain eg Pessimists rain on my parade AGENT 9 destroy eg Litterbugs destroy the earth EXPERIENCER 9 see e g The tigers see their prey The animals are having a perceptual experience EXPERIENCER 9 hallucinate eg Hippies hallucinate after eating mushrooms Hippies are having a mental experience PATIENT 9 lose eg The Wildcats will lose their star point guard next season The team is losing their best player the team is not doing the action RECIPIENT 9 receive e g Kids receive presents on their birthday Kids are not performing any actions THEME 9 explode eg Volcanoes explode lava from their core Volcanoes are undergoing change 7 PATIENT 9 hit eg Jim hit the ball out of the park the ball direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Jim is the agent PATIENT 9 discuss e g Hiring Managers discuss candidates after conducting interviews candidates direct object not in prepositional phrase not recipient Hiring Managers is the agent PATIENT 9 paint e g Artists paint murals murals direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Artists are the agent PATIENT 9 erase e g Students erase marks from their test booklets marks direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Students are the agent PATIENT 9 enter e g The police enter the warehouse the warehouse direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Police is the agent PATIENT 9 destroy e g Bulldozers destroy animals habitats animals habitats direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Bulldozers are the agents PATIENT 9 buy e g Parents buy icecream for their children icecream direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Parents could be both the agentsource Doesn t work with remember e g Children remember role models throughout their lives role models direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Children are the eXperiencers not agents Doesn t work with receive eg Kids receive money from the tooth fairy money direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Kids are the recipients not the agents Doesn t work with see e g Astronauts see the planets the planets direct object not in prepositional phrase not instrument not recipient Astronauts are the eXperiencers not agents


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