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by: Bernita Barton


Marketplace > University of California Riverside > Film > FVC 172 > DRUG ABUSE IN HOLLYWOOD FILM
Bernita Barton
GPA 3.59


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bernita Barton on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FVC 172 at University of California Riverside taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/231735/fvc-172-university-of-california-riverside in Film at University of California Riverside.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
uvawsr w or CALll39O RNlA UBRIVERSIDE College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences From the Classroom to the Lab to the Field The CNAS Experience uvawsw Jl cull ORNlU UBRIVERSIDE Three T es of Science One Colle e College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Life Sciences study of living organisms Mathematical Sciences study of the language of science Mathematics amp Statistics Physical Sciences study of structure and forces in atoms to molecules to planets amp galaxies Students may pick a major in y science field or they may be undeclared for 1 or 2 years UNWLHSi iv Oi CALii39oRNiA ucRIVERs E College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Chemistry Environmental Sciences Jim Physics and Astronomy Mathematics and Statistics Earth SCienceS umvmsr w or CALM 0mm UCRIVERSIDE Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy research investigates objects over astronomical distances College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Chemistry Chemistry is the science that studies matter at the atomic to the macromolecular scale the reactions transformations and aggregations of matt as well as the energ and entropy released or absorbed during these processes er NIVLRSl W or CALlFORNlA ucRiVER 0 College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences The Department of Mathematics The Department of Statistics has a has a faculty whose research reputation for outstanding teaching covers a broa range of research and consulting services specialties including algebra The undergraduate program offers alysis metry topology BA an B degrees with wo mathematical ph sics and options in Statistical Computing and combinatorics Quantitative Management Mathematics and Statistics UNKVLR ucR Environmental Science has srrv or CALMme IVER options I Natural Science Social Science Soil Science Environmental Educatio 7 Environment Toxico n College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Environmental Science WT logy work with eld courses eld trips in all appropriate courses and excursions between quarters Earth Science N39VLWW WFWN A C II th D amp0Ag8u0turzlu8rgiences S Life cience Majors and Tracks w Cell or molecules Nivursr W or CALlFORNlA ucRiVERs DE College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Biology Plant Biology Entomology Biological Sciences Tracks Evolution amp Ecology Microbiology umvmsw m CALlFORNlA College of Natural ampAgriculturaSciences Biology Plant Biology Entomology Neuroscience Biological Sciences Tracks Evolution and Ecology Medical Biology Microbiology uvarzsr W or munme UBRIVERSIDE I Cellular and Molecular level College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Biochemistry Biological Sciences Tracks Cell Development amp Molecular Biology Bioinformatics and Genomics Microbiology umvmsr W or CALlFORNlA UCRIVERSIDE Values Added at a Research University College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences TeachinResearch provide r 7 mutual support Persona interaction with active scholars Most recent discoveries in under raduate courses Speciaized study available Research attracts best and brihtest State of the art facilities vaers v m CALiFORNiA College of Natural UCRIVERSIDE Mgmmummences Award Winning Faculty 172 Fellows in the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences MacArthur Foundation Genius Award 2007 Prof Cheryl Hayashi National Research Initiative Discovery Award 2008 Prof Julia BaileySerres APS Prize for New Materials 2008 Prof Robert Haddon uvarzsr w or cmroerA UBRIVERSIDE In CNAS we care about Teaching College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Recent CNAS Winners of UCR Distinguished Teaching Awards Prof Leah Haimo Biology 0203 Prof Timothy Paine Entomology 0304 Prof Chris Amrhein Environmental Sciences 0607 Prof Michael Marsella Chemistry 0607 UNWLHsl w or CALH39ORNlA UCRIVERSIDE In CNAS we care about Teaching Recent UCR Innovative Teaching Awards in CNAS 200607 Prof Tom