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Introduction to Molecular Biology

by: Gwendolyn Gutkowski

Introduction to Molecular Biology BIO 002

Marketplace > University of California - Merced > Biological Sciences > BIO 002 > Introduction to Molecular Biology
Gwendolyn Gutkowski
GPA 3.52

David Ardell

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About this Document

David Ardell
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gwendolyn Gutkowski on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 002 at University of California - Merced taught by David Ardell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/231725/bio-002-university-of-california-merced in Biological Sciences at University of California - Merced.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
BIO 002 INTRODUCTION TO MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LECTURE PLACE TIME TEXTBOOK OTHER INSTRUCTOR Phone Office Office Hours Fall 2011 Syllabus Biology 002 COB 102 MWF 130pm 230pm Essential Cell Biology Albeits et al 3rd Edition ISBN 9780815341291 Required The DVD included with the text is also ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for the course as well 1 UCMCROPS Course Website at httpsucmcropsucmercededuxsl portalsite201 13030048BIO002O1 2 The Machinery of Life by David Goodsell 2quotd Ed ISBN 9780387982731 available online free through library See Recommended Resources under Course Website 3 Molecular Machinery A Tour of the Protein Data Bank Quick Reference PDF by David Goodsell freely available on course website under Recommended Resourcesquot 4 Pack of Red form 882E scantrons Required Prof David Ardell 209 228 2953 SE 228 W 230pm400pm Or by appointment to schedule email dardellucmercededu TEACHING ASSISTANTS Discussion Sections Andy Martinez Jason Baumsteiger Colleen McClean amartinez48ucmercededu 39baumsteigerucmercededu TBA Lab Sections Colleen McClean Kelly McClintock TBA kmcclintockucmercededu BIO 002 DISCUSSION SECTIONS Section Day and Time Location TA BIO00202D F 830 920am CLSSRM 282 Jason BIO00203D F 10301120am CLSSRM 282 Jason BIO00204D F 10301120am KOLLIG 396 Andy BIO00205D F 11301220pm CLSSRM 282 Andy BIO00206D F 1230 120pm CLSSRM 267 Andy BIO00207D F 430 520pm KOLLIG 296 Colleen BIO00208D F 330 420pm KOLLIG 296 Jason Page 1 of9 Lab sections for those with lab Section Lab TA BIO002L02L M 10301z20pm SCIENG 167 Kelly BIO002L03L M 230520pm SCIENG 167 Kelly BIO002L04L T 600850pm SCIENG 167 Colleen BIO002L05L T 8001050am SCIENG 167 Colleen BIO002L06L T 11302z20pm SCIENG 167 Colleen BIO002L07L T 300550pm SCIENG 167 Colleen BIO002L07L T 630920pm SCIENG 167 Colleen POLICIES amp PROCEDURES It is your responsibility to read understand and abide by all ofthe rules and guidelines set out below SCORES amp GRADES Forthose without a lab requirement you will be awarded one grade at the end ofthe semester for Bio 002 based on the following quot 39 Point Allocation Total Points of Total Points Exams Midterms 133 points avg x 3 400 40 Final Exam 250 points x 1 250 25 Homework Assignments 22 points each x 10 220 22 Discussion Quizzes 10 points each x 13 130 13 Total 1000 100 B Forthose with a lab requirement You will gain two grades for Bio 002 One grade for the lecture as given above and another grade JUST for the lab section Assignment Point Allocation Total Points of Total Points Quizzes 4 points each x 9 36 11 Lab Handins 20 points each x 5 100 32 Lab Writeups 60 points each x 3 180 57 Total 316 100 Letter Grades There will be no curving or bonus point procedure planned for BIO 2 You must study the text and DVD on a weekly basis take notes in lecture attend all discussions and labs and do the homework regularly and on time in order to pass the class with the grade you want to get in BIO 2 The final distribution of grades in BIO 2 is given below You are guaranteed Course Point Score Letter Grade Course Point Score Letter Grade 9500 To 10000 A 8800 to 9499 A 6800 to 7099 C 8500 to 8799 A 6500 to 6799 C 8100 to 8499 B 6100 to 6499 D Page 2 of9 7800 to 8099 B 5800 to 6099 D 7500 to 7799 B 5500 to 5799 D 7100 to 7499 C 000 to 5499 F Information on grade appeals incompletes etc can be found in the UC Merced Grading Policy available from the Registrar ASSESSMENTS Weekly Homework Assignments Weekly homework assignments will generally be due midnight on Thursdays You