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Statistics for Scientific Data Analysis

by: Marcos Satterfield

Statistics for Scientific Data Analysis MATH 018

Marketplace > University of California - Merced > Mathematics (M) > MATH 018 > Statistics for Scientific Data Analysis
Marcos Satterfield
GPA 3.75

Bob Brooke

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About this Document

Bob Brooke
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marcos Satterfield on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 018 at University of California - Merced taught by Bob Brooke in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see /class/231717/math-018-university-of-california-merced in Mathematics (M) at University of California - Merced.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Math 18 Statistics for Scientific Data Analysis Syllabus Fall 2011 Instructor Bob Brooke Office AOB 178 Office Hours MWF 130 to 300 and by arrangement Email bbrookeucmercededu Please include Math18 in the title of your email 1 will do my best to respond to you as soon as possible Many weekends I will be in locations without internet access so you may expect a delayed response Lecture CRN 31301 MATH 018 01 MWF 1230 7 120am CLSSRM 116 Discussion 31302 MATH01802D T 1200150pm CLSSRM 276 Instructor Bob Brooke 31303 MATH018O3D R 1200150pm CLSSRM 276 Instructor BobBrooke 31304 MATH018O4D T 530720pm CLSSRM 288 Instructor Bob Brooke 31305 MATH01805D T 730920pm CLSSRM 288 Instructor Bob Brooke Overview This course gives a basic introduction to the Analytical and computational methods for statistical analysis of data lts topics include Descriptive statistics graphical representations of data correlation regression causation experiment design introductory probability random variables sampling distributions inference and significance Statistical software will be used for all applicable topics Learning Objectives and Outcomes Learning objectives Upon completion of this course students should be able to Comprehend basic statistical principles and techniques for data analysis of real world examples Comprehend and apply basic principles of probability Apply the normal distribution as a model for the distribution of random variables Apply common estimation and testing procedures Evaluate the design of sampling procedures and experiments Communicate quantitative information and statistical concepts in speaking and in writing Learning outcomes Upon completion of this course students should be able to Organize interpret and produce statistical data graphically numerically and algebraically Use statistical methods to analyze and interpret real world data Determine the probability of the occurrence of events Determine the appropriate sampling procedure and experimental design for data Select the appropriate technique for testing a hypothesis and interpret the result Effectively use statistical software to solve problems Work individually and in groups to solve statistical problems Communicate clearly precise mathematical statements in writing and in speech Course Materials Textbook Introduction to the Practice of Statistics seventh edition by Moore McCabe and Craig Calculator You will need a basic calculator scientific or graphing are ok but not necessaryfor simple calculations for problems in lecture discussion homework and exams You may not use your cell phone calculator or similar devise Statistical programs Statistical software eg Excel R etc will be used to aid the completion of certain discussion section assignments Course Webpage The Math 18 website is part of the UCMCROPS course Management system It is available automatically to all students enrolled in this class The website contains the announcements a chat room and an email list We will use this site for distributing course materials Grading Policy Your final grade will be determined from your scores as follows Grade Computed by 10 Homework Ave Grading Criteria 95 100 A 70 72 C 10 Discussion Ave 90 94 A 67 69 D 15 Quiz Ave 87 89 B 63 66 D 40 Test Ave 83 86 B 60 62 D 25 Final 80 82 B 0 59 F 77 79 C 73967696 C Homework Homework will be assigned during lectures and posted on CROPS Your lowest score will be automatically dropped Homework is due at the beginning of the discussion sections on the due date Late homework will not be accepted and will receive a grade of zero For full credit homework solutions must include all work described in a logical and straightforward fashion Assignments must be legible with each problem labeled clearly Pages must be stapled together in the correct order with your full name and HW number printed at the top of the page Excel or other statistical software used should also be included in the assignment Your assignment score will be reduced if any of the above rules are violated You are encouraged to work in groups However all work turned in must be your own Verbatim copying of homework from peers or outside sources are a violation of the UC Merced Academic Honesty Policy see below Discussion Section In the discussion sections you will develop and practice your problem solving skills by working with your classmates to solve problems Your participation in the discussion sections is graded Bring your text to each discussion section Your discussion group will also need a lap top with the Excel program You may check out a lap top from the library if necessary Only one laptop per discussion group is necessary Quizzes Many quizzes will be given during the semester Quizzes will be given at the beginning of the discussion sections The times and topics will generally not be announced If you are keeping up with the assignment you should do well on the quizzes Use these quizzes as a study aid for the tests Your lowest guizzes will be dropped when computing your semester grade Tests There will be three tests The tests will be given in lectures on Fridays Dates will be announced two or more weeks in advance Calculators are required for exams Please bring your student ID to each exam Make up exams will only be given under extreme circumstances You must notify me as soon as possible Documentation is required to confirm the legitimacy of the request Please bring 4 blank blue books to the first discussion meeting These will be used for the tests and the final Final The comprehensive final exam will be given on Monday Dec 12 from 300 to 600 Classroom environment The classroom is place where all students need to be engaged in learning This means that it cannot be a place for casual conversations reading the newspaper doing homework for other classes etc Be ready to concentrate on statistics and discuss the day s material All portable electronic devices eg mobile or smart phones media players such as iPods etc must be turned off and placed out of sight at all times during lecture discussion and exams Violation of this rule WILL result in the student being dismissed from class If I tell you leave the classroom because you violated this policy please do so quickly and quietly If you accidently forget to turn off your cell phone and it goes off Please turn it off quickly and don t let it happen again Be respectful and polite Listen to your instructor TA and your fellow students when they are talking Be in your seat and ready to start when your class is scheduled to begin and remain until the class is dismissed


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