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Software Engineering

by: Abel Lueilwitz

Software Engineering CSE 120

Abel Lueilwitz
GPA 3.71

Songhwai Oh

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About this Document

Songhwai Oh
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abel Lueilwitz on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSE 120 at University of California - Merced taught by Songhwai Oh in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/231723/cse-120-university-of-california-merced in Computer Science and Engineering at University of California - Merced.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Parking For Smarties Specification Review The specification and requirement document from PFS was good overall Any conflicts found or suggestions are listed below The specification was missing a use case and use case diagram for the phoneGPS system that searches for parking structures As a suggestion the user administrator should be given visibility to the entire system including user suggestions This could be an important part if the owner wants to add more statistical features to their system To be more environmentally friendly you could also eliminate the need of printing tickets instead issuing a confirmation number to the phone as a text message or e mail that could be inputted into a machine During the Conclusion there were a few issues that may need to be resolved While it should naturally be the goal to make the user interface easy to use the first paragraph should emphasize that the program should never be used while the user is driving This is especially true considering the new laws that have been passed in California Later in the Conclusion it was mentioned that this may decrease the chance of accidents Finding statistics regarding accidents in parking structures may help support this idea In the user requirement the system administrator can view parking assignments but is unable to modify them All sections regarding the camera should be removed from the description if the system will no longer be utilizing it For the security requirements it mentions that the user s ticket will be automatically billed to their phone bill It may be useful to give users the option of setting up an account through their phone that will charge a credit card instead Content Do the requirements state the customer s needs 0 The client of the system should be the parking structures While the document describes how you will help the client s clients there isn t enough information on the direct benefit to the parking structure It would be nice if more information was provided to increase the chance of a company choosing to implement your product Do the requirements avoid specifying a design customer specified design elements are allowed 0 Yes Are you satisfied with all parts of the document 0 Yes 0 Do you believe all parts are possible to implement 0 Yes I believe the majority of it can be implemented without issue One of the more complex issues may be handling the parking structure finding by GPS coordinates o Is each part of the document in agreement with all other parts o In the description it says the user enters their reservation code to get their ticket whereas your user interface requirements said they would enter their phone number Completeness o Are the requirements properly prioritized 0 Everything on the user requirement is listed with a quotmust havequot priority The only option which could potentially be reduced in priority while still allowing the system to function is the quotView Statisticsquot requirement 0 Are all of the necessary interfaces specified including input and output 0 Yes 0 Are the specifications precise enough 0 Yes 0 Are all performance requirements eg speed memory capacity specified 0 No 0 Are all security requirements eg access control authentication specified 0 Yes 0 Are all sections from the document template included If not is there reason for the changes 0 Yes Clarity o Are all requirements reasonable 0 Yes o Is the level of detail of each requirement appropriate 0 Yes 0 Are the requirements written in a language appropriate to the audience 0 Yes 0 Are all items clear and not ambiguous Minor document readability issues should be handled off line not in the review eg spelling grammar and organization 0 Yes Parking For Smarties Design Review There were some parts of the design document that were very clearly and specifically defined However there is a general lack of detail regarding testing solutions for different components of the system There are also some parts that approach design decisions in a more abstract way leaving the issues open to interpretation and ambiguity Some of these issues are covered in more detail below Content Are all the interfaces to the system specified in detail 0 The interfaces for the PFS system are defined however the way in which the interfaces are used and communicate with each other Their interaction processes are not clearly defined Are acceptable solution alternatives and their trade offs specified 0 Alternatives and trade offs are not defined Are you satisfied with all parts of the document 0 I believe that the document could use some clarification While there are some very specific points made there are other points that are vaguely described ie there are clear function descriptions Do you believe all parts are possible to implement 0 While all parts are possible to implement the primary issue after reviewing the content is the matter of being able to implement the system given the complexity of the features of this system Are all parts of the document in agreement with the product requirements 0 All requirements appearto have been met Additional elaboration on all features would help clarify the project Is there risk associated with the proposed design Is it discussed in the document 0 There is a risk with the design in that it does not cover all the use cases Also the lack of explaining all areas of functionality leaves some gaps which remain to be explained Will the goal for each type of testing be met with the testing that is described 0 Each and all testing will be able to test what is described per each test but there testing appears to be for each individual unit However there does not seem to be testing of the entire system in general as the parts work with each other Are the testing activities scheduled at the appropriate times 0 Testing is scheduled for the end of the semester however testing should be done continuously to expedite and consistently ensure the functionality of the system o Is each part of the document in agreement with all other parts o It is difficult to understand the parts of the document in that the logic seems abstract Therefore each part does tie into the primary objective of the system but does not appear to correlate to each other Completeness o Have alternative designs been considered and documented 0 NO o Are the limitations of the specified implementation sufficiently documented 0 NO o Are dependencies and assumptions thoroughly documented 0 They are only partially documented o Where information isn t available before review are the areas of incompleteness specified 0 NO o Are all the testing stages covered 0 The testing stages appear to be complete but as mentioned earlier test only the components individually at least they appear to be but do not test the system in its entirety o Is the regression test strategy covered 0 NO o Are there high level validation tests necessary and covered performance security etc 0 Validation tests do exist but the high level assessments are not present Clarity o Is the solution at a fairly consistent and appropriate level of detail 0 The solution is consistent but lacks detail o Is the solution clear enough to be turned over to an independent group for implementation and still be understood


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