will need the textbook DVD to answer the homeworks You will be asked to turn in homework through the Course Website on UCMCROPS Unfortunately late homework cannot be accepted Discussion Quizzes Discussion quizzes will be given at the beginning of discussion Students arriving late will not be given additional time on quizzes They cannot be made up if missed If you must miss a discussion section for an acceptable reason with documentation as specified below let your TA know ahead of time If you do not inform your TA in advance you will receive a zero for the quiz If you do inform your TA ahead of time and have an acceptable reason for missing class you will not be allowed to make up the quiz rather you will be given a quiz score equal to the average of your other quiz scores for the semester If you choose you may arrange ahead of time to attend another section for review purposes You may also take the quiz but your score cannot be transferred and will not be counted For this reason you are strongly encouraged to attend your section Lecture Midterm Exams Three 50 minute midterm exams will be given during lecture periods These may consist of multiple choice mix and match fillin andlor short answer questions Some parts of the test may be given by Scantron Scantrons will not be provided please buy a pack red form 882E from the bookstore Always bring Scantrons with you to all sessions Midterm exams are cumulative You are expected to be familiar with the material covered in previous assessments and shall be tested on it Comprehensive Final Exam A three hour cumulative and comprehensive final exam will be given during finals week The final may consist of any style of questions including short answer essay questions Please note the time for the final and place may be different from the regular lecture times YOU MUST CONFIRM THE TIME AND LOCATION OF THE FINAL EXAM FROM ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE IN CLASS Lecture Attendance Notetaking Students should attend all lectures discussions and labs and are strongly encouraged to take notes especially to sketch models and mechanisms USE OF COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN LECTURE Use of computers and electronic devices in lecture is a privilege Disruptions will not be tolerated Turn your cell phones off or you will be asked to leave the lecture hall The TAs and the professor may ban your use of the computer in lecture confiscate your device or kick you out of lecture or discussion Abuse of this policy may lead to total ban of electronic devices during lecture andor discussions NO TOLERANCE OF CHEA TING CHEA TING OF ANY KIND INCLUDING PLA GIARISM COPYING OF ASSIGNMENTS HOMEWORK LAB REPORTS FROM OTHER STUDENTS OR THE INTERNET and CHEA TING ON EXAMS IS ABSOLUTELYNOT TOLERA TED NO SECOND CHANCES As many as possible of the following actions will be taken to punish cheaters Cheaters will be reported to the Of ce of Academic Affairs Page 3 of9 Cheaters will be given zeros on exams or assignments Cheaters will be given a failing grade for the entire course A mark will be placed on cheater transcripts that they cheated Cheater names will be placed on a CHEA TER WALL OF SHAME to be seen by other students and teaching staff at the University Last year several cheaters failed the course with marks of shame on their transcripts that they cheated Cheaters typically have NO IDEA HOW EASY it is for us to figure out that they cheated It s VERY EASY to tell Please be reassured that every single one of us Professors and TAs are absolutely 100 committed to punishing cheaters to the very most maximum extent possible See Academic Integrity below for more information Study Groups Although not mandatory students are strongly encouraged to form small36 member study groups which should meet outside official course hours and tackle course material Based on data from previous years these study groups have provided an 18 point advantage on average It should be mentioned here thatfor most of you this is your first year at University and high school study habits may not suf ce You are encouraged to meet with the lecturer and TA early in the course and discuss your learning methodology Be sure to write up your assignments as your own original work LAB SECTIONS forthose so registered Lab Attendance Forthose who have registered for labs lab attendance