Perring Entomology College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences 200607 Prof Bradley Hyman Biology Also Distinguished Teaching Award 200001 200708 Prof Manuela MartinsGreen Cell Biology and Neuroscience and Prof Eugene Nothnagel Botany and Plant Science Also Distinguished Teaching Award 19992000 UNKVLHSllY or CALll39ORNlA UBRIVERSIDE Freshman Advisinq Seminars College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences 39 Limited to 24 students each 39Weekly meeting with faculty 39Academic advising 39 Discuss career options 39 Graduateprofessional school preparation 39 Learn of campus resources 8 39Seminar Professor could be you r faculty mentor uvausr W or CALMme ucRIVERs 0 College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences More than 50 of UCR undergraduates engage in handson laboratory or field research as part of their training Academic year research courses Summer research projects Offcampus internship courses Grants and scholarships UNKVLHSllY or cmroleA UBRIVERSIDE Some Funded Research Opportunities for UCR Undergraduates 39CNAS F 39 39 39 Summer Research Proqram httplcnasucredulugradlfreshscholarshtm College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences 39 Minority Access to Research Careers httplmarcuucredulDefauthtm UNKVLHSHY or surrome UCRIVERSIDE Some Funded Research Opportunities for UCR Undergraduates 39 California Alliance for Minority Participation in Science Math and En ineerin CAMP UCR College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences httplcampucredul 39 CNAS Dean39s Fellow Summer Research Internship Ilt r hfml umvmsr w or CALlFORNlA ucRIVER E Research Institutes in the Physical Sciences Center for Nanoscale Science and College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Air Pollution Eng39quot quotg9 CNSE Research Center 39 APRC Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics IGPP fl l 39 t quot C II th D amp0Ag8u0tur2u8rcaiences Research 0 ortunities in the Life Sciences J r Vectors of Malaria i i Q 1 3 A c 39 3 x39 enta 7 ifquot m 7 Plant gen mics amp improvement UNWLRSl w or CALH39ORMA UCRIVERSIDE Freshman Scholars Learning Communities 39 Communities of 24 freshmen in same Advising Seminar Math and Science courses College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences 39 Special Science and Math Problemsolving and Academic Skills Workshops 39 Opportunity for Summer Research with faculty after the Freshman year 39 Earn higher grades in the gt v 3 7 7 freshman year Jag uvawsrw or surrome College of Natural U C amp Agricultural Sciences Academic Advising The CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Center with the faculty provides professional academic advising each quarter to every student We monitor CNAS students academic progress each term UNIVLHSl w m CALll39ORNlA UCRIVERSIDE The college has just finished an era of unprecedented growth in enrollment and in construction of new facilities College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences ilJi Science Laborato Materials Science amp Engineering uvawsw Oi munme College of Natural ampAgricultural Sciences High Achieving Alumni Pedram Salimpour MD President Plymouth Health and CareNex Health Services Tina Nova PhD President CEO and Founder of Genoptix Richard Schrock PhD Professor of Chemistry at MIT 2005 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry C II th RIVERSIDE rlg ltmzllaem Preparing for the Health Professions At UCR You Choose YOUR major to prepare 39 Medicine MD or DO 39 Pharmacy 39 Dentistry 39 Optometry 39 Veterinary Medicine 39 Allied health professions umvmsw m CALM 0mm UCRIVERSIDE Preparation for Medical School College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Undergraduates can maximize their chances for entrance into medical school by attending a university with programs designed for their career goals uvausr W or CALll39ORNlA ucRIVERs 0 College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences Supportive Community Access to Information Weekly Newsletters Speakers and Events Study Center and Library Committee Evaluation Letter uvast w m CALH39OWA UBRIVERSIDE Unique Pathway to Medical School for UCR graduates 39 UCR graduates have exclusive access to 24 Medical School seats 39 The Thomas Haider Biomedical Sciences Program Currentlyjointly with UCLA but starting with The UCR School of Medicine when it opens 39 Students from m UCR major may apply for one of 24 seats College of Natural amp Agricultural Sciences


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