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Western Civilization 1 From Antiquity to the 16th Century

by: Shanie Ruecker

Western Civilization 1 From Antiquity to the 16th Century HIST 1010

Marketplace > University of Colorado at Boulder > History > HIST 1010 > Western Civilization 1 From Antiquity to the 16th Century
Shanie Ruecker

GPA 3.74

Anne Lester

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About this Document

Anne Lester
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shanie Ruecker on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1010 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Anne Lester in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/231769/hist-1010-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in History at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Lecture 20 Christendom and its Discontents Innocent III and the Fourth Lateran Council I Innocent III and the Ideal of Papal Monarchy A Lothario de Segni or Pope Innocent 111 r 11981216 B De ning Papal Monarchy and its Powers II The Fourth Lateran Council and Lay Devotion A Calling the Council November 1215 B Goals and Canons Transforming Christian Society C Religion and the Laity Imitation and Devotion Waldes of Lyon Poverty and Preaching Francis of Assisi Sanctioned Salvation 1210 III Lay Devotion and its Discontents A The Threat of Heresy B The cancer of the Cathar Church in Southern France Fourth Lateran Council 1215 Goals and Canons Fourth Lateran Council met from 1130 November 1215 two weeks only bishops priests monks most powerful lay rulers in attendance issued 71 canons or decrees that shaped the medieval Catholic Church Major Reforms 1 Doctrine of Transubstantiation defined the sacrament of the Eucharist taken at Mass bread and wine body and blood of Christ 2 Condemned the teachings of mystic Joachim of Fiore 3 Defined the duties of secular rulers and bishops to fight heresy 4 Addressed the Jewish populations in Christendom 7 forced them to wear badges and markers to distinguish them from Christians 5 Decreed annual confession and taking of the Eucharist for all Christians ritual of belonging in the Catholic Church 6 Renewed the call to Crusade and retake Jerusalem Religion and the Laity Imitation and Devotion Lay Devotion took on a new fervor and de nition Vita Apostolica Life of the Apostles Imitatio Christi live in imitation of Christ Waldes of Lyon 11401217 7 renounced his possessions and secular life to live in imitation of the Apostles sought to preach the Gospel as a layman His followers the Waldensians were initially condemned by the papacy Humiliati humble men and women embraced a similar pious ideal laymen and women living like the Apostles Purgatory place to purge your sins before going on to heaven Acts of penance caring for lepers and the poor could expedite time in purgatory Francis of Assisi St Francis 1180811226 accepted by Pope Innocent III in 1210 founded the Franciscan Order of Poor Friars The Cathar Church and the Construction of Heresy Heresy false belief under the guise of correct Christianity Cathars emerged in Southern France during the 1170s 1180s Most of what we know about these heretics comes from the pens of Inquisitors 7 people persecuting the Cathars problem of evidence Cathar Church Leaders called perfecti perfect ones Limited rituals emphasizing prayer above all Espoused a dualist heresy dichotomy between Good and Evil body and soul Old Testament vs New Testament Posed a significant challenge to the institutional Catholic Church by 13th C History 1010200 Western Civilization to the 173911 Century LECTURE OUTLINE Prof Lester Fall 2008 Lecture 14 The Western Church and Its Kingdoms I Kingdoms of the West A The New Political Alignment Early Medieval Kingdoms B Fragmented Power Cultural Hybridity H Unity in the West The Rise of Christendom A The Medieval Papacy under Gregory the Great B Missions Monasteries and Christians Cults C De ning Christendom HI Islam and the West Perceptions of Others A Points of Contact Byzantine Empire Spain The Contested Sea B Christians Under Muslim Rule C Constructing Saracens Rise of Western Christendom Unity under the Papacy Pope Gregorv the Great b 540 r 590604 Missions to the AngloSaxons sends to England sent Augustine of Canterbury 5967 M issio mittere Latin to send out Monasticism Asceticism Greek askesis selfdenial St Anthony rst monk in Egypt ca 250355 John Cassian ca 360435 7 brings monastic practices to the West Benedict of Nursia ca 480550 7 Rule of Benedict becomes the standard rule for western monks and nuns Cult of Relics 7 remains of the saints placed in all altars of churches Islam and the West Perceptions of Others Points of Contact 1 Levant coast and Byzantine Empire 2 Spain 3 The Mediterranean Sea House of Islam dar al Islam House of War dar alHarb History 1010200 Western Civilization to the 173911 Century LECTURE OUTLINE Prof Lester Fall 2008 Under Islamic State Christians Jews and Zoroastrians were a protected minority Dhimmis and had to pay a poll tax Jizya recognizing the submission to the Islamic State convivencia living together ex in Spain where Jewish Christian and Muslim populations lived together Saracens or Hagarens descendents of Ishmael son of Abraham and Hagar Christian terms for Muslims


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