is mandatory You cannot receive credit for a lab you did not attend Required lab preparation and prelab quizzes The lab protocols will be released generally a week before the day of your lab You must study them before you come to lab This will be tested about this with a graded prelab quiz These prelab quizzes are part of the point value of the lab READ THE PROTOCOLS BEFORE COMING TO LAB in order to score well on your quizzes about 10 of the lab course grade Lab Writeups Five lab writeups are to be turned it at the end of lab Lab Reports Three lab reports are due at the beginning of the next lab Late lab 39 will not be excepted unless by previous Missed Lab Policy If you must miss a lab for an acceptable reason with documentation proof see below let your lab TA know ahead of time If you do not inform your TA in advance you will receive a zero for the lab and quiz If you do inform your TA ahead of time and have an acceptable reason for missing class you will need to arrange to attend another lab where you will complete the lab NOTE Nearly every lab will be at full capacity Health and Safety regulations limit the number of students permitted in each room Therefore the TA may not permit you to attend based on this reason You may not be permitted to complete that lab that week GENERAL Computer access required to access Materials and Handouts In addition to the textbook and class handouts computer and internet access may be required for this class For students who do not otherwise have access to a computer or the internet computers will be available at several campus locations including the main reading room in the library Copies of the lecture PowerPoint s will also be available in Acrobat format pdf files at the BIO 002 UCMCROPS site the lecture has taken place Regrade policy Regrade requests will only be accepted within one week 7 days from the date a scored assessment is returned For each question requiring attention you must submit a written explanation describing why you believe your response should be reevaluated Please know we reserve the right to regrade your entire assessment As a result your score could either increase or decrease Page 4 of9 BEWARE A random sample of all assessments will be photocopied after initial grading If a comparison of the photocopy to the exam submitted for regarding indicates any alteration the case will be forwarded to the Office of Judicial Affairs Student Services UC Merced is committed to making our courses accessible to all students including students with limited mobility impaired hearing or vision and learning disabilities Students who may need academic accommodations services should contact Brad Neily Disability Services Coordinator bneilyucmercededu or Becky Dugger Disability Services Administrative Assistant rduggerucmercededu at the UCM Disability Services office 2286996 located at the Kolligan Library Suite 113 or email disabilityservicesucmercededu as early as possible in the semester so that appropriate arrangements can be ma e Missed Exams Makeup exams will not be offered for any midterm assessments Students who miss a midterm will receive a zero for the entire test unless they provide documentation for one of two acceptable excuses lncapacitating illness or accidentrequires a note from students physician not a family member or from UC Merced Health Services Death or serious illness of an immediate family member requires proper documentation Students with a documented excuse prepared in advance see above will receive a provisional grade on the midterm based on the average of the student s other assessment grades Students who miss the final assessment will receive a grade of F for the course unless an acceptable excuse is provided see bulleted points above and the student was achieving a passing grade 0 or better in all course work up until the final exam Such students can arrange with the instructor for a process to remove the incomplete from their records Students who have a documented reason such as a religious observance or an academic or professional activity eg graduate school interview may request to take a midterm exam before the scheduled exam time Students taking an assessment early may not discuss any aspect of the assessment with other students in the class to do so is a serious breach of academic integrity see below Students seeking