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by: Adele Schaden MD


Adele Schaden MD
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adele Schaden MD on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 203A at University of California Riverside taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/231745/cs-203a-university-of-california-riverside in ComputerScienence at University of California Riverside.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
CS 03A Advanced Computer quot Lecture 7 Exception Handling Multicycle operations Instructor Jun Vang Oct 162EIEI3 Outline 39 Difficulties in pipeline Exception handling ISA complications 39 Mu lt icyc le FP operations Review Pipeline hazards Structural hazard Data hazard Control hazard Difficulties in pipeline Exception handling Oct 162EIEI3 Interrupts 3 Implementation issues Difficult case internal interrupt and must be restartable Actions Force a trap nIF ti next c cle 1blsable all writes in pipeline followmg the faulting instruction lYlSl ls tl branch t delay slot and brancn lS lakenl Must save PCs of delay slo size 1 Ppel ned mplementations k concurrent interrupts IF Page fault misaligned access memory protection ID Illegal opcode EX Ari hmetic interupt MEM Same as in IF oa 162nn3 Lee 7 0 ism w 3 Interrupts 4 Example ni m to Id us to in it II ix MEM in Aim n in a MEM in Easy case LW page faults at MEM a D exception at EX 5 rv 39u39 Diff cult case LW has age fault in MEM and ADD page fau ts in IF out of order interrupts Precis a proacii serv ce interrupts in ord Create an merrupl Slams VBCIOV for each lYlSIr LICIlOYl show Ylg stage of occurrence of titerru t 7 Check for interrupts at MEM to WB transition before update to state Less precise approach service interrupts outof order Oct 162EIEI3 tea 7 ISA can be hard for exceptions and pipelining Instructions that modify machine state in the middle of execution may cause imprecise excepti VAgtlt string copy inst mak working storage in register In general provid ng precise handl ng is costly and difficult Complex instructions with memor addressing and multiple operands may cause multiple interrupts in a single instruction Long running inst make the pipeline design difficult because it introduces enormous number of hazards and forwarding conditions Microinstruction a simple instruction used in sequences to lement a more tnplex instruction set Intel VAgtlt 8800 etc Easy for p pel ning Tney look llkz MIPSl oa 162nn3 Ouflinz Mulficyclz Operafions Definitions Dif culties in Pipeline eFiuoiingepu n1 upermiuns require nun pie e Exeepiian nondiing e ISA ere ry H12 number af nipiicaiions cycies 19 we ueiueem we no mum Wu mu m we no in men Muiiicycie FP operaiions nn1mn1n1n121mi deiay cycie nemeen issuing mu ape m1 inn af me Some ype eInine s npie MIPS pipeiine nusi upenoiiuns read uperands oi beginning uf Egtlt ioieney is nu ufcycies in Egtlt minus une Exeepiiun is sme sinned upemnds one read une M2 on uciiunwnh nespeeiiuosi r en EX ioieney uf o e is nine iess cycie runeimnniinn Mnn1 1lges Llluicy Inn nnimenin iniese1 ALU 1 u 1 one memaw 2 1 1 PP Add a 3 1 Mun 1 5 1 FF a 111 Div 25 2o 25 unpipehned m M 2m in 1 1 1221 x A pipeline wifh mulficyclz FP operafions Dafa Hazards WAW A True data dependence RAW 8 Output dependence Wriie Afier Wriie WAW hazard born I and J try to WPHE some 0 i iii iiiiiEii H Vi WPHBS b2 ineordzr even with Vi inierveni r2 1 e 2 39 occurinmuiiicycieapenoiianpipeiines CHJ JJ m 1a mm rwml e e iquot quotwwm y m 1a mm mi in Implicafions of Mulficyclz Operafions Implicafions 2 ffects on Hazards an Forwarding WAW H zords 22 exompie A My Lb is ocycie S39VUC39UW hazards because M W W de zarhzr and has F2 as a dzsi reg HS resuiis wouid be More inon une negisien wniie per cycie siruciumi nozord ovzpwmien b Abbbi eWA Fuss bie rim oii nsi reach WB smge n urder WAR nui f an quot5 WWW AW and U uses F2 Wequot quot15 a N W b 2 quot2 quot29 539239 392 MY a quot I and nu WAW Musi WAWs uccur wnen useiess insi ore 7333273242quot wmp eiiuquot Hf WWWquot Prub em Wi39h execmedi BM such sequences dauccur in neosunobie cude eMure frequem RAW smHs because uf iunger iaiencies 39OP39W e deiayibun iiADDDi n11 Solim H n si n option A Cun iming negisien memury wrnes cax iy rareiyused name we mH in m u ngosnm 1eg 1 1e1ese1ved cycie far 1eg We iie caHiSianvec mx 0 ma euiiisansnemMEMmwasmge canxeiec unien 1m 1a 1 cm iangzx 1m ene Ca 2x EM 7 deqeeq mm 11er ADDD away and issue LI ngnq away mum 1mm l234567xvmn Muiamm F D M1 M2 M3 11 M5 Mm 111 um ws Annumm F ID A A ueu ws yanehmhighmpmhahih yafRAVihamrd W mp ppeineeunnui LDFZMRZ 1 MM ws M 2m Led ii an M 2m 1221 1


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