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by: Adele Schaden MD


Adele Schaden MD
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adele Schaden MD on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 203A at University of California Riverside taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/231745/cs-203a-university-of-california-riverside in ComputerScienence at University of California Riverside.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
CS 203A Advanced Computer Architecture Review Lecfur39e 6 Pipeline Hazar Exception Handling Instructor Jun Yang Basic concepts of R156 pipeline s A simple 5eslage pipel e m 15mm in c m 15mm in c Pipelined MIPS Dafapal39h Oul39line Pipeline hazards 7 am hazard r Comrol haz Difficulties in pipeline s Exception nandling m lb mm Lu 6 Dealing Willi Dafa Hazards e Forwarding urbypclsslrlg o dam swam in ms snlsqmt in in Win 7 r39pelinei r a Odnlclshuxmdsund slullsmlplpllm until it s clmmd is amnesty insmm by in Win ssntml e Insmc on scheduli w lay 5M tiling in in instmstnn slal inmatle cussing n laud pit in Wm nstnsnsn ens snills n o FF pawns m n minim s nsm is schldull 7 Hazard detection 0 instinct nunsn inn lb n EX Humid dusch in lb by ssnpnnng nits in stimth mas a nll sst instnsnsns e Forwardin 95 n our simple p39pel39ne went in in winning nuns sing nssnn mend x MEM as win ALU wwwmysntpnt is ALU Mammals 4an inn inputs O labulapllmlxmmns nansun INIcllwmsstlluyslal illi g m um Lu 6 Ouflinz Confrol Hazards 7 Control hazard m 15mm in a Branch problem 7 branches are resulved in MEM stage gt 3 cycles penahy unlaken branches and 2 cycles atherWise IdealCPI 1 Assum rig 3 cycles fur all branches and 32 branch insirdciians gt newm 1 o 323 196 Sol tion 7 Reduce branch penally chanaeihe daiapaih s New adder needed in 1b slage 7 Dynamic branch prediciian 7 Fill branch delay slaiswnh adseml insirdciian m 15mm in a Change Dafapafh To reduce Branch Penalfy Confrol Hazards 2 Reduced branch penalty 7 Cumpme cundlllunandlargel address niher stage 1 cycle slaH e Targel and candiiian cumpmedevenwhen nsirdciian is nai abranch Fixed branch predictian Each anhese slrmegles must be appliedia all branch nsirdciians indiscrirn naieh 7 Nu Fredlcllurl merluck pipeline Very s rnple ane cycle sial e Predci nmrlaken scant has is man nsiida idn Withddi stalling odd ndi chmgea vyx a e 1nd isgisisi Wine Olfhranch is aken um ihs icicth insiidciidn inid ndedp iesiaii rsich ai iaigei addisss 1 cycle penalty m 15mm in a Confrol Hazards 3 Confrol Hazards 4 rPredlm iahen na advamclge in car sirnple Erslage pipeline is wily useml wheniaraei has in be carnpdiea befure the canaiiian is knuwn a rnach nes With irnpl ciih sei canaiiian caae Static branch prediction rOpcuderbased prediciian based an apcade quotself and related candiiian Examples ME 88110 PWerPC 601603 rbls lacerneni based prediciian if as o predlcllaken ifa gt preaci nullaken Examples Alpha210b4 as apiian PuwerPC 601603 fur regular cananianal branches an llerrdlrecled prea ciian carnpiler seis ar clears a ct bit in the insirdciian iisel Examples AMT 9210 abbn PuwerPC 601603 predlcl bn reverses a caae ar displacement prediciians HP PA 8000 as upllung m Mum a a 11 bynaniic branch prediction 7 Ide dnpasi hisidiydr sans insiidciidn e Incdiislaiidn idihsbshawdidrpiidibianchss e Mdcdn hs nchapis a Bunch delay slot filling 7 wave an nsiidciidn that is executed whsihsi ihs bianch is taken bi nai inidihsbianch delayxlm thiss allema lve 1nsxislid21 FlHng gt1 delayxlm is difficult e iniiaiidns issiiiciidnsdnwhian nsiidciidns can he n39l39issc 2 d sdcdnpils i nspisdiciidndr iaksndi umaken biananss scanning when nsndesisn indieasudhnhnbianeh is p idieda hdnsinn lipadcsanwng may ss Example reaaihe 2x an page A724 m 16 mm a a Confrol Hazards 5 Ouflinz m n ma e Exception handling m Mmm Le a Whai Makes Pipelinng Hard To Implzmznf I ni39zr39r39u pfs Exceptions interruptsfuults oIo request 5 calls oInstruction tracing osreolspoint oAriinmetic uverfiuw or underfiuw Wage tault Memory protection Vluiclil on oUndetinedun mplemented operation s Instruction set complications m Mmm Le a characteristics of Interrupts see A 27 on P9 A742 e5yncnronous A as ncnronous synch ore from Witnin a processor repro ucible asyncnronous are external eUser requested A coerced ser elaesume or terminate eInterrupts tnat occur between instructions are easy nardwore triggered procedure call eInterrupts tnat ore w hn nstructions ore onestoie previau st onesume instiuct ion execution m Mmm Le a Infer39r39upfs 2 The Complic 39 Infer39r39upfs 3 ations e Eventnougn nterrupts are rare nardwore must be designed to cope Wi n tnem currenliy and effclemiy pestonace m me recuver trom exceptions and con inue o exec e many eariy microprocessors were not e Der52 exce Mm all nstructions precedngW nterruptin n l39H ave com one p e e none ottne fuiimvlrlg ones as changedghe mocnine state e Most newprocessors have adual ugerailun mode precise and non Alpna MIPS R 8000 and R10 PuwerZ e Preclse interrupts is needed tor demand Egg often it is uniy intne inte er pipel ne and tor tne I iuailngrPu nt standard comp iance m u mm Le a Implementation issues e al interrupt and must be restortable ions orgiceatiop nIF opisaple all wntes i i icultcosee intern Act nnext cycie n pipeline faiiawlrlg tne toult ing inst iuct ion elvcottoulting nstiuctionl nipplem ittoult inst is npioncn oelopslot onopioncn is tokeniltust Save reset 1 e Ppeined mplementations kcuncurrem interrupts Page raulli mlsailgned access memory prmectlun iiiegai upcoue Ari mm ell lnterupt MEM same aslan m Mmm Le a


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