to reschedule an assessment should contact the instructor as early as possible ideally during the first two weeks of the semester Group and independent assignments in BIO 2 Some activities in BIO 2 involve group work and we encourage you to discuss any of the materials in the text lectures labs or computer exercises with the instructors and other students but the work you submit must be your own for all of the following Quizzes Laboratory reports Computer exercises Midterm and final assessments That is each student must generate their own answers written in their own words to all written questions At the first instance of copied answers on assignments no credit will be given to all students with duplicate answers and the assignments will be forwarded to the ViceChancellor for Undergraduate Affairs and the Office for Judicial Affairs Subsequent copied assignments could lead to dismissal from course or university see section on Academic Integrity below A ca demic integrity Academic integrity is the foundation of an academic community and without it none of the educational or research goals of the university can be achieved All members of the university community are responsible for its academic integrity Existing policies forbid cheating on examinations plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty The current policies for UC Merced are described in the UC Merced Academic Honesty Policy and Adjudication Procedures available from your instructor The following general guidelines are adapted from UC Merced Academic Honesty Policy httpstudentlifeucmercededul Examples of academic dishonesty include eceiving or providing unauthorized assistance on examinations using unauthorized materials during an examination plagiarism using materials from sources without citations Page 5 of9 altering an exam and submitting it for regrading fabricating data or references 0 using false excuses to obtain extensions of time or to skip coursework The ultimate success of a code of academic conduct depends largely on the degree to which the students fulfill their responsibilities supporting academic integrity These responsibilities include Be honest at all times Act fairly toward others For example do not disrupt or seek an unfair advantage over others by cheating or by talking or allowing eyes to wander during exams Take group as well as individual responsibility for honorable behavior Collectively as well as individually make every effort to prevent and avoid academic misconduct and report acts of misconduct that you witness Do not submit the same work in more than one class Unless otherwise specified by the instructor all work submitted to fulfill course requirements must be work done by the student specifically for that course This means that work submitted for one course cannot be used to satisfy requirements of another course unless the student obtains permission from the instructor Unless permitted by the instructor do not work with others on graded coursework including in class and takehome tests papers or homework assignments When an instructor specifically informs students that they may collaborate on work required for a course the extent of the collaboration must not exceed the limits set by the instructor Know what plagiarism is and take steps to avoid it When using the words or ideas of another even if paraphrased in your own words you must cite your source Students who are confused abou whether a particular act constitutes plagiarism should consult the instructor who gave the assignment Know the rules ignorance is no defense Those who violate campus rules regarding academic misconduct are subject to disciplinary sanctions including suspension and dismissal Flexibility Clause Circumstances may arise during the course which may prevent the instructor from fulfilling each and every component of this syllabus Therefore the syllabus should be viewed as a guide and is subject to change Students will be notified prior to any changes if possible Page 6 of9 Bio 002 Spring 2010 Lecture Discussion Exam Timetable Theme No Date Lecture Chp Obj Intro 1 26 Aug Introductions and Advice How to Ace this Class Discussion Week 1 Cells 2 M 29 Aug Introduction to Cells 1 sizes and diversity 1 123 3 W 31 Aug Introduction to Cells 2 organe es 1 123 Molecules 4 F 2 Sep Chemical Components of Cells 1 atoms 2 16 Discussion Week 2 Quizl M 5 Sep LABOR DAY HOLIDAY 5 W 7 Sep Chemical Components of Cells 2 small molecules 2 1 6 F 9 Sep Chemical Components of Cells 3 Membrane 2 11pp 1 Bilayers macromolecules and membranes 36374 Discussion Week 3 Qui22 Metabolism 7 M 12 Sep Energy Catalysis Biosynthesis 1 energy and order 3 16 8 W 14 Sep Energy Catalysis Biosynthesis 2 thermodynamics 3 16 9 F 16 Sep Energy Catalysis Biosynthesis 3 kineticscatalysis 3 16 Discussion Week 4 Quiz 10 M 19 Sep Energy Catalysis Biosynthesis 4 biosynthesis 3 16 11 W 21 Sep Protein Structure and Function 1 protein functions 4 16 12 F 23 Sep Protein Structure and Function 2 protein structure 4 16 Discussion Week 5 Quiz4 Proteins 13 M 26 Sep Review chapters 1 through 3 13 M1 W 28 Sep MIDTERM EXAM 1 chaps 1 through 3 only 13 14 F 30 Sep Protein Structure and Function 3 protein 41 1 pp 12 mechanisms membrane proteins 378 86 Discussion Week 6 Quiz5 15 M 3 Oct Protein Structure and Function 4 protein regulation 4 12 DNA 16 W 5 Oct DNA and Chromosomes 1 heredity DNA structure 5 126 17 F 7 Oct DNA and Chromosomes 2 DNAchromosomes 5 126 Discussion Week 7 Quiz 18 M 10 Oct DNA and Chromosomes 3 epigenetics 5 126 Replication 19 W 12 Oct DNA Replication Repair and Recombination 1 6 126 20 F 14 Oct DNA Replication Repair and Recombination 2 6 126 Discussion Week 8 Quiz7 21 M 17 Oct DNA Replication Repair and Recombination 3 6 126 22 W 19 Oct DNA Replication Repair and Recombination 4 6 126 23 F 21 Oct Review 4611 Discussion Week 9 QuizB M2 M 24 Oct MIDTERM EXAM 2 4611 Expression 24 W 26 Oct From DNA to Protein 1 7 1345 25 F 28 Oct From DNA to Protein 2 7 1345 Discussion Week 10 QuizQ 26 M 31 Oct From DNA to Protein 3 7 1345 27 W 2 Nov From DNA to Protein 4 7 1345 28 F 4 Nov From DNA to Protein 5 7 1345 Discussion Week 11 Qui210 29 M 7 Nov Control of Gene Expression 1 8 135 Regulation 30 W 9 Nov Control of Gene Expression 2 8 135 F 11 Nov VETARAN S DAY HOLIDAY No Discussion Week 12 31 M 14 Nov Control of Gene Expression 3 8 135 32 W 16 Nov Control of Gene Expression 4 8 1 5 33 F 18 Nov Catchup and Review 78 Page 7 of9 Discussion Week 13 Quiz11 M3 M 21 Nov MIDTERM EXAM 3 78 34 W 23 Nov How Genes and Genomes Evolve I 9 1234 F 25 Nov THANKSGIVING DAY HOLIDAY No Discussion Week 15 Evolution 38 M 28 Nov How Genes and Genomes Evolve 2 9 1234 39 W 30 Nov How Genes and Genomes Evolve 3 9 1234 Biotech 40 F 2 Dec Analyzing Genes and Genomes I 10 1234 Discussion Week 16 Quiz12 39 M 5 Dec Analyzing Genes and Genomes 2 10 1234 39 W 7 Dec Analyzing Genes and Genomes 3 10 1234 39 F 9 Dec Review 910 I 2 3 4 Discussion Week 17 Quiz13 De ITIBIC FINAL EXAM 630 pm 930 pm PLEASE NOTE Exams and sometimes quizzes will use Scantrons Scantrons will not be provided please buy a pack form 882E from the bookstore Always bring Scantrons with you to all sessions Learning Outcomes for BIO 002 numbers referenced in timetable above I Learn the molecular structure of the major biomolecules that comprise cells organelles and biochemical processes 2 Knowledge ofthe central concept forcellular functioning DNA to RNA to Protein by integrating biomolecules biotechnology regulating mechanisms signals signaling pathways and cancer 3 Understand how cells breakdown and build basic biomolecules 4 Learn how cellular organelles communicate with each other 5 A deeper understanding ofthe parts of a cell how they work and the limits of our current knowledge 6 Demonstrate how evolution acts at the level of the gene and genome 7 A sense of how cell biologists ask and answer questions experimentally Your undergraduate learning outcomes Program Learning Outcomes for the Biology Major Graduates from the Biological Sciences programs will have 39 I An understanding of the tenets of modern biology and an understanding of how cellular functions are integrated from the molecular level to the cellular level through to the level of organism and functioning ecosystems An ability to develop and critique hypotheses and to design experiments models andor calculations to address these hypotheses 3 The ability to use 39 39 39 and 39 39tools to collect analyze and interpret data The ability to read evaluate interpret and apply numerical and general scientific information A familiarity with and application of safety in good laboratory and field practices N 01 Page 8 of9


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